Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nifty Intraday Update-III


Kumar Technicals said...

Dear RG Sir ji!

Where u were busy yesterday, How is ur back now?

shriram said...

@ suja:

pls share ur system in pvt by email atleast...

very difficult to understand ur numbers amma :-(

Swami Shivkumaar said...

Dear Ilango Sir, Do u observe any fast fall set up in the 13,34, 55 and 200 m EMA RT chart. Pl suggest


Nilesh Patil said...

If you want sis's system then join cooking classes first.

Rajagopal said...

Kumarji - Back is perfect - credit to Dr Krishnaram. Doing walking and Yoga regularly.
Sirji - did I miss anything y'day? It is July...OMG!!! Let me check.

Rajagopal said...

Oh Oh...This back bencher forgot his old school.

Sirji - I am ashamed. May God shower you with lot of energy to hold the torch of knowledge high.

Salutes and apologies.

Kumarji - Thank you.

Prabakar said...

Namaste Ilango Sir and JN Family.

Late to school. :(

Prabakar said...
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Dinesh Rishi said...

Descending Triangle

may give thud sound

Piyush Sharda said...

nice to see u rg sir

shivanGupta said...

@dinesh sir

how much time do you wait for confirmation of a pattern like in this case descending triangle in bank nifty

Sujatha said...

Piyush - that's very valid point. timing is important. according to "now" i will be out if the no. closed below hourly becoz of the weightage. it's tough to elaborate how i am correlating as i am "very weak in that". but if i post u can "find answer" when and how i am doing. always not using.. as i said "testing" going on..

Rajagopal said...

DRji Pranam

PS -Hi.

Bye for now. And again thank you Kumarji.

DKG said...



Sujatha said...

DKG - the most expected one by all :)

piyush - now the hourly close around 5194/203/207 is OK. 207 is comfortable.

shriram said...

T1: 5186 achived :-)

Sujatha said...

shriram - ji - shhhhh not protected then "my mayan" on the card including the "breakdown" then almost to LBB level :( now me "watching nd waiting" alone for the close :(

Julius -ji - thanks for the dosa mm.. time is nearing

Ilango said...

34 DayEma/MEma/S1 of the day @ 5173-76.

shriram said...

Another EW count for C as a 5fifer, opening more downsides :-

c.1 5267 5217 -50
c.2 5217 5246 29 -58%
c.3.1 5246 5191 -55
c.3.2 5191 5236 45 -82%
c.3.3 5236 5159.99 -76.01 138% ** in play

Lets see, if this plays out

Ilango said...


Thank you for the wishes.

We are in the NOW. We forget. First my wife reminded me...then Prabhakar.

SAM said...

Can we enter long master ???

shriram said...

@ suja:

Dev. WkLoEMA @ 5161 plus minus 20-30 pts may offer support

LBB is too far away !

Sujatha said...

3 pm close marginally at 192/194???

shriram ji - rotating my eyes like "owl":P

Ilango said...

@ SAM,

Safer to start longs if these prices had come at the opening session.

To carry overnight, our system's min. req is a close above 5DEma.

During this correction from 5349, market has given a sell point everyday, even on the gap dn day.

It is prudent to wait it out till tomorrow.

For intraday, it should move above DLEma @ 5212(Pivot too)

shriram said...

@ilango ji,

Kindly enlighten sir, ur seeing this move as impulsive or otherwise?

mayank said...

"Weekly trend turned up @ 5068 close on 8th June.

Nifty dipped only upto 5012 and has generated a 200 points gain sofar.

Monthly trend is turning up today with a close above 5119. Keep approx. 120 points for intra month dips from today's close for monthly trend gains.

Month's fast macd is poised to move into +ve zone in July.

The above is the larger picture involving EW's "C" wave upmove. However, one should manage their positions for "intraday", "Intraweek" & "intramonth"'s volatility.

5280,5342, 5379 & 5499 are the peaks from where Nifty got sold off during its journey down from 5630 to 4770.

And they are the peaks need to be scaled to gather strength & momentum. If at any point in time, it finds difficult to break thru' one of those peaks and break down below the "rising supports"(presently 5174-85 & we'll update them), we should accept the change in reality."

dated 29.06.12

mayank said...

Dear Sir,

any updates for this post

STOCK4SURE said...

Sujata mam
my rocket launcher ready for 5233 destination
please ignite the fuel

DKG said...

@ Sujatha,

Hourly Close below 5190, Exit ur Longs or Holding?

Sujatha said...

Piyush - gun shot close??? once tasted this kind of milk..hence aggressive "but really today decided not to do aggressive trades" which is not must "few good trades are enough" for a month. let me see.

Nilesh Patil said...

indiavix is 17.81
days low

Ilango said...

@ Shriram,

Sub-waves look "corrective " only.

Sujatha said...

DKG - missed my mark by "1" 188 i mentioned - it's 187. taking risk. EOD abv 202/212 is enough good for me "short term" for 2morow. now postponed to EOD :D :)

Sir - 181 is the low showing google but u hv mentoned 183??? which is right sir. tks.

Ilango said...

@ mayank,

Thank you for the reminder.

Nifty found difficult to scale 5342 and has now fallen towards the "support zone" - 5135-75.

One could buy in this zone, keeping 5100 as SL or above 5240 with a small SL.

If Nifty needs to start on the next rally, tomorrow would be ideal, though the timing could differ by a day or two.

Having dipped below 5209(WEma), this week's close is crucial for bulls.

Piyush Sharda said...

maybe ur longs r still in business. ew has made a 5 wave diagonal at 5182 frm 5267 if it ends at 5182

Sujatha said...

forgot to add - if this success comes 199% credit goes to "Sir" Any loss comes 299% BECOZ OF MY MISTAKE... so risk is "mine" no way nobody is "connected"

shriram said...

Tks ilango ji,

shud we consider ZZ with C as ED done, if we manage a close > 5212 today ?

or wait for 5DEMA to turn up ?

Ilango said...

@ Sujatha,

5181.70 is correct. I'll update it.

mayank said...

Thanks sir, may be time for month trend to assert .

Sujatha said...

piyush - ohhhhhh thank u and sir and mayank too:)
let me fine tune by next month and post @ right time.

Sujatha said...

knife on my head closing around 195???

Ilango said...

@ shriram,

So far this correction has managed to stay within the confines of the "Falling wedge"(ED) from 5349.

Break out point is: Last hour high/ Two hour high @ 5209-12.

Break down point is: 5175-73

shriram said...

@ Ilango ji:

Tks sir,
Its such a pleasure wen different studies come together so beautifully :-)

@suja: Another eventful day wid no trades, but lots of Alt counts .. i nvr trade against 5DEMA , so will join u later may be :-D

Good day to all, bye!

Sujatha said...

the power of "188" watch out - breakup or breakdown???? just only with "one call" if bounce comes soooooooooo sharpppppppppp down comes then "my mayan"

Sujatha said...

shriram-ji - soooooooon y soon..2morow itself will join "your" party...no aggressive trades.."just selective" problem is "i got a bunch of system" will jump like"monkey" bless me

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