Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nifty Intraday Update-I


shabsaif said...

Good Morning.....................

J.R.Julius said...

//Trader's Health Tip//

Eye Palming to Protect Eyes. (5 Mins)
Tapping Techniques(EFT) for Emotional Pain.
(5 Mins or When Required)
Mild Warmup/Walking/Yoga (15 Mins).

//Back Pain//@SMITA (i think)

If someone have spinal problems/back pain
never try yoga directly. I am a certified Yoga
Practitioner. My suggestion is Homeopathy.
My wife had L5 protrusion, Spinal Base sacculization and Fluid Deduction.

Doctors suggested surgery before 2 years.
But well wishers and those who had bad
experience in surgery alerted us. We avoided
by God's Grace and within 6months of Homeopathy
treatment She is perfectly alright. She is
sitting before terminal without any problem now.
Started Simplified Yoga exercises too.

rahul khurana said...

Master and seniors , I am bit confused , I am following JNSAR which is somewhere like 5290 , If i go as per that where shall i book profits , yeaterday we were in profit of almost 100 points and todays gap up had eaten 40 point can u pls help me out to explain

NSB said...


My suggestion is Homeopathy.
My wife had L5 protrusion, Spinal Base sacculization and Fluid Deduction.

As per my understanding goes, each homeopathic doctor gives a different combination of medicine, I request you to share the details about the actual homeopathic medicine (probably you can discuss with your doctor and share), around 10 years back I had slip disc and by GOD's grace now I am fine. Thanks in advance.


Dinesh Rishi said...

Good Morning Master and Copy to All

skmishra said...

@Smita, if you believe in Reiki (I am not to Distant healing level, you may request Master for distant healing treatment (he is Reiki III). Normallly request has to come from patient/patient's family members) It works!

Kranti said...

Thank you so much Ilango Sir ..for your reply on how to use the averages to read market better..

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Yash and Dhan said...

Good Morning Master and dear friends.

shriram said...

Recalib for 11:00AM

Hr close > 5247 will make Hr TA Bullish , give 2 closes > 34EMA, 30m & turn Dev. 5DEMA UP

Need to be careful today wid EW lables, transiting from a CYCLIC mode to TRENDING, needs to be handled wid care ...

A 3wave DZZ 5348-5218-5267-5190 "MAY" have completed ysday ... lets c

J.R.Julius said...

Camarilla - Scenario 2
Nifty Futures
H4 5254[BUY]
H3 5231[SELL]


Supports & Resistances for today:-

5190-5210 – Support Area

5233-5263 – Resistance area.


Sell On rise (5248-5263)

Current Trend: - DOWN.

Possible Movements:-

1. 5190< = >5233< = >5248 < = > 5210< = > 5164

2. 5190< = >5233< = >5263< = >5210< = > 5190< = > 5164

3. 5190< = >5233< = >5263< = > 5283< = > 5303< = > 5333

Two best rules for successful trading:-

1. Initiate position in the direction of trend near support & resistances.

2. Max stop loss - 30 points.

Happy disciplined trading to all.

Have a nice day!

J.R.Julius said...

MACD/5Mins Seems to be supportive for
H3 SELL@5231.

BALA said...

congratulations to market calls shri .rajendran to become a proud father On behalf of all wishing his family

Maheshwari said...

@ NSB,

I got slip disc about two months backt.. L4-L5. I am better but not completely alright. Any recommendation for a good homeopathic doctor in mumbai?? Thanks

Sujatha said...

OMG - mera 217??? :( :( no new moon effect too??? shhhhhhh

shivanGupta said...

you didnt tell the importance of 5267-5217 candle

CDG said...

The last segment of the fall from 5349 to 5190 was yesterday (i.e 30 points in Nifty).
It was retraced completely this morning and that too in shorter time frame. Is this not to be considered as the "first" signal that downtrend has probably ended. crossing over DLEMA and 5DEMA can be taken as further confirmation.

