Monday, July 29, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-III


mk said...

July 29, 2013 at 1:56 PM

Hemant Harke said...

Ilango said...

@ mk ,

Just go by the technicals. We trade as per prices, not by events.

Abhi said...


i - 130 pts (6093 - 5963)

iii cud be 1.6*130 from 5998, i.e. 5790 ns for part booking ?

Sujatha said...

Sir - :D :) thanks for the lighter mood reply

@ all - thanks. anyway this is the lunch Nifty future weekly L3 5867. fibo extended 61% 5796.

sahil - candlestick lover?? for your lunch check the hourly chart of 8.7.13 especially 2 and 3 PM now that's magic

PS : i posted for for lighter side. NIFTY FUTURE 5883/5888 should protect as bears are holding the "tail" of bulls here

rochak parekh said...

dear i lango sir

5843 could not sustain

and then

5852 given up smartly

are we for sure, heading now, towards 5760, in extreme short term as being mentioned in pre market post

thanks answering



Kiran said...

Observation on RSI :
RSI (10) on Hourly chart generating trend line(Trades between Thursday and Today). All bounces are coming from this trend line going up.
Sell off coming when RSI touches 30.

Sandeep Koppula said...

Relcapital intraday chart :) Rockets and Drilling machines all over the chart :P

Ilango said...

@ rochak parekh,

Nifty is going down and we have been following this fall confidently since the "Gap down" on 24th July.

More lows on the way as long as prices continue to close below DLEma.

Closing above DLEma could be treated as "Pause only" as week has "just" turned down.

Ilango said...

@ Sandeep Koppula,

It shows "No rise is sutainable" as long as EOD TA remains down.

Sandeep Koppula said...

Right Sir! Followed the trend, made use of the opportunity and shorted at resistance :)

dharmu mishra said...

dear julius sir sorry i was not on my system read ur reply now thanks for explaining the magic of l3 and h3 in camarilla. hope it will help in future if not today sir how u read it now if it has not given the desired bounce today. secondly thanks for sharing ur ATR technic i m sure it will help lot of us in trading. sir as i m a learner will it b possible for u to send that ATR exel sheet to my email ID thanks sir

Prana Swaminathan said...

If RBI makes no rate change one can expect a fast rise in Banking stocks tomorrow as per the adage ' sell on rumour and buy on news'. So watch your shorts in Banking.

Sujatha said...

சார் / அரிப்புக்கு சொந்தக்காரி, எட்டுநுத்தி ஐம்பத்து ஆறு இ ஓ டி காப்பாற்ப்பட்டால் ஒரே தூக்கு பிறகு எண்பத்தி ஒன்று எடுத்துவிட்டால் ஒரே காளையர் ஓட்டம்தான்னு ஸ்ட்ராங்கா தோணுது ஆனர்க்க ஆங்கிலத்தில் போட பயம் எல்லார் கிட்டேயும் உதை வாங்கனும் வாத்தியார் கிட்ட தனியா வாங்கினா பரவாயில்லை :) அதான் தமிழ் if this is against rules pls. delete it.

deepak pinto said...

Targets for the terminal ed at 6100 top was 5803 with time target till tomorrow.
We are almost there.
Terminal starts have a bounce built inwhich can be sharp and unnerving.
Trailing from here on looks better.

Ilango said...

3.00PM TT & Chart Updated.

dharmu mishra said...

respected llango sir as per ur teaching material and ur guidence market is behaving exactly the same thanks for it sir but sice on expiry day i took a call of nifty 6100 at 73 and still holding it since as per study its all perfect move but ye dil bolta hae ke market abbhi to bahut gir gaya hai ab yahaa se bounce deega my this thought is incresing the loss .wanted to share this since i hv lost huge amout in market with this thought only and now blessing of master llango will try to b on right side ignoring what my dil is saying thanks sir

Ilango said...

@ Sujatha,


You do have a method in the madness.

SJkolkata said...

Not fair, Please write the translated version of sujatha.

Ilango said...

@ dharmu mishra,

One day before expiry(24th July), market gave a "sell signal". Why then did you buy a "Call - CE"??

Trade only in the direction of the signal till it gets exhausted.

If your thoughts are bringing you losses, stop listening to it. And start listening to the technical signals. Do not worry about the "few failures in TA signals" because such failures could easily managed with a proper SL. But missing out on opportunities, you will remain "stuck" without any progress.

Since you have lost heavily listening to your thoughts, it is time to change your style & strategy.

Follow only JNSAR and flourish.

You have to become mechanical in following and be willing to take few bruises while doing the "Following".

Nilesh said...

@ illangoji,

as u say we should trail 2 hour high, if go beyond 30-40 points than we can resell the same but if just touch and go down than how to create the same possition may be sell again diff of 20 points.

Prana Swaminathan said...

Sujatha , don't worry about EOD. Mkt may open with a gap-up tomorrow !

Ilango said...

@ SJkolkata,

It is not meant for disciplined traders like us.

She's wild and it works for her. And she does have her "safety factors" of late.

rajapvt said...

R.N. Elliott's Birthday: 28 July.

SJkolkata said...

Ha Ha,
Ok and thanks Sir.

Raghavendra said...

Dear Ilango sir,

Jai Ho to you and Tech table.

Day low exactly at WLEMA.
- -- - - - -
Ilango said...

"5843", 10 mth sma could give a pause.

If breaks 5843, it would be WLEma/ Mth JNSAR.

Resistances would be around 5900+
July 29, 2013 at 11:34 AM
- - - - - - - - -


Sujatha said...

sir - i laughed out from my heart :) mm..trader should be with 'calculated risk" not with "naked view" or "trade" .

raja - no.. i will not celebrate for him :( touch subject man :P

Ilango said...

@ Nilesh,

2 hour or 3 hour highs could be used to sell in a strongly trending market.

Add to it: Till prices continue to close below DLEma.

anand said...

Sir / Shriram :
On 2 minute chart today :
can we say that 1st ended in 5-waves at 5844 (from high of 5920 (on Friday)= 76 points
Then it did 2nd till 5876, (retrace of 32 points ~half)
and then 3rd is going one with
3.1 -> 5876 - 5830
3.2 -> from 2.10 PM : ZZ type with high of 5848
(18 pts only)
3.3 -> going on -> to continue tomorrow or is already in it last leg
and morning we see 3.4 with some retrace till 5830 restricted, before completing 3rd to new lows..

I understand the risks (told earlier) of reading such ST moves. just trying to get acquainted with forms in real time.

dharmu mishra said...

Respected llango sir thanks for ur guidence i wanted to admit my mistake of taking wrong direction .though ur teaching were suggesting to b with fall.sir i will try my best to b totally mechanical
thanks for every thing

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