Monday, July 30, 2012

Nifty breaks out of the consolidating channel firmly.


J.R.Julius said...

A day gone with total blessings...
Thanks for the Day...

AK said...

thanks Ilango sir and all blog seniors n mates..

gained good profit today according to jnsar... it was my first experience here and it was great ... hope for same in coming days...
thanks :)

shriram said...

Slightly offbeat comment this:

Seeing the TV channels making fun of ANNA makes me feel very bad. A man who has devoted his whole life to "Samaj-seva" is being made fun of in rather poor taste.

We need moral values, right ideals & a basic sense of righteousness as people, else our civilization will decay into lawlessness

Enough of this corrupt oppression, might is right ONLY becoz the honest have become meek & scared.

Why do we take pride in settling our kin in the US ? Why do we spit on our own roads , defile our walls & yet behave with discipline abroad?

Why dont we value our own country & nurture India's talent to bloom in INDIA ??!!

Time is nigh to wage India's 2nd Battle for Independence --> Independence from Corruption, Red Tapism & Nepotism

Support Anna & IAC .... atleast someone is still righteous, ideal & humane, They & India need our support & NOW.


Sujatha said...

shriram ji - nothing but last time i said OMG let "saturn" come nd sit on "subbu's tongue" he favoured me. i stopped all those things nowadays that's reply is for Prabakar as "we know" wat last time had happened :D :)

sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

Shriram US UK Australia NZ nahi jaayenge tho kahan jaayenge, yahan education ka maaramaari hai, jobs ka maaramaari hai, sirf aur sirf votebank ka vaaste aur kuch nahi.

About corruption 100% in agreement and Total total support for Anna and Team.

100% compulsory voting should be next on agenda.

sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

Another thing, media in India is showing the public what MEDIA WANTS PUBLIC TO SEE. Media in India is absolutely prone to Manipulation and also prone to BIAS. The public needs to be careful of media influence in their lives.

Piyush Sharda said...


anna is head on with govt. anybody priasing him may get..... u know power of govt.... most if not all humans work for own benefit only..

numchar said...

Good to go ...!!

Gagan Narang opened the counter today .

shriram said...

@ STB STB : yes & No, many educated people have stayed back here too. Remember Satyendra Dubey, exemplary that MAN !

simple thing is:

we "educated community" have to VOTE & choose ppl by "ABILITY" .

And there shud be a check-list to filter CADNIDATES

I was in S'pore last yr:
There the finance minister has a degree in Finance, the Health minister is a PHD in medicine
so on so forth.

All this is possible, but FIRST We "well meaning" ppl have to VOTE & bring "right" ppl to power. It will happen only thru more EDUCATION & spread of AWARENESS thru MEDIA.

Then all have mobiles , and (or) access to internet... If EC can provide means to use these media to VOTE, it will change the face of politics.

My job puts me face to face with these monkeys everyday & today, i guess the damn burst :-)

@ piyush : True, u have said wot is.. now pls also think on "what can be" , and it can be GOLDEN, we just need to THINK right, isnt it ? :-)

Parimal said...

wellmeaning people in India are just a handful. majority of us do not bother. i wish things could be better. just a wishful thought, and it remains so! during municipal elections in Lonavla (a hill station near Pune where i live) free meals (mutton, chiken tikka etc. etc.) are given for 10-15 days. and majority would vote the hosting candidate. last time gold rings were distributed. at the last hour of voting, last few votes are sold for as much as 25000/- or even more. names of all my family members were deleted by local powerful candidates (they have close proximity to Sharad Power). this is the reality. most of us donot know the meaning of democracy since we are a labour producing country. this is very well exploited by our politicians. in fact we donot deserve democracy at all. as Ballabhbhai Patel envisaged a rule of army for first 10 years of independence, but it all was cleverly hijacked by Nehru. rest all is on the face of us. see how media giggles at a non-worthy Rahul! see how Pranab is rewarded for scuttling anti-corruption movement, Swiss money etc. i donot think things will change unless a mass revolution takes place! honestly, i cannot take pride in being an Indian. it is at such a low!!

Crorepathi said...

Most of the English media is western owned , who have scientific approach towards mass control. They have successfully convinced people that "war against terrorism" against a particular community. There's coordinated act among them ,they implanted their puppet in India and still going strong with their next gen puppets.
I was shocked when i knew there were many tigers hiding in cows skin e.g pranoy James Roy and have their agenda for at least for a century, and we all know how best administrator,leader, visionary in world is being openly discriminated by these western media, unless our mass wake up this slavery dream we are not going any where expect few complaining in dispair. We need one more swami vivekananda not Gandhi.

P.s many will discount me as a conspiracy theorist and fail to see the truth.

sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

Sometimes I wonder whether India is a country or a continent. So divided we are by caste community religion language minority majority gender. If there is any other category to divide that also they will exploit. We have to become Indian first and there should be 100% compulsory voting. At least this will bring out some better leaders amongst the lot.

shriram said...

@ risk of sounding "pseudo-spiritual" :-)

Let me quote Joseph Murphy :
"the aim of life is ONE, to proceed GOD wards"

As society evolves, India will BE FORCED to change for the better, call it foolishness, or, blind faith !

Its like how we follow TREND , with FAITH :-)

durga said...

i ignored it 25 years back while iam a P.G. IN SURGERY. REASON-staunch belief in MERA BHARAT iam seeing it in rotting metastatic cancerous stage.the pity is it has disintegrated faster to its age . so do not ignore the message Indian polity is giving .leave this country while still you is beyond repair.remember every slogan has a group interest behind it.
good night.

satheesh said...

How many of us can say truly that we do not bribe others in some way or other - to get our work done?? to quote a few :-
1. Bribe a lineman to repair our telephone/EB line in case of fault - instead of reporting the fault as per procedure to the concerned authorities.
2. Bribe a metro drainage cleaner instead of reporting to authorities
3. bribe a thasildar/taluk office to get a certificate eg., community certificate
3. Bribe a compounder to break the queue and enter into Doctors clinic without any delay

and so on and so forth. Everything begins on a small note with a lame excuse - "I am doing it for the well being of under paid workers" and like a termite's nest - it keeps burgeoning to a huge extent and finally a snake comes and lives in it and then it becomes so Holy that people are very scared even to remove the snakes pit - which was orginally built by termites.

So before blaming all others that they are corrupt – WHY SHOULD WE BE A PART OF CORRUPTION?? One can be however they want and get things done by bribery for themselves - with a pretext that it is only a small issue - but is it true?

We do it for ourselves for few thousands of Rupees – for our level. They do it in Lakhs and crores as per their level!!

If you bribe a person for Rs. 1000 it is okay but if you bribe a person for Rs.10lakhs it is wrong!!! – I feel it is SHEER NONSENSE!!

A BRIBE is a BRIBE however small or big it is!!

As per my opinion the most wanted movement is “ I WILL NOT BRIBE” and not “DO NOT TAKE BRIBE”

Vignesh said...

well said satheesh ji.... but in practical difficult to amend..:(

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