Friday, July 12, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-II


Sandy said...

Shriram thanx for your kind effots. I have also understood the basic idea. I am just autometing it with the bit modified Ilango file which I use. When you substract 2 numbers. you get a value sometimes these numbers will be negative as well, if you consider all the numbers. I am mailing you the excel file. Kindly provide feedback / edit/correct and return.

shriram said...

@ Sandy:

welcome. Have replied.. Need to keep all +ve data samples together when calc Mean & SD

Jay Mataji said...


Red 'b' means it would be possibility for happening, either 'abc' correction target done @6014 ,or if hold 5884 to 5908 than a new target for 'c' up to 6100????

Please reply i can't understood what you said.

Sujatha said...

kadavule, kadavule,- இன்னைக்கு ஐ ஐ பி டேடா சாயங்காலம் 5 மணிக்கு மார்க்கெட் க்ளேர்ஸ் ஆன பிறகு (y this kolaveri?? who's gng to trap who) எல்லாரும் முடிவு பண்ணிக்கங்க காளையா கரடியான்னு

Julius - May God bless "infy" and me :)

Jay Mataji said...

If 'II'wave finished @6014 and 'iii' identity start than price comes down very fast ,also considering BN not giving good upside..

deepak pinto said...

Not closed above hhema this hr .
A triangle is now enroute.
We are in the d leg of this triangle it seems.
Still some time left for bo or bd.

Ilango said...

@ Atharva,

To carry out intraday trading, understanding of trend, extreme oversold & overbought conditions, identifying a sideways market is needed.

Today's is a day after a break out; opening at target point - 6014.

Using "Supports & resistance" strategy, the one I follow always, make your trade entries. If you master this strategy and keep your expectations reasonable, it brings you good results consistently.

The pre-mkt levels posted are arrived at after considering various studies/ parameters and could be used.

To understand the market itself, you need to sail through two bull & bear markets and expose yourself to all the time frames to feel the "strength" of the market, "deceptions" of the market and the "surprising actions" of the market.

Results from a single study for intraday trading is not advisable by me. I prefer good amount of experience to arrive at our own levels to act on.

saz said...

sujatha maam,

i'm in shorts , but its not going anywhere.....ur level for TSL, camarilla or bollingar or fibo....
since IIP ,CIP all are moved to after market hours.....its very hard to hold the positions for small(miniscule) trader like me.....plz kodu pottu kudunga ennale veedukatta muduyuma parkerian atleast road aachum poda mudiyumaanu pakkeraen........


shriram said...


from WW view pt , a -WW is firmly in place on hr TA

To EW eyes on Hr TA:

does C look complete from 5776, per form pls, any SMACD signature seen , to say so ?

Kumar said...


Hope , market''s friday fever yet to come ...let us see :)

J.R.Julius said...

thanks for reminding me

Ding A Dong said...

based on non performance since 30+min and breakout failure TSL is pushed to 5958 a point lower than previous low.

Ilango said...

@ shriram

From 5803 lows, a 5 sub-waves complete at 6013.

You could also count a 5 sub-waves from 5776.

As per google 5-min for 5803 lows and

30min chart for 5776 lows.

More clues about whether "corrective abc" is complete or it continues with another larger "B" wave from 6013 should come from the retracements & Tech.Table.

Ilango said...

@ shriram,

Breach of 5865, the "i"st wave top should end it all; aggressive traders may consider "5879" as ist wave top.

satheesh said...


Can you give the vertices of -WW?

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 1:00PM, Pivot-5932, R1-5972, S1-5902, ATP-5966, VWAP-5966

Still the 5900PE writers in full control of proceedings, though NS is still very much below 6000 but the CE writers at that level liquidating, downside risk is very less for the time being…

Thanks & Regards

shriram said...

mm.. tks master,

what does the oscill action indicate about this whole up move from 5566 ?

Atharva said...

Master : thanking you.. Got my all doubts clear. Once again thanks a lot

shriram said...

@ Satheesh:

-WW pts are
1. 5863
2. 5566
3. 5904
4. 5776
5. 6013 * done ?

breach of 1-3-5 line @ 5948, is the trigger per WW theory

1-4 line tgts are 5720-5700 NS

Bharat Kumar said...

@shriram - Likely targets henceforth in the next 2-3 trading days...?

Sujatha said...

saz - thappu, thappu..following me is -thappu, அப்படியே சமத்தா கன்னத்துல போட்டுகிட்டு பிள்ளையார் குட்டு குட்டிக்கங்க மறுபடியும் இந்த மாதிரி கேக்க மாட்டேன்னு :) :D

Julius - welcome :) by the way y formalities?? :( just an alert 5963 yenna theriyuma.. easy pa kandupediyunga mammu sappittu vandhu..infy moving according to my wish ..if i am right it has land @ .......

Jai ram, jai ram jai jai shriram :) sirji pls. throw it to me..will give back to you again correctly

shriram said...

@ Bharat Kumar:

have no idea on time boss

@ Suja: now sapaad time, enna menu ? :-)
Cu all after 2:00pm, Bon Appetit!

Sandy said...

a down was swiftly done in the morning and b is on.
I see a bullish Gurtlay in 1 Min (Min. Target 5977) and a bearish ab=cd in hourly (Min target 5878. 5 min has a bearish ab=cd in 5 (min target done maximum target 5950)

satheesh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sujatha said...

satheesh - yellarummmmm ottukka sappada poyitangaa polaaaa :) hehe me too finished

satheesh said...

Shriram, is it that a failed H&S pattern becomes a Wolfe Wave? i.e - a failed H&S becomes a Bullish WW and a failed inverted h&S becomes a valid +WW?

satheesh said...

Similarly a C&H?

satheesh said...

Hi Sujatha,

Yet to finish. Waiting for my children

satheesh said...


typo - an Inverted H&S a -WW

J.R.Julius said...

Just came back.

Jay Mataji said...


I think market can not give a chance to sell today.
But it is now to take a caution to everybodyat this level ,may be dangerious to trade long at this level.
Also target done of be careful.

shriram said...

--> back


Guess as long as price is > DhiEMA, shorting will not b a gr8 idea (as WW is just a pattern in the head, until it actually unfurls)

Shorts only below 1-3-5

Jay Mataji said...

Dollar Rise, Nifty open in Gap, May be look like artificial/setting,
It is okay that we are with the trend but looks like unconfertable now these time.

I m quite from my long @5965 bcz late today 10min and nifty made a high 6004 and comes down.

Sujatha said...

i want nifty future to 5911 from there -50 pnts also no problem. but JN-lions are holding the longs tightly?? :P

Nifty Intra said...

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mynac said...

Afternoon Everybody,
After 13 trading hrs.HRKST indicator going to turn down.

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