Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-I


Ding A Dong said...

Hello Friends,
My Nifty Intraday Trade Plan @ Jul 17, 2013

VWAP / LTP @ 09:30 - 5985

I Buy @ or Above – 5988
Buying Stop Loss – 5968
Buy Target 1 – 6003
Buy Target 2 – 6023
Buy Target 3 – 6042
Buy Target 4 – 6062
Buy Target 5 – 6081

NO TRADE ZONE – 5968 to 5987

I Sell @ or Bellow – 5967
Selling Stop Loss – 5987
Sell Target 1 – 5951
Sell Target 2 – 5932
Sell Target 3 – 5913
Sell Target 4 – 5894
Sell Target 5 – 5874

Buying with up trend and selling with down trend at 2min chart.
Entry is based on next 2min candle close above/bellow the entry price.
Trading with even lots as 1 half is for Partial Booking & Trailing Stop for rest.
Closing the trades based on Targets, SL or EOD, which ever comes first.
Options trading based on above table is subjective.
Nifty Spot Values & No Fresh Trade after 3 PM.

Good day to all :-)

Piyush Sharda said...

if 6038-5911 appears to be a 3 wave then the 61.8 % sell sl 80% will it be a high prob short trade?
in case of 3 wave 80% will most likely be hit

prakashbkc said...

Ilango said...
BN's fall from 11812 to 11066 shows a 3 sub-waves;

Nifty's fall from 6038 to 5911 showed a 3 sub -waves.

The crucial 5 structure is missing in these falls.
July 17, 2013 at 9:55 AM

GM Master
Does it mean this fall is corrective one
it mean 5 wave structure is still pending Kindly explain

Amol Sharma said...

5953 :- 5 Dema getting now.

Vijaykumar Patil said...

Dear Sir, please chk your email. I have sent email to you.

Ilango said...

In the absence of clear sub-wave structure, I have taken the fall from 6036(truncated high while BN made its high 11814) to 5911as the "i"st and "ii"nd is on.

Only on a move past 6030, we'll reject this view.

Sustaining "DLema", a bullish possibility exists of going past 6100.

We'll touch upon it if prices close above DHEma.

Sonu said...
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deepak pinto said...

Observe the beauty of levels.
5803 to 6038 retrace
38 5949 tommorrow ob line break
50 5920 todays
61 5892 yesterdays.

Coincidence. Destiny . Design .manipulation????.

musti1780 said...

@Julious Sir Mail sent

Kirubanandam T said...

Good morning Ilango sir & all...

Amol Sharma said...
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Obsessive Lover said...

Dear sir,

Taking yesterdays case..
Fii and dii both were net sellers in cash market..around 300 cr each..

Nifty opened gap down and then slowly clawed its way back..

So my doubt is net net market moved up intraday and fii dii were sellers..

How does this happen??

Prabakar said...

Namaste Ilango Sir & JN Family

gauresh59 said...

Namasthe ilango sir and friends,

Today’s quote received :

Never lose your happiness.
Problems will come and go,
Problems are an external situation
Which have come from others,
And they will come and go.

Happiness is your own property
And you always keep something
That belongs to you only.

Ilango said...

@ Obsessive Lover,

What did FII & DII buy or sell?

How much weightage such stocks have on the index?

Without these details, it will be a futile exercise to co-relate price moves.

But the "selling" act itself adds to ST weakness as long as prices stay below recent highs.

Ilango said...

ORB Range @ 5969 to 5988

Ankit Solanki said...

Can't access jn group. Sending test mail.

Sonu said...

@ Ilango Sir,

One more query regarding the wave structure: Yesterday fall to 5911 was a gap down and it happened in first 10 mins after 'market open'. How to see whether it is a 5-wave fall or 3-wave fall?


Ilango said...

@ Sonu,

Read my earlier comment @ 10.17AM.

If taken from 6038, it would be a clear 3 waves.

But combining BN, Nifty made a truncated high of 6036 when BN made the new high @ 11814; hence, if we take the fall from 6036, it would be a ist wave.(Sub-waves not to be looked for in such a sharp decline)

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, Pivot-5949, S1-5865, R1-6053, ATP-5986, VWAP-5986

The 6000CE and 5900PE writers the ones who have taken the lead, overhead resistance right now around 6000 and huge support at 5900, consolidation on…

Thanks & Regards

Sujatha said...

