Monday, July 1, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-I


Nitin Kadam said...

Good Morning Master & Blog-Mates,

Trade Plan ( 1 July 2013 ):-

Today's Support & Resistances :-

Support :- 5835-5810-5765-5735

Resistances :- 5900-5975-6055.

Trend :- UP.


Reentry Buy Trade Zone :-

1. 5835-40.

2. 5800-5810.

Positional Short Only Below 5680.

Happy disciplined trading to all!
Have a nice day!!

amber said...

Sir ILango ji sent you a mail on 29 june 13 , sir when time permits kindly check thnx

Ding A Dong said...

hi JRJ,

what is WS4 and how to read it?

Raghavendra said...

@ Yash & Dhan,

I am not familiar with processes of "Buy back" etc but from a TA perspective its poised to touch 4 digit mark. May well take the "United spirits" path .


Amol Sharma said...
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SAM said...

@Yash and Dhan

I fully agree with Raghavendra....

And another thing... the promoter(parent company)..who is increasing its stake...

it means a lot...

As nobody knows better about the company's ins and outs ... better than PROMOTER (Parent)

shriram said...

GM Master & JN family,

Have a gr8 day !

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, Pivot-5818, S1-5784, R1-5875, ATP-5849, VWAP-5849

Not much visible weakness but the 5900CE writers have added huge and upside maybe restricted for the day, though base around 5600 for the series is on the way…

Thanks & Regards

Prabhanshu said...

What happened. .. no comments since 40 mins?

Dinesh Rishi said...

Good Morning Master and copy to All

gauresh59 said...

Namasthe ilango sir and friends,

Today’s quote received :

Give, but do not allow yourself to be used.
Love, but do not allow your heart to be abused.
Trust, but do not become naïve.
Listen, but do not lose your own voice.

Ding A Dong said...

NF trading at discount.
5900 CE added 10M + accounting to 20% rise.
LTP marginally grater than VWAP.
overbought ST chart.
crucial 5850.

any intraday shorting opportunity?

Manish said...

Goodmorning master and all friends

Resistance visible around 5870 and 5900 Calls OI added today compliments the resistance.
Lead indicator further points out to start of wave (iv).Awaited price action.....

Anandha said...

Long term ( means more than a year) you can hold HUL if you would have bought at lower price. For short term, Stock may see the levels of 520 or lower once buy back news is over. Don't know how many will offer the shares at the price company offered. If many bid for then stock price will see lower levels to buy for long term. Wait for the shareholders reaction.

Manish said...

Goodmorning master and all frieds....

Manish said...

@ master

5567- 5660 (i)
5660-5580 (ii)
5580-58xx (iii)

What could be the max this (iii) can do.261%

anmpatel said...

To days date remind me a journey with u in this financial jungle " 1 -7-13, ek sath tera"!!!!
Thanks for being there whenever we need u.

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