Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nifty makes a major reversal with a channel break & pauses @ 5970.


Ilango said...

Please, do not post your blog links here.

Adrian Jose said...

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to … ... Ilango Sir,
from your guidance, great kindness and patience and
I wish to say a heartfelt thank you.

Aijaz said...

Sir, one silly doubt - I shorted at 6008 taking JNSAR into account. Should I exit shorts and take longs at 6028 (my 20 point SL)? Please clarify sir

Rajaram'z said...


Sent you an email, check it for the rules. you can also read JNSAR trading method on the left hand corner of this blog.

ak said...

plz forward the jnsar rules to my email

Aijaz said...

Thanks a lot Rajaram.

jay shah said...

dear rajajramji please send me a mail copy too of the jnsar rules many thanks dear freind

rochak parekh said...

dear friends

due to some human error, my own mistake

i left 100 q of yesb, short sold today

what should i do

what are the provisions

what should now be my strategy to overcome the probable losses out of the penalty , to be imposed by nse on this behalf

thanks guiding



anmpatel said...


pl post it to just nifty if possible...every jnsar trader like me will need revision of rule periodically.

or else send me personally on my mail.
thanks in advance.

kizar khan said...

Hi Prabhansu/Illango masters , I have got some document for JNSAR technicals Prabhansu sir given in portal...thank u sir

Trader Junkie said...

thank you Sir for your guidance during the day today. The confidence EW coupled with FIBO retrace gives is pivotal to my trades these days.

Thanks a lot for the unrelenting EW support you provide daily

deepak pinto said...

Today is a rare day for ur eod chart post because
Jnsar triggered down
Prices broke 0 b tl
Candle stick abandoned baby.
Rsi triggered from ob
Close below 5dema mhema whema dlema
Lead indicator heading down with neg divergence
Trend indicator bends( not triggered though)

So everything is pointing in only one direction!!
Let us see what all these together playing in unison give.

jvr said...


Please mail a copy to me also

hardeep thakur said...

Hi Rajaram'z,
Can you please mail a copy to me as well?


NiftySaR said...

rochak parekh,
To my knowledge, your Sell will be put to auction when delivery is not effected on 3rd or 2nd day and the bill of auction "BUY" will be debited to your account in due course. Nothing can be done, I believe

K said...

Is there any possiblity for deceptive sharp bounce on expiry sir? like b4 may 13-15 days,explain if this has valid importance sir

rajiv malik said...

short problem rochak

it has happened with me many times that due to one or other reason i could not square off my intraday shorts in cash stocks. i never experienced any problem in this regard other than the loss i had to bear. however i quitely accept the debit note that my brokerage kotak securities sends to me which includes the loss on which i have no control and cannot get it reduced.

so the best thing is to be carefree and bear the loss. we have to be careful that this kind of short selling is not carried forward by us as it will amount to a loss. but if it happens then it is part of the game. yes there were occasions i had the stock in my other account and i transfered it to the account in which this mistake happened. but that is not the situation every time and by and large this type of short selling is no big hassle.

Yogesh said...

@ Rochak Parekh, I suppose you are talking Cash, No big deal, check contract note of today, between 15:10 to 15:30 mostly it gets squared up automatically, if not then 15:45 to 16:00, still open first thing tomorrow morning call broker and square off on open or at the most before 10:30. before 3:10 mostly broker will call you and ask. Next Day if you wish to continue short for few more days, some brokers will settle it with their holdings and charge you interest may be @ 19%. There may be some fine if settled next day, but I am not sure, it will not be exorbitant.

rochak parekh said...







rochak parekh said...

thanks niftysar


J.R.Julius said...

“Come to the edge”, He said.
They said, “We are afraid”.

“Come to the edge”, He said.
They came.
He pushed them.
and they flew.

-Guillaume Apollinaire

autostrada said...

rochak parekh u damn fool... u somedays act as if u know everything in trading and on others u come and kneel down... do u know who u r and if u r capable of standing on ur own knees and then advising people? U use Ilangos blog w/o discreation..... shame on u for ages.... u will be condemned....

rochak parekh said...


thanks for all ur kind valuation of mine

i am highly obliged

so nice of you

god bless you


P. S. - i lango sir, if somehow, u find me guilty of using this blog for my own discretion, kindly indicate me, or ask me to quit, i am ur disciple and family member of this blog

deepak pinto said...

Sujatha mam
Please could ulet me know the importance of the jan 18th candle.
Which u seem to have mentioned for a few days.
It made a low at 6048 and todays high was6047.
There seems to be something in this candle which u know but i cant get it
Please share the secret.

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Seems like SPAM BABA is acting as magnet to my comments, gone again, well everybody where to check OI, please help yourself...

Thanks & Regards

Suraj said...


Please mail a copy to me at


shriram said...

Sanjay seth: Ye din yaad ayenge :-)

Kumar said...

August Future closed @ 6040... Premium of 50 pts... How to read this for this expiry and how will impact for the tmw trade?

shree said...

For open short position in cash....@EOD
There is nothing that can be done now.
In case of short deliveries on the T+2 day in the normal segment, NSCCL conducts a buy –in auction on the T+2 day itself and the settlement for the same is completed on the T+3 day
The shares will be bought in an auction.
Close out will be at the highest price prevailing in the NSE from the day of trading till the auction day or 20% above the official closing price on the auction day, whichever is higher.(this is provision related to your trade. There are other like TT,CORPORATTE ACTION AND AUCTION MARKET CLOSURE FAILURE ALSO)
On the day of T+2 day whatever the price of that stock ,the auction price will be higher / above of that price.
Even by calculating this your auction price is lower than your SOLD price,you have to pay amount equal to you SOLD price.This means that you will not get any profit on this trade.
The short position is for BROKER also ( rather it is for him first), so he will manage it as per rule/ or the issue will get settled as per provisions.
Rules are varied as it depends on that broking firm. So it is difficult to say how it will get settled by broker.
If there is shortage at Exchange level there is penalty and that is 0.05% per day (this is to confirm please)
I think there is 1% brokerage on auction.
(I have given what I know......but do cross check it with your broker.)

shree said...

IN ABOVE POST ......Even by calculating........... profit on this trade... This is provision I have mentioned.....then who gets this benefit???
No one...the difference goes to Investor protection fund.

shree said...

One more...term CLOSE OUT means it trade is not settled on auction....( it happens if there is an upper circuit)......buyer gets the full refund in that case.

jagannathan said...

If he has sufficient money he can buy if yes bank comes down to nearly 350.It is for safe only.Even if yes bank moves from 350 to 400 and more he can get the profit from the second purchase.It is only a suggestion to reduce his definite loss.


Pl any can mail me JNSAR rule to my mail id

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