GM sir nd friends

sir :) today "adi madha pirappu" adi kathula ammiye parakarache, nifty konjam parandha thappu illadhane sir!!!

Vidakande - yesterday's nifty future figure pls. according to you..bhv copy is showing freek quotes. tks n advance.


SJkolkata said...

yesterday high and low both were freeks.
Actual figures are high- 5979.70 and low - 5916.40

dharmu mishra said...

is jn group ad just nifty group different

Vijaykumar Patil said...

nifty is above 50% of the total fall

Sujatha said...

kaduvule, i will join later


shriram said...


For NS :
Looking @ the behaviour of Oscill on Hr & OTM PE OI, seems wave "C.v" may have started from 5911 ysday ?

Once Above > Dev.WkHi will seek St.MnHiEMA +,- 20-30 pts again ?

Ilango said...

@ shriram,

EW: in sell mode;

TT: Sell on rises mode.

JNSAR: Long till above 5922; traders could use the levels to "Trade their positions".

Prabhanshu said...

HNS in 1 Min chart. To invalidate this ns should not move above 5985

Some one can confirm if I am right?

shriram said...

mm.. tks master,

But The Hard data on Nifty spot,

i.e Hr Oscill. signature & OTM CE/ PE OI adds , doesnt seem to be in line though for a fast fall on NS i mean..

will need Selling pressure & WkHIEMA to resist, to give a DIRECTIONAL MOVE here

Ding A Dong said...

@ Deepak Pinto

Novice think - Coincidence
Believer think - Destiny
Tech. Analyst think - Design
strugglers think - it manipulation

Pattern Trading said...

Resisted at 61.8 retrace level was good point to enter shorts

Ilango said...

@ shriram,

EW: As long as prices sustain 61.8% to 80% of last rise, EW suggests of another attempt at new highs. as an "abc-x-abc"(Bullish scenario). (50% done @ 5921 yesterday)

TT: Remains in Sell on rises, a weakening of momentum indicated.
Once prices close above DHEma, it could be the bulls in the action.

OI: Presently firm @ 5900; needs to watch any unwinding or addition happening.

"5970" break is the 1st sign of weakness returning;
"6001" break is the 1st sign of strength returning.

shriram said...

true master,

focussing on the same, thank u :-)

Trader Junkie said...

resisted at 5990 with a small fall to 5975 is probably an indicator that 61% is resisting...which also probably lends authenticity to the wave count...

Weekly TA might not assert itself until late tomorrow and friday ?

For now seems like a godo short from 5990 onwards...

Trader Junkie said...

Camrilla triggered a short term sell now ! with the break of 5970

prakashbkc said...

Shriram sir,

Oi in 6K CE added 9 lakh If trhis addittion goes to 14 lakh then can we say bullish scenario get negated

anmpatel said...

in 5 min charts 5 wave done from 5930 to 5989?

anmpatel said...

in 5 min charts 5 wave done from 5930 to 5989?

Obsessive Lover said...

Observation in option chain..
Levels which are sealed in option chain eventually give up and give up fast..
In current series its 5800..

This goes in sync with the big fast C wave coming up..

Also BN leads Nifty..

Trigger for this may be todays bernanke's speech..

shriram said...

@ Prakashbkc,

for now the Cum. 59PE & 6k CE OI is highest.. Intra adds as u say are higher @ 6K Ce, suggesting selling pressure

Need to see how NS behaves near St.5DEMA @ 5953 & 34EMA,30mins @ 5966 , before forming a View

As said, 1st form a view, then search for Entry pt & then choose the right weapon (trade Instr.)

Obsessive Lover said...

And yeah, not to forget jnsar short trigger is not far..

prakashbkc said...

Thanx Shriram sir for reply usually I see At any strike price if addition more than 14 lakh then strikeact as ceiling for nifty

Sir , this is my observation only I may be wrong
I m a slow learner

bepostive be nagetive said...
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J.R.Julius said...
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J.R.Julius said...
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