Monday, July 15, 2013

Thank you for your affection & respects.


Stockathon said...

Dear ilango sir,

Wish U a very Happy Blog Anniversary!!!

No weighing machine on this planet earth can match your weight of intellect and the efforts that goes for putting up this blog.

Keep walking sir!!

Warm Regards!


R/Ilango Sir,Namaste.Congratulation for FIFTH n Best Wishes for SIXTH.

D.S.SASAN said...

God Morning Ilango Sir, and blogmates.
Happy anniversary to all.
Teaching is difficult but teaching without expectation(remuneration) is rare.
Heartly thanks for this kind service, Sir.

Sringesh said...

Thanks for being there.

arvindkering said...

Dear Sir,
Wishing you a happy anniversary and many thanks for your guidance

shriram said...


pending confirmation of EMAs,

just seeing the wave form, from 5776 , can we view "c" done @ 6019 ?

raj lakhani said...

Congratulations on the 5th Anniversary of the blog.

Amit Kumar said...

Congrats Illango sir, your efforts are really appreciable. you are NRN of this infosys. no one else can do this without
the honesty and integrity. many thans and congrats from a silent reader and follower

Guru - Trading Nirvana said...

11:30HRS INR Indian WPI (YoY) 4.90% (expected) 4.70% (Previous)

Amit Kumar said...

Congrats Illango sir, your efforts are really appreciable. you are NRN of this infosys. no one else can do this without
the honesty and integrity. many thans and congrats from a silent reader and follower

Ilango said...

@ shriram,

If we count the "C" having "abc sub-waves", then the top has been made for this corrective rise;

If we count the "C" having "12345 sub-waves", then the top will be made after the completion of the current "iv"th wave.

Technicals are overbought in Hour TA with some showing -ve div.

It would be confirmed if prices break 5954 & 5935 decisively.

Ilango said...

For Intraday:

Keep the retrace of last fall from 6019 to 5981.(38 points)

50.0% @ 6000
61.8% @ 6004.

80.0% @ 6011.

Use the above info./ data to make a trading plan for "intraday".

Prabakar said...

Namaste Ilango Sir & JN Family.

A Very Happy 5th Anniversary wishes to JN Blog & Ilango Sir.

Take this opportunity to Thank DR sir, Rajagopal Sir, Yoda mam, Sujatha, Mok, RV, RM sir, Sanjay Bhai, Fire, Mynac, Dr. Kumar Sir and all the seniors who contributed selflessly along with Ilango sir to educate me/us.

God bless all

murli said...


hemant said...

Dear Ilango, Congratulations on 5th anniversary of blog.

Prabhanshu said...

Previous Day High – 6019
Previous Day Close - 6009
Today Open Price - 5991
Today High Price till now - 6011

Hanging man’s confirmation signals:
Hanging Man occurred in uptrend - Yes

The next bar opens under hanging man’s real body. Opened at 5991 - Done

Close price of the next bar’s black candle is under the hanging man’s close price - Will be confirmed at EOD

Today's High < Previous Day High - Till Now yes. High  - 6011

Sir, query:
Can we go short (aggressive) if price comes till previous day close (6009 NS) with SL at 6020 NS?

Or should we wait till EOD for confirmation?

deepak pinto said...

Did nifty do
EW A from 6019 and b on
Ta diamond with 6009 right shoulder.

SGRaman said...

Wow, Congrats Ilango Sir.

Let this be a beginning of another 5-year(wave) and many more to come.

Let God give good health to you and your family so that you will be able to make it.

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, Pivot-5993, R1-6035, S1-5965, ATP-5997, VWAP-5997

The 6000CE writers are back, but the PE writers have made sure that lower levels are sealed for the time being, Fight on for 6000 level right now…

Thanks & Regards

Faisal said...

Congrats Illangoji on 5th anniversary blog.

Rajib said...

Dear ilango sir ...

thanks for completing the 4th Fib number ... I wish you complete at least 2 more fib numbers ... :)

It was one of the best Gurukuls of my life ... accept my sincere gratitude.


Jiignesh P Kumbhaani said...

Congratulations to Sir and JNFAMILY Friends on 5th anniversary.

Bhushan said...

Good Morning Gurudev and friends

Many many Congratulations Gurudev
Long live JN :D

Varadarajulu Venkatesan said...

Dear Ilango Teacher

I pray for your long life and I want to say thanks to your family who supported in this journey.

My hearty wishes to JUST NIFTY'S 5TH ANNIVERSARY and JN Mates.

Jay Mataji said...

Congratulations to Sir and JN Family

NK said...

Hello Sir,

Hearty congratulations on 5th anniversary.

Here's wishing many more fruitful and progressive years.

May GOD bless you and entire JN family.


satheesh said...


Dedicating this Song for you on the JNDAY :)

madamuniramaiah said...

again thanks.

discipline focus said...


Congratulations master for showing light for 5 years and counting. On 5th anniversary of the blog will like to present a small gift of the research I have been doing for the sake of fellow traders in the spirit of this blog, which is about learning and sharing.


Since nearly Last 1 year a lot of people who use trend-following system would have been facing a lot of whipsaws and hence stress, tension to believe in their system and have the required discipline to follow it whipsaw after whipsaws. For TA novices and people who strictly follow a system without using any discretion, the period would have been challenging.

But, I guess not much dialogue or thinking in the blog has gone into searching for the answers to the problem of high whipsaws and low rate of return in past year.

I have tried working on finding the problem, which I guess is the first step in finding a solution, hence sharing it -

1)CO-Relation of Trend following and Volatility-
Most of traders would know what volatility is, else it can be easily searched on net. When markets move in either direction with sheer force we say volatility has increased and when the movement is small and dull, volatility decreases markets become choppy.

2)INDIAVIX- India vix is an index which measures volatility on NSE and is the expectation of movement of the index in a year in either direction , it can be 15% or 40% depending on times.

3)If someone compares the VIX since a period of 2009 we will find that for the most part INDIAVIX stood at a figure of above 22, till june 2012.

4)For the period starting from july2012 INDIAVIX has been trading constantly under 20 going as low as 13.

Needless to say the correlation between VIX and any trend following approach can be gauged from this factor, lower the VIX higher have been the whipsaws. Higher the VIX as in from period from 2009-mid2012 greater success and huge gains by trend following approach.

The last year has seen VIX trading at lowest levels since ages and hence no great trending approach has worked as beautifully as in the past

As I said above, I have been only able to find the problem, and the solution is a work in progress- whether its stay away from markets, whether its using discretion, whether its decreasing quantities to trade, using other parameters etc. depends on the trader and his abilities.

No system, approach work all the time. Adapting, not becoming complacent and figuring out the right approach is the name of the game.

WHEN TO PUT, WHAT STAKES TO PUT is as important parameter as a system

Hope this helps, clarifies doubts and is of some help


veer said...


God bless you.Thanks for your continous efforts to teach us.



oru_indian said...

Heart felt congratulations on completing 5 years, Ilangoji

Sudhakar said...

Ilango Sir

May God bless you to take this job for ever.

My sincere Wishes to you and JN Members in this 5th Anniversary.

Thanks & Regards

sandeep said...

Congratulations to master and JN FAMILY Friends on 5th anniversary.

Murella Saibaba said...

you have it
the questions and answers
now just match one tells yu wen to exit or enter wt TF u shud deal.having no position is also a position.
master said we need to see two bull n bear markets to FEEL the market.lets bet on future,bye

shriram said...

Oscill Div on 5mins,

smelling a fall on BN , if no new high seen in next 1 hr ...

Karthikeyan said...

Congratulations to Master and JN Family

Vinod Shinde said...

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