Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Nifty, though finding resistances @ 6084-112 zone, inches higher, raising its key supports.


Aijaz said...

Sir's pearls of wisdom:

"Trading" is a very personal journey and we have to travel that alone

Let nothing along the way distract us...be it the loose talkers or my own excitement/ despair that is borne out of success and failure.

And as we get clarity, move in and as it gets unclear, stay out.

Testing times bring out the best in us..reaffirming our faith.

Thank you Sir,

I am patiently waiting for JNSAR to be hit...as I understand only JNSAR correctly because I am not intelligent - I am like a donkey, can follow the instructions strictly...

Adrian Jose said...

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to … ... Ilango Sir,
from your guidance, great kindness and patience and
I wish to say a heartfelt thank you.

Janak said...

well this news may see Bank Nifty rallying for 500 pts tom and mkt to 6200


vksoni said...

Any news sgx nifty 50 point down?

rochak parekh said...



as drew attention of all fellow board members, 5 days ago, have grown up an habit to make a trader , awake all night, by their late to late evening night mare decision

3 rd in this row is



kizar khan said...

Hi Masters,

whats tomorrow trade it will reach 6200 or below 6000

Janak said...

SGX is being traded like a stock and unfortunately entire Indian mkt depends upon that (gap up / down) - as it opens earlier. What a pity!

shriram said...

RBI measure to suck liquidity out of market is a mis-fired missile, totally off tgt.

USD_INR is a structural problem. Bole to TREND..

FIIs r pulling out funds thats y INR is depreciating.

How to keep FII investments in India? finger pt to policy & Govt. Can Govt suddenly do anything dramatic enough to revive GDP growth, cut EXPENDITURE , reduce Fiscal Deficit, all in this FY, with over-hang of elections round the corner ?

Answer is in front of us, it seems !

shriram said...

C may have finished today .. the C did an Exntd 1st may be thus ?

C impulsed UP from 5776, doing a 1st wave Extn.

i 5776 6038 262
ii 6038 5927 -111 -42.4%
iii 5927 6064 137 52.3%
iv 6064 6005 -59 -43.1%
v 6005 6093 88 33.6% DONE

FALL now..

verash said...

Intraday, where do you see the fall upto Shriram?

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