Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nifty, uptrending, manages a 5300+ close.


KRG said...
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Option Trader said...

Sir, there is hanging man in daily chart, waiting for another candle.

Amol Sharma said...

what is "feed burner" ?

Parimal said...

on day chart of Nifty is it a hanging man or what
please check

shriram said...

dear mynac,

Thanks for ur reply, as usual sorry for my delayed response as usual :-)

I just realised, tat wot u call as Hi VOL trade zone, has been described by Peter Steidelmeyer in his Algo called Market profile . its loosely based on ATR & esp useful INTRA-DAY :-)

As per market profile :
1. We identify BINS of 20pts range & note down the Highest No. of trades in each BIN RANGE
2. We work out the Guassian Distribution / bell curve around the Mean (the 20pt range with HIGHEST VOL in that TIME FRAME)
3. We calc. 1 Std Dev on Both sides (Up & Below) this Mean Bin

Now as per Steidelmeyer,

1. The ATR has become a Bell curve
2. In that T/f ,(say 1hr)
if price trades within 1Std Dev of the Hi FreQ Mean value, then it has Higher probability of tending back --> towards that MEAN
3. Otherhand,
once price trades > Mean + 1std Dev, then there is a High probability that price will seek out a NEW ATR

with a new MEAN & NEW Std Dev :-)

Parimal said...

Stochastic showing negative divergence

shriram said...

For ppl always interested in the mysteries of particle physics... probably the gr8est discovery of the 21st century .. "The GOD PARTICLE"

Scientists @ the large hadron collider finally say yes, wid 5sigma level confidence, we have a BOSON :-)

viji1975 said...

@Nilesh Patil Sir,
Thank you very much for your reply on my query i.e., PB @5315-35 in the Table

Due to system problem I am unable to see your immediate reply.

Once thanks sir. Good Night.

Bhavesh said...

Market is reaching very cruical island reversal piont of nifty at 5344.It will be difficult for market to trade above this levels so be cautious.

sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

The property of space is that it has a Higgs field- which can be pictured as a large auditorium full of paparazzi. When Ezra Klein shows up, the paparazzi virtually ignore him, and he can move very quickly through the crowd. Then Rachel shows up, the paparazzi go nuts and crowd around her. If she is moving slowly, it is much harder to speed her up due to the Higgs field effect crowding around her. If she is moving quickly, then she and the entire crowd of paparazzi are moving quickly, and so much more difficult to slow down. The paparazzi give Rachel the properties of a more massive object due to their stronger interaction with her.


So the Higgs effect is a property of what we think of as empty space

sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

Can extrapolate to market trends also. :)

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