Thursday, July 25, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-II


Hemant Harke said...

@ vksoni
expiry at 6010 below Dema

suresh said...

sir ji,
what is significance of 5942/44 ??
and what these nos represent.

shankar said...

ilango sir nifty part booking area?

suresh said...

sir ji,
do they represent ns-weekly L4

vksoni said...

Friends today is expiry and lets have a contest here. July Nifty Expiry Guessing Contest. The rules are simple- There are only 3. a) Just call out the series close for july. b) No wild guess. A reason is must. Everybody must give a expected close figure and reason for that. no range (4000-4050) ,only one figure e.g.4000 c) You need to do entry between 9:15 to 2:30, hurry up Seniors plz contribute.

salildali said...

expiry will be at 6025 whema

prakashbkc said...


Booked profit in 6100PE July partly holding 25%
& Aug NF shorted at 6055.

Master, thanx for guiding us

Mukesh Honest said...

sri i lango ji kirpya aap mera expiry contest ka msg delete na kare, pichla msg apne delete kar dia hai..mera bhi haq hai apke yahan expiry me bhag lene ka..mai sirf apke dohre maapdand ka alochak hun, par apka nindak nahi..

vksoni ji, mera expiry guess 5935 hai jo ki 20 din ka SMA hai..

raman said...

I expect nifty to close around 5978, 5 Ema as of now.

Ilango said...

@ suresh,

5942- WEma.
5944-Camarill's Day & week nos.

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 1:00PM, Pivot-6000, S1-5963, S2-5923, ATP-5974, VWAP-5974

6000 Level is gone for good for the day, as the 6000CE writers net OI position is above 1 Crore now, can the Bulls pull out a Miracle…

Thanks & Regards

Trader Junkie said...

@ prakashbkc - How did you short August NF at 6055 when the high for the day is 6029 ?

suresh said...

sir ji,
thank you.

Ganesh IMR said...

Hi V K Soni,

My guess on expiry is NS 6005.

Reason: Wave-C-5-i top, & options data

STOCK4SURE said...

a small +WW developing in 5min 2 day charts

pt5 may have formed near 5946ns

may move up towards 5980-85 near 3.00pm.abv 5986 ns may test 6002ns levels intraday

jvr said...

@ vksoni

I expect nifty to close at @ 5934 in between S1 and S2 of pivot

ak said...

can you give details spc your observation on opt data

as mr sanjay said high call oi at 6000
which will act as strong resis


vksoni said...

pls check your entry

vksoni said...

just a hour to go for closing contest

Sujatha said...

VK soni - my expiry no. 5988 (+/- 5 pnts). 17th January candle low.

Ganesh IMR said...

Hi AK,

Options volume as of now is -
6000PE : 48.17 lakhs
6000CE : 104.07 lakhs

Hence, options writers (strong hands) will gain maximum @ close of 6000+/- 5.

NS 6000 level is psychological level, which bulls want to maintain till quaterly results announcement is over (tomorrow: HUL, Wipro, NTPC; today: ITC etc.)

ashwin karthik said...

@ vksoni

I expect nifty to close around 5996(+/- points)..

suresh said...

sir ji,
ns < 5942

suresh said...

can ns touch 5929/24 ??

ak said...

with nifty below 5950 chances of expiry above 5970 are very less

Ilango said...

VIX low range-5937 reached.

More weakness only below 5927.

vksoni said...

ashwin karthik


Ilango said...

@ suresh,

Downtrend is on.

These are minor levels being discussed for "Intraday".

We await tomorrows' another confirmatory signal from week T/F; then on 31st July from Month T/F.

Pattern Trading said...

Looks like ending diagonal on 2 mins chart

Tushar said...

Is anybody is monitoring 5900 PUT open interest. It is added 3,354,150 with increase in price (though marginal) and total open interest is 12,646,950.

any option experts can throw some light on this please ?

Thank you.

Prabakar said...

@ VK Soni
cluster of supports for NS now -5933, 5927, 5912, 5906..

my expiry no. 5927.. based on Previous Sup & Res

shriram said...

@ Vksoni

Wk TA may try to stabilize, pl accept my estimate of Expiry as 5942

Best wishes

sarvesh said...

my estimate for expiry is just above dev w5ema..around 5950

suresh said...

sir ji,
how to cal range using VIX,pl explain

satheesh said...


My expiry guess, 5958 - 100HrMA, near week EMA, Hour Channel resistance.

sarvesh said...

@ vk soni ji, sorry its 5945,,might have gone down 1-2 points coz of today's fall

Prithvi Chidambaram said...

5940 broken, Treat as wave-iii

satheesh said...

Sir mail sent. Please check :)

ITradeForProfit Daily said...

My expiry guesstimate at 5890 which will topple the bulls out of reckoning

dharmu mishra said...

respected llango sir i was reading ur post of 3 dec 2012 . sir as i m trying hard to learn pls guide me u hv send a link for study all the basics to advanced regarding with trading and jnsar and j10sar methods . could u pls send me that link to enhance my knowledge my email is thanks

ashwin karthik said...

@vk sony

heavy shorts at 6k ce and between 5900-5940 there are cluster of supports.... short covering would take us up... but nt above 6k to give maximum to option writers

Mukesh Honest said...

Mukesh Honest said...
sri i lango ji kirpya aap mera expiry contest ka msg delete na kare, pichla msg apne delete kar dia hai..mera bhi haq hai apke yahan expiry me bhag lene ka..mai sirf apke dohre maapdand ka alochak hun, par apka nindak nahi..

vksoni ji, mera expiry guess 5935 hai jo ki 20 din ka SMA hai..

July 25, 2013 at 12:56 PM

vksoni ji, meri entry nahi dikh rahi hai mujhe, maine 2 bar msg dala tha..kirpya check kar le

Raghavendra said...

@ Dharmu Mishra,

All the links you have requested are on top on the page ( right hand side ). Below are the methods detailed by Ilango sir.

1. Trending or Sideways.?
2. Pivot, support & Resistance
3. ORB
4. Divergences + / -
5. Trade time cycle-Min/Hr/Day
6. JNSAR Trading method
7. Trading Discipline
8. Tech. Table Reading.


sanchjit J said...


Expiry at 5960 - pause at 5935 levels and frm here a minor correction to 5960

Alpesh , Dk said...

Hi dear sir,
nifty expiry guess near day 5 ema & low ema near 5980-6000 ..
plz accept

marina s rao said...

@VK Soni,

Expiry at 5959 - being 0.618% retracement of Today's fall from 5990 to 5909 - M S Rao

STOCK4SURE said...

a +WW developing in Bn 30min charts

may trgt 11400 in 10-12 sessions

11225-11811-10830-11228-10642(or may dip some more near 10620-10590)

Veda said...

My Target for expiry is 5860.. near 100DMA

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