Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-III


dharmu mishra said...

respected llango sir in which time frame rsi 9 is to b watch for intraday ad for daily trades pls guide thanks

J.R.Julius said...

Good Afternoon. Hope you enjoyed the day with
Y.Day Ulta entry. Good Day for 'The Followers'.
Bye for the Day to you & All.

Sujatha said...

Julius - lol :) ulta view in advance based on TA only. oru kuthu madhippa SL pottu punch pannen work out agidichu..(all mixed garam masalas - lead indicator, jan 18th candle cam weekly etc) i got 2 gapdowns + 1 gap up this month :) May god bless nifty only gap up and downs let me try to catch hehe. top gave 100++ now JNSAR has to give 100++ so that 5900 (with + or - 20 points bonus) july 5900 call + 6100 put good movement in expiry time also.

shankar said...

sir can we carry forward short sir?

shankar said...

ilango sir , can we carry forward short?

varun kumar said...

Avg closing of nifty please

prakashbkc said...

Sujatha mam,

May god bless u with nifty open tommorrow with gap down & give bonus too also

Navnnit said...

Considering the current turmoil @ DALAL STREET , our Stock Exchange has revised the following
terms :
BSE:- Bombay se exit
NSE:- Nation se exit
F/O:- Future over
NIFTY: No income for this year
FII:- Fraudulent international investors
HNI:- Has no idea
PMS:- Pre mediated scam
SIP:- Suicide by investing patiently
EBITDA:- Exit before it tumbles down again.

prakashbkc said...

May GOD Kindly let nifty to close below 5990 to hold my shorts

Raghavendra said...

Dear All,

Request anyone to post average closing for today ?


Piyush Sharda said...

average closing 5986. but it may change in next 10 min by few points

Ilango said...




Why not follow?

There is no guarantee that each trade will be successful; Following makes you disciplined and it gets you richer "slowly & quietly".

kizar khan said...

Masters, should i buy put 5900

Ilango said...

"5970" has given a pause as suggested;

If gaps up, you'll get a "selling opportunity";

If gaps down, you'll get a "Profit booking opportunity".

rose mary said...


i think the concern is for ppl who shorted on break of 6008 (Tomw JNSAR).. if nifty managed to close above 5991 (today JNSAR)

Abhi said...


below which level, we can confirm that 3rd started , 1st being 6229 - 5566.

rose mary said...

Thanks Sir,

Booked half.. deal with tomorrow based on Gap UP/down...

Trader Junkie said...

Thank you Sir - Text book trading day ...almost :)

Bye all - tomorrow will be interesting

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