Parimal said...

you may visit Dr Habbu or his son at Sion
he is a reputed Dr. in Homoeopathy and a nice man too.


good morning sir and all friends and Happy Shiv
Ratri to all.

NSB said...


I didn't take any medicine. I used the belt for couple of days and the myovedic oil massage and hot water pack has really given me the break through. This needs to be practiced morning and night before going to bed. If you practice this every day in a week or ten days you can see the change. I am placed in Bangalore. You need to practice this very religiously for a week to ten days, then you will see the results for yourself. Just last year and before I have travelled to Amarnath, Chaar Dham and absolutely no issues and you will never feel you had problem. You can practice this when ever you get the pain.


Sujatha said...

SG - i suppose to ask now who asked me that Q u r here :) anyway nothng wonder ' a small observation" donno whether am right or wrong my guess is = outside bar set up high 5267(friday) low is 5217.. seniors can comment if wrong i will delete "my comment" but playing with this only sofar

Parimal - 9-3.30 @ computer inbetween going inside doing some work reading paper etc, hectic domestic schedule too.. wat kind of "asanas" u prefer for me my timings is - morning 5.30 to night 10.30 PM no rest taking instead i will do someother work. dont hv time to go to class

DISC SLIPPERS - what is that how to avoid that y it's happening. tks n advance.

shriram said...

Re-calib @ 11:00am

Close @ 5217.3 is trading near HrLoEMA ...

Trading below 5210 wud be bearish

Bulls will be in business only > 5245

Maheshwari said...

@ Parimal - Thanks!

@ NSB - I was earlier using hot water packs.. But then someone sggested that while they give temporary relief, they make muscles weak in long term.. So I stopped. Am doing yoga now.. thrice a week.. that has helped to an extent.. Will try myovedic oil.. Hope it'll be avlbl in Mumbai. Thanks a lot!

Nilesh Patil said...

@ Master,
Do you find any any ascending triangle in Bank nifty?

Kumar Technicals said...

Good Morning ILango Sir & everyone!

Any long term use of belt weakens ur muscles & your dependency increases upon belt. Use belt in emergency only, one must do PAWANMUKT AASANA if problem in lower back. Homeopathy have very good medicine for these patients. No fix medicine for slip-disc diseases but very good medicines for slip disc patients:)

Ilango said...

11.00AM TT & Chart Updated.

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Update at 11:00 AM

Thanks & Regards

satheesh said...

Namaste Ilango sir and all,

Converging of MA's in 5min BNF - fast fall below 10600 - Zo..o.o.oom up above 10660.

Below 10600 - breakdown of Contracting Triangle
Above 10700 Breakout of Contracting Triangle

NSB said...


I am not aware or sure about the long term usage of the hot pack, but you will be using it only for 1/2/3 weeks till you are completely out of the problem. After that you would be using it occasionally, even the Ortho doc will advice the samething - physio therapy is something similar to hot pack I suppose.


Ilango said...

@ Nilesh Patil ,

BN fell from 10783 to 10557 initially.(a-wave)

Since then it has been correcting in a triangle(b-wave).

If unable to move past 10650-665, it could fall again.

Maheshwari said...

kumar sir - I am based in mumbai.. can u suggest any good homeopathic here for slip disc problem.. If I was in Delhi, I woould have come to you:(

Ilango said...

@ CDG,

Last segment of the fall may be treated as from

either 5267

or 5247.

Both has not been retraced yet.

Parimal said...

Dear Sujata Sis, Maheswari
it is wise to take a preventive (proactive) step long before the problem strikes. homoeopathy can treat internal organic weakness and deficiency etc. diathermy can give some relief. but unless and untill muscles in the spine and the cartilages are supple and sturdy, spine may not show sign of good health.
what Asanas to be practised? need to learn from a well-versed long-experienced teacher. see the possibility to take lesson from Swami Vivekananda Foundation under the auspieces of Dr. Nagendra (Bangaluru).

shriram said...

Ilango ji,

are u seeing the move DOWN from 5267 as a DZZ ??

