Thursday, July 18, 2013

Nifty, trending up on a rising channel, moves towards 80%-6096 & prev. res-6112-34.

@ Shriram,
In the closing price chart, your "c" wave from "5776" having 12345 sub-waves looks clear. Since I see the hourly bar chart during intraday updates, the time taken by "iv" did not seem proper.
Hence, we'll follow the c.v suggested by you as below:
(i)5927 to 6006=79
(ii)6006 to 5975=31
(iii)5975 is on now.
The completion could be around 6084-6112.
There is the weekly upward momentum to be considered.


Adrian Jose said...

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to … ... Ilango Sir,
from your guidance, great kindness and patience and
I wish to say a heartfelt thank you.

Pradeep said...

Dear Ilango,
With Follow JNSAR ,my Today Profit is 4.5 K not much BUT Enough for me to protect mt capital.

My capital not switch to 16K ------ 43K
Hope will soon double comming session


shriram said...

yes master,

wotever u say on EW lables, taken as bible :-)

thumb rule approx. for wave length =2.5xi gives projected c.v length as:-
5927+2.5 x 79 = 6125

and one degree higher C=A comes to 6114

Classic TA Flag T2 tgt : 6060

so levels to watch out are 6060-6114-25 NS

As of now C has done min , i.e = 0.618 x A .. so need to see if we get these levels tomo & book out accordingly

kizar khan said...

Hi all , please teach me the technical method...

kizar khan said...

Hi Illango sir/Masters, please guide me the technical method , one week back one of blog master suggest to check right side of blogs jnsar and other but im not understanding those ... kindly some one help me the teaching method ....last couple of months lots huge amount also im @ put 5800 @22 level now it is 6.5 rupees.....please please Illango sir kindly tell if any one your student................this my final stage in financially ...............8861828888 (Bangalore)

Sujatha said...

Crore - that's a good idea.. pazham pazhutha sappitudhane aaganum.. appadiye muzhungiduvenga pola :D :) ha ha good..good inbetween u can do all your personal work ,spritual, techno etc.??

Karthikeyan S said...

@kizar khan,

I am a new trader. I started with the posts under "For the beginners".

Master Ilango's posts were categorized under various relevant tags and you can find them at the right side bottom, which I went through after finishing the posts of "For the beginners", a few times. Now I am following the comments of Master and seniors like Shriram in this blog continuously. We can clarify our doubts with the help of seniors. I am not trading much in the meantime. I hope that in due course of time, I will become at least an average trader.

This is how I go about it. If you read the various posts and continuously follow the blog, you must become a better trader. Best of luck.


Janak said...

Suja sis - now 6120 wud come tom most prop. What after that? Do we see a reversal for a 5900/6000 exp?

Ding A Dong said...

people who joke with a name of food, beg one day. Annam Prabhrammam (food is god).

oru llujo innoru llulo great combination. something utla to make some interfiaring ideotics sedha.

shriram said...

@ Ding,

treat as advice or as random words from an "interfiaring" "ideotic" ..

if we dont have anything +ve to say about others that will nourish their spirit & enhance goodness, then it is better to keep quiet , LOOK WITHIN & focus on SELF IMPROVEMENT.

Are u perfect? Time to show maturity while remaining jovial.


Ding A Dong said...


That knowledge is applicable to THEM too, all that i can say you with respect is,
You don't understand what is happening and I never made or make any irrelevant and irresponsible comment.

On this, please let me be on my own.

any way, thanks for the book and I am sure you will be very busy answering those questions come from the readers of that eBook :-)

kizar khan said...

Thanks Karthik sir, now planing to observe one month the blog from master comment mean while i need some master to help query through please help me karthik sir @ mobile ..please

Great thanks to Illango sir.

shriram said...

Our business,

say sole aim, or BURNING ARJUN-FOCUS is Singularly on becoming a better TA, and hopefully a better man in society, than i was ys'day
(measure of betterment is HARD DATA .. improvement in Bank acct & increase in nos. of lives my actions touch in a fruitful manner).

All else, EVERY OTHER PURSUIT, is TIME PASS, wasteful ego-satisfaction activity.

Simple formula for happy life & relations :-


now is that a joke or wot? ;-)

kizar khan said...

@Karthik Sir , please tell me where to start reading ...


kizar khan said...

@ Shriam Sir, Im having possiton 5800 put @22 now it is 6.30 .. shall i square off tommorow ?

shriram said...


1st rule of trading: SELF INDEPENDENCE.
2nd rule:
once u learn TA & want to take a trade:
(i) Identify Entry & trigger when the no. appears
(ii) place appropriate SL
(iii) If TREND BLESS, trail & book gains

Moment u give up ur freedom & start asking others for opinion, the trade is 99% gone.

Pls read up the TA theory, PAPER-TRADE / Shadow-trade for 3months. Once u settle down with 1 method, then only TEST UR SWEAT MONEY !

For now: ur 58PEs have sunk, as u had no SL

So , 2 options:
1. risk it becoming 0 and carry the PEs ; or
2. Book loss, Save left-over money & FIRST LEARN GOOD KADAK TA, b4 jumping into this profession.


kizar khan said...

Thanks sriram sir.

im doing couple of years but one give like illango blog.. i hats up all once i taste the identify the trend...

Sourav Kundu said...

Didn't Ding say that he would see us on 19th morning?

Jayaraman said...

Kizar Khan,

From your question, it appears you are in the learning process. Before entering into trading one has to learn basics of TA and its application in practical situation. To sharpen your skill it may take couple of years if you are devoted. Till such time it is not advisable to trade in " Options" and one may trade in Nifty Future.

Below is a knowledge shared by Ilango sir, which may help you to understand the " Duration of the Journey" you have embarked upon.


I have attained a reasonable amount of clarity, thanks mainly to "Keeping away from marketmen & market talk".
I wonder, how many will understand this.

Most still come here for the "Nasha" and they sure get it in unlimited quantity.
It is only the serious & sincere ones who focus to "unearth the riches unlimited".

A doctor studies for so many years and practices still more for many years before he can reasonably understand human body and treat it with focus and objectivity. When he practices, it looks simple but the "reaching took many years".

How many years you are willing to give?
How much pain you are willing to take?
How much sacrifice you are willing to do?
How much responsibility you are willing to own up to?
Learn soon to identify the helping hand here & everywhere.


Also, it is important that you become self reliant so that you are able to do your "Trade management " correctly which is as important as learning TA.

Regarding your 5800 PE, it is highly unlikely you will be able to get your purchase cost unless market gives gap down opening below 5975 and keep going down faster below 5900. Hence you may come out of your position based on this input and also based on tomorrow opening.

Mean while don't enter into "options" unless you are sure about yourself. If you keep doing it in small way in NF you may get equally good result and even better than trading "option".

Wish you happy journey called " Trading"

Jayaraman said...

I work really hard at trying to see the big picture and not getting stuck in ego. I believe we're all put on this planet for a purpose, and we all have a different purpose... When you connect with that love and that compassion, that's when everything unfolds.


Ellen DeGeneres

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