Monday, July 30, 2012

Nifty Intraday Update-III


Prabakar said...

NIFTY OPTIDX Open Interest at 2 -> CLICK HERE

sandeep said...

master pl reply after some time if busy today at open jnsar was 5150 so sl becomes 5130 at 1000 hrs the jnsar becomes 5137 but that is for 31 july . does this jnsar (5137) has relevence for the day .pl explain

Sujatha said...

Prabakar - "Shri 7 1/2" will decide the tongue 31st RBI meet aug 1st FOMC meet @ US..

Anybody following 29 EMA??? apart from 34 ema??? for mid term position is it worth?? any backtest specialists??? or real followers???

Ilango said...

@ sandeep,

Tomorrow's JNSAR is relevant at times.

For Eg: After the gap up today, Nifty made its low @ 5138 before moving higher. An aggressive trader who understands TA would have used it to initiate a trade.

Relevance of numbers depend on "context".

"5173" would be relevant to bears tomorrow being MEma.
"5172" becomes important to bulls on 03rd Aug., being WEma.

puravi said...

@ Sandeep,

Usually next day JNSAR come into play at closing, if prices close above of below next JNSAR (reversal can take position accordingly.

When there is a reversal point during trading hrs...Sir is kind enough to warn us about the same.

Have will reward you!

puravi said...

Sorry Sir...I didnt see your message.

SJkolkata said...

Again new codes from your side which will take another month to crack.

Prabhat said...

@Sujatha Ma'm: Any closure below 5179, nifty is sell on rises for me. Above it is buy on dips mode.

I am unaware of BN reaction to RBI decision. I am getting feeling that SBI may disappoint this qtr.

@DR Sir: What is your guidance with BN?

sandeep said...

thanks master for guidance ,puravi thanks

shriram said...

--> back

Bulls smiling all the way right from 10:00AM close for the 5-10 faithfuls :-)

part book 70 pts away from 34EMA,30 comes @ ruffly 5205 (which is also c=a, in case this upmove is a simple ZZ)

Dev. 5DEMA has turned up & now real fun will commence for TREND FOLLOWERS if we can take out 5205-5225

Dinesh Rishi said...


Follow JNSAR - nothing else required

puravi said...

DR Sir,

Please quote..JNSAR be kar sounds good:-)

puravi said...

Illango Sir,

Would you suggest 5190-215 to be a part booking area
considering the 4th in play???

Thank you sir

chetas said...

Nf Gap filled, NS gap fill will be at 5197.65 5mt chart

Dinesh Rishi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chetas said...

Sorry gap fill not on 5mt chart, but hr chart

Dinesh Rishi said...

"Follow JNSAR + Kar etbaar = Daulat Beshumar"

Atharva said...

book 1/3 @ 5193 bought as per PSC @ 5193 tsl still 5143

Parimal said...

Dear Sir
you have marked a rising wedge. what may be the breakdown level. thanks and regards

shriram said...

Ilango ji,

IM Degree C (or Y, if DZZ) UP if 5225 is taken out sir ??

puravi said...

Thank you DR ji
Wah ji

chetas said...

if a = 5032.5-5149.90, 117.4pts, b retraced 61.8, c= a 5077.7+117 = 5194.9, also Gap filled in hr chart

Ilango said...

3.00PM TT & Chart updated.

CDG said...

Anybody any idea on type of candle developing today and how to interpret it??


shriram said...

Dear CDG,

Candle can be 2nd of 3 white soldiers,

but more importantly we seem to have got a Break-away gap, backed by good VOLS & supported by TREND (5DEMA)

puravi said...

@ Illango Sir,

1) Daily -broken out of down trending channel
2) Hrly - gap filled + leading diagonal formation+ OB
3) we may have started C of C...valdity above 5218
4) Or 4 th up invalid above 5218
5) Above DHEMA
6) break outs with good volume.

Sir please help to interpret all this in a trading plan.

hank you very much

Atharva said...

SBIN : one can book @ 2068...tsl shifted to cost to cost

CDG said...

Yes and thanks Shriram.... good volume, GAP containg various important numbers filled and trend is almost reversed... Just a follow up required tomorrow and then we will fly past 5349......

Ilango said...

@ puravi ,

Trades are on as per:

EW: Suggested to buy @ 5042-96 zone.
TA: Suggested to buy @ 5079-94 zone.
JNSAR: Either 5137 or 5150 buy triggered.

Now, Managing the trade.

Depending on your temperament and expectations, part book and trail the trade.

Less expectations from RBI..there could be surprises.

Trend is up in ST.
Mth trend continuing will be known tomorrow above 5173.

shriram said...

Hahah Suja: jus saw ur msg "7/12"

Ur equating Subbu wid Shani bhagwan ?? ;-)

Yash and Dhan said...

DR sir,
Does today's candle qualify for Marubozu?

puravi said...

Thank you Sir,

Part Booking & re-entry have been my nemesis for long.Have part booked now.

Your presence & kindness is a blessing!

Dinesh Rishi said...


today is crying bear candle

Dinesh Rishi said...

Yash and Dhan

Open and low
close and High

should be same for Marubozu

normally Marubozu is circut candle

puravi said...

DR Sir ji


mishra samarth said...

can anybody tell me were to get real time charts for ATR indicator

Natti said...

achha candle hai:0

sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

I can see only Anna Candle :)

shriram said...


hear from known circles here in mumbai, that we may get a CRR cut...

Lets see, if it happens then its pretty apparent that the charts hinted apriori @ it by price action today &

TA that is honest & HUMBLE TREND FOLLOWING shall always reap rewards, becoz it follows price :-)

AK said...

thanks Ilango sir and all blog seniors n mates..

gained good profit today according to jnsar... it was my first experience here and it was great ... hope for same in coming days...
thanks :)

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