Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nifty Intraday Update-I


Prabakar said...

NIFTY OPTIDX Open Interest(Jul & Aug) at 10 -> CLICK HERE

J.R.Julius said...

NS TF/30min Swing 5219 to 5108.
Retracements : 5150-5164-5177-(5193)
breaking the swing range may lead
Down : 5078-5035 / Up : 5219-5249.

puravi said...

Thank you Sir,

I am too looking for a place to re-sell sir..hence the question. Could you please explain the wave 4 rule with an eg. at your convenience...have not been able to grasp it.

Thank you once again

STOCK4SURE said...

nifty is up just 15pts and VIX down 8%
is it any indication of big upmove in later part of day??

Anil said...


my two cents...

reading VIX during expiry week..is a source of
confusion..why i observed the movement in expiry week, isa bit different than other normal weeks..and in india vix calculation it is the bid-ask spread
of near and next month nifty option contracts is used,
so rollover effects and mispricing in options when rollover is great accountable in this week till expiry...

Sujatha said...

One simple tip to stay happy

Never think about the third person and
Never think what the third person thinks about you

Enjoy the life. !

Good Morning Sir and everybody !! :))

Prabakar said...

As of now, 9(14.51%) lacs oi addition in 5100 put with price reduction which gives a mild Intraday bullish view.. NF needs to stay above 5128-5133 and for any Intraday upmove NF to move above today's high 5140 first and sustain above 5144..


good morning sir and all friends.

STOCK4SURE said...

small bearish Ww pattern developing in BN 5 min charts
trgt 10280 near 1.00pm

kat said...

Goodmorning Ilango Sir and all the Blogmates!

J.R.Julius said...

Good Morning - Have a Nice Day.
100% TRUTH.


Supports & Resistances for today:-

Support Area - 5196-5166
Resistance area -5231-5261
Current -Trend: - Down.

Happy disciplined trading to all.

Have a nice day!

Prithvi said...


Nice Quote,

Its really hurt

Nilesh Deshpande said...

@Nitin Kadam,

5196? Support area?

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