Friday, July 12, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-I


Ding A Dong said...


what is your INFY EOM target?

on your confession - some one said there are no losses in the market all you have is lessons and loss you make is just a fee for it.

yeppadiya hat-trick finished while good thing about it is no one hat-tricks more often.

Ding A Dong said...

not yeppadeiya... its yeppadiyoo

Ilango said...

@ Jay Mataji ,

EW/Triangle suggested the target of 5870+144=6014.

Target done for an "abc".

If more time is required for the correction, then, treat the "5803 to 6013 as "a" of c and "b" wave is on; should limit itself to "5908-5883" approx.

"5957" is 61.8% retrace of last rise from 5923 to 6013;
80% @ 5941...

Retrace for the opening fall(of 6013 to 5954) is @ 5984-5990.(50%-61.8%) & 80% @ 6001.

sushil said...

to ilangosir,
sir i am not getting your abc labeling

Prakash said...

nifty take support weekly Hema 5954

satheesh said...

Tatamotors just above 200 DMA - 288.43 & JNSAR - 287.63

sushil said...


Ding A Dong said...

Greetings JRJ

@2min charts if nifty crossing above 5969 (incidentally it is my system intraday entry too)
is it a valid vic's 2B ?

Varadarajulu Venkatesan said...

Dear Sanjay

Many more happy returns of the day and thanks for your work towards JN mates.

Dear Fire

My best wishes for your Birth day and for your new mile stone in your life.

Thanks & Regards

Ilango said...

@ sushil ,

Corrective could take any form, though there are some normal guidelines like





etc., etc.,

m.veerasamy Maruthai said...


Bhushan said...

Dear Sanjay sir, and Fire
Congrats & best wishes Happy Birthday :D

RainMaker said...

"some one said there are no losses in the market all you have is lessons and loss you make is just a fee for it."

when you pay fee for a lesson you always know upfront what amount you need to pay over a time and it never comes as a surprise.

where as loss is always a surprise as you always venture out for profits and the quantum of loss is know only after the deed is done.

So always manage you losses and don't ever call them a fee.

J.R.Julius said...

Ding A Dong,
Now exactly. A exact setup the SUP break candle with close above SUP. But seems taking support in lower t/f

DNSHUKLA said...

Good Mng Sir and Friends.
Happy Birthday to Sanjay and Fire.

Sandy said...

Ilango cool explanation. Thax.

NI3 said...

Dear sir and blog mates Good morning
many many HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sanjayji and Fireji...
Any comment on JP Associates? Anybody following JP??
what is 200DMA for the same any ? or JNSAR

NI3 said...

Thanks in advance

shr said...

Dear Fire, very nice, melodious music. Wishing you and your team all the success for this film.

shriram said...

GM Master & JN family,

Have a gr8 day :-)

ankita said...

my veiw is nifty should revisit 5775 again very soon.

sandeep said...

gm master julius sir n all happy birthday jaswal ji

Sujatha said...

rainmaker - that's good one :) yes..i take risk.."but with calculated risk" before taking "ulta" position i will keep in mind first "what to do next day" if at all end in loss..i know if at all it goes up my SL is 5975 spot it shoot up thats added advantage..took puts covered my loss and in profit too :) day is fine..balance with TSL

Sandy said...

Shriram I am getting 2 values 6041 and 5903 with +/- 20 points should be the targets as par your method of calculation. Is it in line ?

sushil said...

thks master

cahauhan mufo said...


"The longer you wait to do something you know you should do now,
the greater the chances are you'll never actually do it."

shriram said...

@ Sandy :

5903 ??

Today's Dev DhIEMA is 5932, when price made a high of 6013 NS

@ this level itself Days Hi- DhIEMA = 6013-5932 = 81 pts

For Bell curve of price pt of samples trading > DhIEMA , once price goes > DhIEMA

The Mean is ruffly 70 pts

that says, Mean = 5932+70 = 6002

1 Std.Dev will be 20pts+,- = 5982-6022

so this range 5982-6022 is the 68% confidence zone, meaning Days Hi is made in the zone 5982-6022 with 68% confidence.

RainMaker said...


You are an accomplished trader. (:

Ding A Dong said...


As Rakesh Jhunjhunwala once said "there is nothing called "surprise" in the market because there is only two possibilities LOSS or PROFIT"

"surprise" arises out of one sided anticipation or a bias.


Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, Pivot-5932, R1-5972, S1-5902, ATP-5967, VWAP-5967

Major addition at 5900PE for the day, seems like any dip will be bought, not much conviction from the CE writers as they are liquidating at 6000CE…

Thanks & Regards

shriram said...

Sanjay seth & Fire:

Wish u a v happy bday , best rgds

J.R.Julius said...

@Ding A Dong,
Nice Quote!

RainMaker said...

Ding A Dong

Traders always take a calculated risk, hence there are no surprises.

and newbees are always surprised by the market moves as they never make provision for losses.

Kirubanandam T said...

Wish you a happy birthday sanjay sir...

Sandy said...

Shiram let me write the steps as par my undersanding :
1) CMP - Day High EMA in one column in excel to be taken for the days when cmp > day High ema

2) Day Low Ema - CMP in another column to be taken only for the days CMP is less than day low EMA

3) SD of column 1 in one column

4) SD of column 2 in next column

5) When price is above day high ema the target is day high EMA + SD of column 1 with a variance of +/- 20 points
6) When the price is below day low ema the target is low ema - SD of column 2 with + / - 20 points

J.R.Julius said...

Flow Trading Support@5920

Ding A Dong said...

@Rain Maker

there it is. then its a lesson for them to make a provision for loss :-)

shriram said...

@ Sandy:


1. On days when CMP > DHiEMA,
68% confidence zone for Day's Hi pt = Dev.DHiEMA +70 pts (+,- 20pts, i.e 1 SD)


1. On days when CMP < DLoEMA,
68% confidence zone for Day's Lo pt = Dev.DLoEMA -70 pts (+,- 20pts, i.e 1 SD)

70 pts is the MEAN of the Distribution.

This Mean can vary 5-10pts more in a DOWNTREND as prices tend to brk down faster.

Fire said...

This is the University of my life where I learnt about the market and life too, at the feet of Master.

This is the place where I got some of the best friends I am ever going to get.

All that I am today, a big part of it was created here.

My pranam to Master and heartfelt gratitude to all you friends and well-wishers.

RainMaker said...

Ding A Dong said...

@Rain Maker

there it is. then its a lesson for them to make a provision for loss :-)

That what I said and meant make provision for loss and don't call it a fee.

Aren't we on a same page. (:

Sandy said...

Shriram I am having a confusion on the SD calculation data to be taken & I am getting 58.9 for CMP-Day High and 57.75 for Day Low - CMP as SD and I am using about 386 days data. 70 is not comming

Sandy said...

Day high / Day Low means respective EMAs

Ding A Dong said...

@Rain Maker

Ok :-) we are on the same page

some times back I replaced a word "struggle" with "Challenge" just to keep us going in the market, its psychological.

now replacing "Loss" with "Fee". just to keep Going forward!! and lets do that.

J.R.Julius said...

Any Chess Lovers here? Test Mail Please.

shriram said...

@ Sandy

How can SD be 58 pts ?
SD is the measure of change wrt FreQ Mean

Our sample set has 2 parts:
1. For Uptrends (when price > Dev. DHiEMA):
The sample set is {Day's Hi price -DHiEMA}

2. For Uptrends (when price < Dev. DLoEMA):
The sample set is {DLoEMA - Day's Lo price}

Freq. mean = Sample Value "S" which appears most frequently

SD = Sq.rt {Sigma [(S-S1)^2+ ... + (S-Sn)^2]}/n

Can not be 57 pts, pl recheck

J.R.Julius said...

GM- Have a Nice Day.

Amol Sharma said...

trading intraday today should be avoided.

J.R.Julius said...

Still hitting my head with R.Sci.Traders.
Will ping u shortly once I finished.

Sandy said...

Shriram please confirm say for the set when we have price > dev. DHiEMA in the set of values for {Day's Hi Price - DayHiEMA} we ignore the other values ? Means say out of 100 days let's say 50 days the same happens I take only 50 days value and divide the sum / 50 to calculate mean or take the entire 100 values and divide by 100?

Atharva said...

Good Morning Master : Since you have been in mkt for such a longer period, is it divisible to do intraday trading? @ what level one shld get in to intra day trading other than JNSAR trades ? I mean exposure to various studies and time spent to study price movements .. is it 2yrs 5 yrs or more that this?

