Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nifty oscillates between HEma & LEma & manages to close above "Key levels/ numbers".


Adrian Jose said...

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to … ... Ilango Sir,
from your guidance, great kindness and patience and
I wish to say a heartfelt thank you.

Iris said...

Ilango sir

There was some link on your blog for learning Ellott Wave.
Pls add the same if you have removed it.

deepak pinto said...

Trend ind up.
But rsi sluggish and divergent neg.
Lead looking down the barrel.
Closing below all h emas.
A long legged doji to boot.
But the last hr rise is uncomfortable.
Signs of indecision.
Staying out.

Pradeep said...

Thanks Sir , With Follow your Process I am able to make my capital from 16000 to 39500 withing 4 trading session .
If you remember I have aggressive trade in INFY PE and CE and lost my 50% capital .
Now I am glad to inform I am really happy to follow the JNSAR -J10SAR level to recover the loss .

NSB said...


I request you to share the trades in summary so that others get benefitted

more importantly the critics - who are the regular visitors would understand better

and allow this blog to be neat and clean


Iris said...

hi Pradeep

congrAts for winning trades.
can you share your trades with some info on when and why you took that trade and exit.

This may help me and others to understand where I lack in terms of applying knowledge

Murella Saibaba said...

MASTER,,please think of this sharing of trades(.ofcourse not calls as per our blog rules)
whoever followed the blog ,,and initiated trades as per our JNSAR OR HEMA/LEMA/5DEMA/ INDICATOR BASED ie,,based on our studies.

allow the bloggers to declare the sucess /failure confessions..lessons they this evening discourses. this may further enrich the blog.YOUR GUIDANCE WILL ALWAYS HELP.good day

ankita said...

you will be owner when you keep these profits and increase your capital by adding more profits on based on your comfort trading plan. keep it up ....

Ding A Dong said...

I am really waiting for Masters Call!!!

Sujatha said...

that's very tough to post success/failure confessions and is like 'GOLF GAME" nobody can copy they have to "start play on their own" is my humble opinion.

If anybody posts then "lot of Q" may arise then Q & A will go on for long time means what is the role for "sir" here.. he is teaching.. let us listen..observe lots and lots from his posts.. u can simply grab "simple things for trading" 199% TA , EW , CAM is not must for trading.. knowing little is enough..balance leave it..who's earning is successful trader (let it be 50%) not an analyst or TA people.

Try to stand on your own. just my experience. not to "command/advise etc" . if hurts anybody?? shhhhh what can i do..."then fine hurt and learn" :)


Ding A Dong said...


when children take the foot prints of their parents then its not called as "copying" its "following".

questions are way of learning, If a child is not questioned at young age then he will have a spoiled future.

people learn swimming on own when they pooled up with good swimmers.

This is my understanding, sorry about people who enjoy falls pride and unproved claims,

Just learn from learned, why hurt?

sounding silly as-usual hahahahhah

Ding A Dong said...

please read it as "false pride" ummmmmmmm falls also ok hahahhahah

Sourav Kundu said...

Just my personal opinion... sharing trading style is not going to be of great help actually -if we are trying to find the elusive golden trading system. I mean... there are enough proven strategies that have been mentioned time and again here... and they work... they have worked for me. And to be honest, I am not a smart trader... I do not have a lot of tools, just our good ol' JNSAR. There are however various styles of trading with JNSAR... I have learnt about them from experience. And that's precisely the reason I stick to them. I started with 2 lots of NF when JNSAR triggers a buy or a sell... and then wrote that down in my little book. And then I wrote down all that went through my head... my perception, my ideas and then I recorded what happened the next day in the market... and the next and the next... I kept a record of how the market has behaved and what approach has helped and what has not. I know this well because I experienced it and well I think that that's the easiest form of learning. I don't know... but I try to keep things really simple. Suits me.

Soura said...

The endless endeavor to print as much money as it wishes to support its economy, the world's most powerful central bank is creating a private economy and many people are being left out. The big and powerfuls today have incentives to keep the unemplyment at elevated level as it will keep them supply of the easy money. How long, the developed world can remain in denial that the basic economic structure has become faulty. It is called Chrony capitalism, mindless abuse of power in the disguise of free capitalism...a economic system by the few, for the few and a private one

Ding A Dong said...

Good Night Friends See you all on 19th Morning!

shriram said...

Are we seeing a Classic Blow-off in the Index ?

Index has topped out @ 6229 in May'2013 & now Pharma & FMCG scrips, are making Life Highs with 2 months lag....

Gives me the feel a 2-3yrs TOP MAY BE IN PLACE @ 6229 NS !

dharmu mishra said...

respected sir i hv send test mail request for joining JN GROUP sir pls oblize me by accepting my request thanks

sanjay singhania said...

pradip is making chutiya of everyone if he made profit then why do not he shared it to everyone. ha ha ha

sanjay singhania said...

i thought pradip is llango's second id by changing name.

sanjay singhania said...

buy dec2013 and dec 2014 puts profit hi profit

rrknan said...

People from all over world should learn from INDIANS how to shoot in our own legs.

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