Friday, July 6, 2012

Nifty Intraday update-I



Nifty, has to cross 5345-5350 for futher upside. Staying below 5314 is sign of weakness. Breaking below 5280 would correct it towards 5250.

Supports & Resistances for today:-

5314-5350 – Resistance area.

5250-5280 – Support area.(Re-Buy Opportunity)

Current Trend: - UP.(Over-Bought)

Possible Movements:-

1. 5314< = > 5280< = >5350< = >5370.

2. 5314< = >5280< = > 5250< = >5340< = >5370.

3. 5314< = > 5280< = > 5250< = > 5208< = > 5182

Two best rules for successful trading:-

1. Initiate position in the direction of trend near support & resistances.

2. Max stop loss - 30 points.

Happy disciplined trading to all.

Have a nice day!

Ilango said...

@ Shriram,

If you post the most obvious one, why the disclaimer.

And if in doubt, why post it?

You just need to shed inhibitions and do the unthinkable..

Because....I have seen you doing it often.

Why break the rhythm.

If you can keep a "balance" in mind, your rhythm will continue.

And when doubts creep, stay quiet for a while for the "fog" to clear... Clear, it will in time.

CDG said...


is 5290 the support hence a possible buy area?

Prabakar said...

NF 15min support broken @ 5308, let's see whether Bears able to hold on to the break... if holds the break then NF 30min support @ 5271-5255...

But NS not yet broken the 15min support @ 5291..

shriram said...

@ ilango ji:

haha.. yes sir, i see ur pt.

I am a data-driven guy. hence, the "inhibition" with EW.

I appreciate wot u say, will keep in mind henceforth. There is no pt in posting lables wen i m not sure of ANY ONE of them. thank u :-)

Sujatha said...

GM sir and all

Sir - BSE/NSE/Nifty futures almost open high same can u confirm pls. tks n advance


sudharsan said...

Dear Parimal Tata motors is trading above jnsar???

Prabakar said...

As of now, NS 5min Resistance @ 5308-5310... & NF 15min Resistance @ 5310-5315..

prakashbkc said...

GM Master,

Master , can we take consideration of 53 to 65 point correction from yesterday high to add long?

parminder said...

Sujatha ji,
nifty futures open high almost same 5334.8 and 5334.95

anmpatel said...

a/c daily HA nifty chart. 5297 broken. weakness starts. if remain 5297 more weakness.

Parimal said...

Generally we may like to integrate consolidation with JNSAR level and 200DMA for clear direction along with possible breakout.
as Dear Master would emphatically state for such a strategy

SAM said...

sir is HNS forming on nifty 5 min chart with neckline at 5290.....

Ilango said...

"5290"-34 Hr Sma likely give a support.. How long.?

Redo the retracement if needed..5333 to 5290

Sujatha said...

Cooldent ji - thank u :) ulta view bach gaya but shhhhhhhh 270 should break or else no bears only teddy bear :( watching BN symptoms if it looks like 485 breaks expecting atleast 394

Parminder - thank u

J.R.Julius said...

For L4 SELL@5319
Part Booking & Trail to Breakeven
can be considered. CMP@5298

Simply My expectation:
A wave 1-2-3(Broke 80%) from Yesterday Low & high
1.272 - 5289.75 (Projected)
1.618 - 5277.91 (Pending)
2.000 - 5264.85 (Pending)

Suresh Nifty said...

what a speculation sis Sujatha yesterday,,,how do you guess,,is it all technical indcators are in overbrought zone or some mayan or astrological?

nifty rider said...

weakness started but still not top out

CDG said...

thanks Ilango ji

numchar said...

Interestingly ..see more buyers than sellers now for e.g mininifty contracts
Total buy 14 lakhs vs Sell 10 lakhs
And OI difference has increased from 1% in the morning to 7 % now .

Ilango said...

@ prakashbkc,

65 points from 5333 would be 5268.It coincides with the recent two lows of 5266 & 5273.

If the fall is a corrective kind, it should limit itself to 3 waves-abc.

a: 5333 to 5288=45 points
b: retrace comes @ 5305-5316(0.38 to 61.8)
c: could end around 5266-73.

Let us also see how the day ends.

anmpatel said...

tatamotor reversed!! as you said y'day horly close above 239 and cross 241.2. a big THANKS.

J.R.Julius said...

Nifty Futures Trendline@5311

prakashbkc said...

Thanx master for reply

Ilango said...

@ SAM,

I don't see any HNS in 5-min chart

Prabakar said...

As of now, NS 1min Resistance @ 5303-5305...

