Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nifty Pre-Market View.

23rd July Pre-Market View:
Nifty, in its short term reversal, could go only up to the 1st resistance of the 5258-66-73 and the gap @ 5267-5300 remains unfilled.
During this period, Nifty continued to close below JNSAR. OI data, provided during market hours by Sanjay Jaiswal, presented an unusual bearish picture on Friday with across the board unwinding of PEs and aggressive writing of CEs.
Our own settlement theory of Nifty closing towards the "maximum pain area" suggested that Nifty is likely to close near the lows since it was closer to the lower range of 5169 to 5349.
A likely gap down @ MEma(5173) or below would take it to/ below WLEma(5130) and in extreme bearish conditions would attempt the "starting point of last upmove of 5125/5096".
38% retrace of 4770 to 5349 is @ 5129.
50% retrace of 4770 to 5349 is @ 5060 & 61.8% @ 4991.
24th July Pre-Market View:
"5093-96"-50 & 200 Sma is the crucial support.
 "5155-75"-DLEma/MEma/50% & 61.8% retrace is the resistance.
Nifty found support @ 5093-96 for some days before it moved higher to 5349 and the same is likely to offer support failing which, the next support is likely to be 5040-65 zone.
Similarly, Nifty faced resistances @ 5144-60-95 zone during the earlier consolidation.
Larger weakness may be considered only on a firm break down of 5040.
25th July Pre-Market View: 
Nifty faced resistance @ 5144. 
There are multiple Month/ week averages @ 5091-5124 as the crucial supports. Closing below these at week's close/ month's Close would be bearish.
Intra drop upto 5091-97 or 5040-60 while taking more time is acceptable as a corrective.


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NIFTY Chart update: CLICK HERE

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J.R.Julius said...

Camarilla Key Levels
Nifty Futures
H4 5160[BUY]
H3 5148[SELL]
L3 5123[BUY]
L4 5110[SELL]

J.R.Julius said...

NS TF/30min Swing 5219 to 5108.
Retracements : 5150-5164-5177-(5193)
breaking the swing range may lead
Down : 5078-5035 / Up : 5219-5249.

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There are multiple Month/ week averages @ 5091-5124 as the crucial supports.

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master sir i do not have any software ijust follow tech table/ pivot table which u give hrly where do find dleme,wlema,mema , i know i am embrassing everybody but pl guide where in table it can be seen

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Camarilla - Scenario 3
Nifty Futures

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Hi Sandeep,
In the tech table
Dlema is 5150 under the daily table heading low ema
Wlema is 5143 under the weekly table heading low ema
Mema is 5173 in the table heading 5ema

Manish said...

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Master says BN target to be below 10000.

If that is to be achieved Nifty sure to be under pressure for the day or two trading below JNSAR.

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Ilango said...


A 5-waves from yesterday's 5144 is likely to terminate around these averages.

A pause is likely.

venkatapathy l said...

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Supports & Resistances for today:-

5097-5038 – Support Area
5123-5166 – Resistance area.

Current -Trend: - Down.


Sell On rise (5123-5166 ).

Happy disciplined trading to all.

Have a nice day!

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