Which is the best system you have found
a) Is it Fib ratio to initiate trade in dir of major trend
b) Camerilla pivot Trades
c) Plain TL drawn on based on intra day price movement
d) Plain pivots,

If you find this is worth to answer do let me know your views?

Thanking you

RainMaker said...

Ding A Dong said...

now replacing "Loss" with "Fee". just to keep Going forward!! and lets do that.

If you don't take it otherwise, it changes the prospective /outlook.

After, incurring a loss and calling it a fee is little amateurish, it does not reflect a professional approach.

Otherwise anybody is free to console himself anyways he like.

Ding A Dong said...


my short entry 5948 = Camm WHL4
my Long entry 5969 = Camm DHL4

getting more interesting now!!

prakashbkc said...

GM Fire sir,

Many Many Happy returns of Birthday to Master of Currency
May this birthday brings $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
in ur a/c

shriram said...

@ Sandy:

Phew, No !

See our Sample set (the one i used to come up with this theory) is 5 yrs data of DAY candles.

For uptrend:
Sample Set is all values of { Days Hi - Dev.DhiEMA}

For DOWN-trend:
Sample Set is all values of {Dev.DLoEMA - Days Lo}

"n" = no. of Day on which this diff was sampled.

For Ex-
So, if u have taken 50 samples of Day Candles , ie. for 50 occasions , days Hi was > Dev.DHiEMA

thn "n" shall be = 50

FreQ Mean = the Diff. value {Days hi - dev.DhiEMA} amongst these 50 samples, which occurs most Frequently.

Or, to simplify u can take ARITHMETIC MEAN = (S1+S2+ ... +S50 )/50

J.R.Julius said...

Ding A Dong,
Also Note Monthly
MH3@5965 ↓

prakashbkc said...

GM Sanjay sir,

Many Many Happy returns of Birthday to Master of Option TA

RainMaker said...

@ Fire

Seen your post and liked very much you analysis.
although have no knowledge about neowave, but found the writeup interesting and insightful.

shall keep a watch and make note.

Kumar said...


NS is on Upper part of Boll Band.
ADX(14) 14.41

• ADX Below 20: Non-trending market.
• Crosses above 20: Signal that a trend might be emerging; consider initiating buy or sell short in direction of prevailing stock, future, or currency price movement.
• Between 20 & 40: If ADX is increasing between 20 and 40, then it is further confirmation of emerging trend. Buy or shortsell in the direction of the current market direction. Avoid using oscillator technical indicators and use trend following indicators like moving averages.
• Above 40: Very strong trend.
• Crosses above 50: Extremely strong trend.
• Crosses above 70: "Power Trend"; very rare occurence

Anyone have much information on ADX can share.

Is it alarming ?

Thanks in advance.

Ding A Dong said...

@Rain Maker

If you are doing any business and incur "Loss" then you may not try it one more time. "fear of loss"

but if you are school you keep learning and willing to pay more fees for higher class.

the out put is same here but the encouraging perception is what we need. an optimistic one.

finally, you won!! I lose and I drop here and thanks to my NO TRADE ZONE hahahhahah

Crorepathi said...

ding dong.
for the kind attentioj of naive traders...

soothu (sethu) kavum.
be careful guys.

happy b day sanjay and fire

Ding A Dong said...


never mind as I have joke here (not on you) -

chahe kohi lakpathi hooo.
karodpathi hoooo.
arabpathi hooo.

aaaaaakirme pathi hi tho haiiii


akki_tank007 said...


RainMaker said...

Ding A Dong said...

finally, you won!!

That never was my intetion just tried to put forward my views.

I tender my apologies if i felt like argumentative.


shriram said...

Hi Julius

nice. lage raho :-)

Trader Junkie said...

Julius - check email ...Have been looking for a chess partner for a long time !!

Sandy said...

Shriram thanx for your kind effots. I have also understood the basic idea. I am just autometing it with the bit modified Ilango file which I use. When you substract 2 numbers. you get a value sometimes these numbers will be negative as well, if you consider all the numbers. I am mailing you the excel file. Kindly provide feedback / edit/correct and return.

Piyush Sharda said...

sir can we safely say that 6018-5951 a, b is going on and c down pending

Nifty Intra said...

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