CDG said...

Thanks Ilango ji....

Kumar Technicals said...

Dear Maheshwari ji!

Its difficult to find a good homeopathic doctor in these days bcoz most of them do not want to spend time on patients, they are in hurry to make money. Nowadays Homeopathic Doctors are sucking patient's blood badly, sometimes more than allopathic doctors. No need to come Delhi, take appointment for online chat at my mail id & you treatment will be started. My fees is one cup of tea, whenever i will visit ur town:)

Nilesh Patil said...

@ Maheshwariji,
Nilesh Patil said...
@Smita Sis,
I would like to say that there is one DR. In Goa Dr. Antonio Gonsalves Shop no. G-12 building B, Kurtarkar Shopping Center , opp. Hari Mandir Malbhat Margao. 0832=2446344 He is a bonesetter.

sunil said...

A useful article about disc problems & yoga cure-


J.R.Julius said...

Pathahasthasana, Pujangasana, Salabasana, Hastha
Uttasana & Makarasana are for Spine related problem.

These are not easy to to do. Find a Yoga Guru
nearest. Apart from hard asanas some simplified
exercise are there.

But one want to put effort can do Makarasana
only. It is Enough.

shriram said...

DZZ probable lables from 5267

w 5267 5209 -58
x 5209 5246 37 -64%
y.a 5246 5191 -55
y.b 5191 5236 45 -82%
y.c 5236 5181 -55 100% ** in play

suresh said...

please use ice bag for any sprain/swelling
NOT hot water bag

venkatapathy l said...

@ Sujatha



prasan said...

if intrested please go to madurai a VARMKALAI- NADI VAIDYAR IS RESIDING 30 KMS AWAY from there. my emaik id prasankochar@gmail
for naadi dosham

cooldent said...

Kumar sir

But your fees from me still pending. Wt to do?

parminder said...

Dr Kumar ,
Good morning sir.
I second u that u r a good doctor and a humble person.

J.R.Julius said...

Simplified Yoga EBook (Self Learning)

Maheshwari said...

@Kumar sir - I cannot agree more with your comments about most homoeopaths.. But am sure, there are some gems too!

As for offering to treat me, I want to say that u r too kind sir. I will send you a mail. Thanks so much

shriram said...

Golden ratio @ 5208 (for 5191-5236) has supported ....

May be an impulsive move up now as long as 5208 holds!!

BVREDDY said...

kumar sir,

this contracts close +ve or -ve ? what is your expectations ?

Kumar Technicals said...

Dear Cooldent!

Your patient is fine now & i will not leave you in one cup tea, Blue level needed:)

Dear Pam! Good Morning sir ji, Toddey sms to chaye huye hain:)

Dear Maheshwari ji! You are always welcome, i shared you whatever i felt around. Homeopathy or allopathy, when ruler's menatlity is loot-paat then JANTA will follow it sure. 2G & Commonwealth are biggest examples of this. Those days gone when they resign if anyone raises finger upon them, nowadays its race that how big charges upon minister:)

shriram said...

no more lables from me, exhausted !

Break below 5210 can show 5181 , bulls need to wait for close > 5245 .. tats it :-)

Ilango said...

@ shriram,

There is this running correction(relabelled in the chart) coincides with BN's triangle in "b" wave.

Unless prices trades above 5-DEma & 34 Hr sma, this would be a preferable scenario.

As long as prices are closing between DHEma & DLEma, it is corrective and corrections are in many patterns... debatable while forming and some are tradeable.

shriram said...

aye sir,

insomuch as u sumamrized , sitting silently now for more clues


Ilango said...

DLEma is @ 5221 now.

A move above it may be considered strength for "Intraday".

sandeep bhoite said...

for Positional traders

A message from Market

chahe tum kuch na kaho maine sun liya , ke sathi tuje :- move nahi hona

shriram said...

and Dev. WkLo @ 5164 , shud be logical tgt if 5208 brks , sir ??

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