Monday, July 8, 2013

Nifty, in its corrective "B" wave, sways choppily but stays within 5900 & 5750 so far.


Adrian Jose said...

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to … ... Ilango Sir,
from your guidance, great kindness and patience and
I wish to say a heartfelt thank you.

Guru - Trading Nirvana said...

Thank you Master...

Key Numbers for Tuesday:

Resistance Zone :- 5833-41 if this breaks NS could see >>>5866

Support Zone:- 5789-83 if this breaks NS could see >>>5750


amber said...

Sir ILango ji sent you a mail today when time permits kindly check thnx

chetas said...

can any body give me ND sirs blog to follow the ATR levels, thanks

santosh said...


vksoni said...


Okay said...

Treacherous Wave 'B' it is or it was, Master?
Your opinion would be helpful.

Pradeep said...

Open Rate Close Rate High Rate Low Rate Start Time End Time
5837.4 5784.5 5837.4 5783 8-Jul-13 10:00:00 AM
5783 5794.25 5796 5772.6 8-Jul-13 11:00:00 AM
5794.3 5793.95 5796.6 5784.7 8-Jul-13 12:00:00 PM
5794 5814 5814 5793.3 8-Jul-13 1:00:00 PM
5813.95 5807 5825.9 5805.1 8-Jul-13 2:00:00 PM
5806.05 5837.05 5844 5798.25 8-Jul-13 3:00:00 PM

Pradeep said...

Dear llango sir -
AS I observing through my TT the Hourly Data is differ from terminal wise as per my data and you posted data, This can be impacted for trading prospective ?

KIndly guide

deepak pinto said...

trend indicator and Rsi up
and lead below the midpoint heading down.
today nifty dipped hard but formed a triangle that ended at 5791.95 and bounced
it did try to test this towards the end but the green sign is it held.
looks like we have garnered some support.
the range now is narrowing in prep of a breakout.
but given the biderctional indicators there may be some more of these fast but low range reverse moves before the inflection point.
for tomorrow

Pattern Trading said...

Good evening master :

Tata steel chart update: Click here

Dinesh Rishi said...




Adrian Jose said...

Bulls & Bears is happy to announce that we have started a collaboration with nifty.

anmpatel said...

matlab kal hanuman kudka maregi niftt ya..
bears se bachne ke liye hanumaan chalisa gaye???

starhoney19 said...

Ilangoji,thank u. for all. feel secure to have ur kind support.

Dinesh Rishi said...


I want all time high

Dinesh Rishi said...

My Sis


Weekly Monthly open price (key Point)

Sourav Kundu said...

DR sir aaye... bulls laye!

sarvesh said...

can anyone look at sbin chart and confirm, if there is a falling wedge formation? joinind highs of 2472 and 2029 highs on daily charts with + divergence in rsi and stoch

Atul Mehrotra said...
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