Friday, July 13, 2012

Nifty loses its momentum totally after a close below 5271 today.

Whenever the markets are choppy & unpredictable,
Know that it is in "B" wave.
"B" waves are sucker waves as they are in the direction of the impulse waves and hence they tend to mock them as well as gives the sense of bullishness.
"B" waves could also be complex as they are correcting the "corrective A waves". It could take the form of a triangle to challenge the most.
I have given only the weekly charts to know the weekly indications.


Pankaj said...

Based on multiple fibonacci retracement and projection levels - the strong supports are 5191/5188, 5146/5152, followed by then the strongest of them all is 5090.

Happy weekend to all!

Vignesh said...

Dear all,
in hourly charts Lead indicator shows positive divergence between yesterday low and todays low..
can Monday have positive opening??

ITradeForProfit Daily said...

FII buying continues. Today +281CR in cash market

buggie advani said...

joke for the weekend

Ek aadmi God se~
"Tune bachpan diya, chheen liya, jawani di chheen li,
paisa diya wapas le liya,
Ek biwi bhi di hai ,
bhool gaya kya "...???

Shradha Saburi said...

Good Evening Sir,
Pictures depict all,lot of thanks Sir! for nicely illustrated Niftys weekly position. I do not have that much dexterity at the Elliott waves but now I can understand it now.

Sujatha said...

Anil - :) :)OMG - may god bless more ON DOW 250++++++ and Indian market may open "decentttttttt gap up". May bulls get moreeee "greeen grass" please.

Prithvi said...

U means the B wave end @5630 and Wave C comes down upto @4400???

SJkolkata said...

Your wish coming true. Dow uncle alreadt 180+.
Hope we all get a nice shorting oppurtunity at high levels, cause JNSAR is short and master predicted B wave continued by major C down.

raman perumal said...

Please any one clear my doubt whether wave B is completed or not

Pankaj said...

US market extremely bullish. SGX Nifty at 5270!

shriram said...

Can expect a 61.8% retrace of 5348-5217 to 5298

If Nifty fails to cross 53K, then it may well sink ruffly 130 pts to finish the corrective @ 5170 zone

Lets c if this happens on Monday-tuesday ... for now no more predictions :-)

Sujatha said...

Shriram ji - "now no more prections :-) :D but as usual "counter itching" if i not posted to u i can't sleep tonight.

don't break 5188 then it will not stop @ 170 go to my "mayan" too i love to see your no. 5298 first. but worry is slight -ve div. in DMI (EOD chart) very rarely i will look during only "troubled times" like this. let me see how the "global cues" working out for us. upside hurdle is 67/86/349...huh..lift karega tho??? yummyyyyyy

shriram said...

dear suja:

I expect a gradual fall to 5120-5150 zone & then a big 500 pts Upmove... but since its been advised not to post lables when i m not sure, i stop here for now :-)

San said...

Nifty Weekend update: CLICK HERE

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