Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nifty Intraday Update-I


San said...

NIFTY Intraday update: CLICK HERE

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Prabakar said...

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Just Huge Consistent Profits said...

Good Morning Ilango sir and friends.

Happy Trading Wednesday to all.

Good Luck.

anmpatel said...

first chart is replaced with hourly chart. kindly rectify. thanks.

shabsaif said...

Good Morning......................

Ilango said...

5100CE adding 8.41 lakhs OI should favour Bears.

Take caution in "counter trend" trades.


good morning sir and all friends.

Amol Sharma said...

5096 hit and expecting fight now. then again down to 0.618% retracement as mention in premarket view.


Fundamental Analysis :-


This is a strange case of the Indian politics. While with much difficulty, the government could persuade TMC, suddenly, NCP has created problems. How rupee could rise when such political uncertainty prevails? Since touching the historical low level of Rs. 56.80 on 28th June, first time on Tuesday rupee was quoted at Rs. 56.12 with thin trading. The condition of Indian debt market was also similar with thin trade. It isn’t likely that the market would get direction till
Friday when the government would come to sell bonds worth Rs. 150 billion. On Tuesday, currency traders were talking about the rupee going down to 56.50 during the current week and there was some substance in it. Because, on
Tuesday, the price of the benchmark 8.15%, 2022 bond was quoted Rs. 100.52 before the sale of new bonds, which was three paise less than Monday. The price of 8.79% 2012 bond also reduced from Rs. 103.62 to Rs. 103.54.
Now, the market would set it eyes on the vicepresident election and the meeting of RBI on 31st March to fix interest rates. At present, the currency traders believe that the economic weakness and political impediments in the reform
process are main worrying problems. The government is eager for speedy decision in respect of FDI in different sectors. But the development
taking place in the Indian politics as well as in the European economy, have wider ramifications for the Indian currency market. The developments of
debt-ridden Greece & Spain are playing negative role behind the curtain, while the risk of recession is increased in Germany and euro currency block.
The government is worried that such development would badly impact the FDI reforms. The traders are now awaiting the approach of the government about the speedy policy reforms in the currency as well as other markets and the
development taking place in Europe. On Tuesday, when telecom companies sold dollars, it was assumed that the rupee would strengthen. But as there weren’t any policy statements from the government, euro started to tumble in the
currency basket and the rupee became unstable. Recent date show a softening inflation in India. So it is being hoped that interest rates cut. But, during
last week, Duari Subbaro, Governor of the RBI has said in cautions tone that the pressure of price rise is reached its extreme. Considering this statement it is unreasonable to expect anything from the central bank. Broadly speaking, due to
weak monsoon, inflation and inflationary pressures have spoilt the game for both, the government & the central bank. Now it remains to be seen that what strong measures being taken by the government, who is on the tight rope, in respect of the fiscal consolidation. If the government would take firm decisions in respect of pending issues like pension, FDI in aviation & retail sector as well as increase in the price of diesel, rupee would start to recover from the bottom. But the big question is such that whether allies would be with the government for
taking such risky generous measures? In short term, the global risk sentiment would also play a negative role in the price determination of the

chetas said...

Yesterday low of NF 5108, after it breached yesterday low, nf tried twice to break above it, but selling came at 5109nf levels itself, so a break of 5108-5110 nf( also cam level ) will give a indication the support is established

chetas said...

Rounding bottomaya namaha!

Swami Shivkumaar said...

NF July has added 13Lakhs in OI.

Ilango said...

Breaking below 5096-98(50/200sma), the next reliable support is either 5060 or 5040.

Strength only above 5105.

J.R.Julius said...

Camarilla Follow Up: CMP: 5085
Part Booking & Trailing can Be Done for L4 SELL@5110.

Ilango said...

"5086"-50 week sma seems to coincide with a 5 sub-waves from 5144 to 5082.90.

J.R.Julius said...

Reversal Bar Seen in 5 Mins Chart
may lead intraday retracement
Ignore this alert if SPOT breaks 5082.

Ilango said...

OI table presents a very bearish scenario.

5100PE unwinding and

5100CE adding a huge 18 lakhs OI suggests of 5040 & maybe even 4991(61.8%).

merc9000 said...

nifty head and shoulder neckline break at 5055?

teejay said...

bears seems to be in no mood of Short covering

satheesh said...

Namaste Ilango sir and all,

Falling Wedge and Channel Support:
Nifty Hour Chart:
Click Here

J.R.Julius said...

Trailing for L4 SELLERS
Chart RES@5097

shriram said...

Morning everyone!

If this is a ZZ from 5348, then has done optimal C=A @ 5079

Day Candle Supports @ 5004-5015 / 5050

Statistically : 5050-5060 will give CMP-5DLEMA = 60-70 pts , so that also hints that Day's bottom will be in this zone 5050-5060

larger trend is down, so all Contra trades will prove High probability on INTRA DAY basis only (until trades for 30mins > 5140)


J.R.Julius said...

someone please provide the link of Mr.Illango's
article stating Keep earn/rich Silently.

I bookmarked it to read missed the link.

J.R.Julius said...

NS TF/30min Swing 5219 to 5108.
Retracements : 5150-5164-5177
broke the swing low as expected.
Down : 5078(done)-5035(pending).

shiva said...

good morning,seniors..
thank you satheeshji, for valuable chart..

Rajan said...

cornered rats(bulls) usually make desperate lunge at the threat (5100)of being broken

Prithvi said...

@DR Sir,
How can you say that expiry comes @5200??

Prakash-Pol said...

Good morning Master
can we expect any intra bounce?

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