Sujatha said...

cooldentji - am out with my position no trading zone 290 again may be move to 5300?? y risk? just W & W for next hour close. and 2 days close abv 5300?? bit cautious on both the sides so no positional trade.."only trading at the timing". if i feel any weakness in hour close "will pocket some puts"

sureshnifty - lolz :)it's "number game" 343 is valid for this month.

SAM said...

how to post image ...

anmpatel said...

go to google groups, join justnifty and post your image there and inform here.thanks.

anmpatel said...

sir i am seeing tatamotor b/w 241-242 since morning. can you give some more idea about long trade. thanks.

SAM said...

Sir here it is

I might be very wrong .. i am very new to this technical analysis.. just clearing my doubts

J.R.Julius said...

I personally Exit Shorts@5310(TL)
Waiting for next opportunity.

SAM said...

@ anmpatel


Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Update at 11:00 AM

Thanks & Regards

STOCK4SURE said...

soon emas may converge in 5min intraday charts

Ilango said...

11.00AM TT & Chart updated.

sandeep said...

julius sir great but me missed large profit

J.R.Julius said...

///I am really Sorry Posted Wrong FIBONACCI
levels by Mistake in the title (Simply My expectation)///

Will avoid such mistakes in future.


sudharsan said...

Master Can we enter long in Tata motor????

J.R.Julius said...

You have time.
Don't worry.

sandeep said...

master ur hrly pvt great

cooldent said...


1 5333 to 5299
2 5299 to 5309
3 5309 to 5290
4 5290 to

Is it like this?

Sujatha said...

Sudden upside possibility looks like if 300 not breakes

shivanGupta said...

sir 2nd and 4th wave of C/3 took 2 days to complete so current correction would take more than 2 days?

prakashbkc said...


1 5333 to 5299 34
2 5299 to 5309 10
3 5309 to 5290 19
4 5290 to

How 1 wave > 3 wave?

Suresh Nifty said...

Master So many queries on Tatamotors,,,what is the JNSAR for tatamotors,,where do I find it?what is you view on it,,,

Abhi said...

Sir, from google 2 min chart, is not it like 5-5 so far ?

anmpatel said...

mail send for technical diff in my TT update and your TT update. kindly check and reply. thanks.

Abhi said...

Sir, sorry so far its like 5-3

anmpatel said...

@suresh nifty
tatamotor jnsar is 240. you could find it on stock wealth blog.

anmpatel said...

@suresh nifty
240.62 to be perfect.

Smita said...

At 11:30 close 5 hour ema and 10 hour ema are same at 5306 . Also at 11:00 we closed below hour low ema . So if 5 crosses 10 in next hour then that indicates more downside.

Ilango said...

@ sudharsan,

I don't track stocks actively.

@ cooldent,

5333 to 5288 may be treated as 1/a;
5288 to 5305 may be treated as 2/b - if low not broken, this could continue for some more time to 5310-16.

Ilango said...

@ shivanGupta ,

Yes, it could take more time.

Suresh Nifty said...

thanks anmpatel !!! 30 mins charts it is showing RSI(9) overbrought,,so no initiation of Long from my side...thanks for the info for stock SAR

anmpatel said...

hourly indicators below 80 for 2 hrs, this looks more downside ahead if not crossed hhema at 12.

sudharsan said...

Thank you for reply Master

anmpatel said...

did u check mail sir?

cooldent said...

got it sir. Thanks

anmpatel said...

i double check the value before i mailed you. anyway Your TT update is more reliable. thanks again.

SANPOT said...

@Ilango Sir,can this be a new impulse wave from 5288 after ABC correction from 5333 to 5288?

J.R.Julius said...

Camarilla - Scenario 3
Nifty Futures - CMP : 5321.40
L3 5332[BUY](Can be modified to 5339/ORB)
L4 5319[SELL](Watch MACD or TL for Confirmation)
Personal Decision Advised.

sudharsan said...

Dear anmpatel.Tata motor Daily indicators are down.. weekly looks neutral ...monthly trend is also down.. keeping in mind all this i feel this is just a pullback rally and will soon resume down trend... i feel it will move towards 61.8% golden ratio 207 in near term.. pls advice

J.R.Julius said...

Just a thought!

NIFTY SPOT. Yesterday Swing 5288.85-5333.65.
Today the low broken. So I started a New
1-2-3 count from 5333.65(1) to 5287.80(2)
Also I consider this rise from Low is for (3).
Again Breaking Low may lead to the new
Projections 5275.33 - 5259.46 - 5241.95

This is valid only Not Breaking 5325 in Spot.

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