Saturday, May 11, 2013

They'll take away your bad karma....let them..

Long time ago there was a great king in the Raghukul dynasty (Lord Rama also belonged to the same dynasty). He was suffering from leprosy. He fell on the feet of his master, Guru Vashishtha and said: "Oh Master! So much of suffering... ?"
The master kept his hand on his eyes and asked him: "Look far. What do you see?"
"A huge sparkling golden mountain. And another black coal like mountain."
"One is the mountain of your good karma which gave you your kingdom, richness, power & fame. Another is the mountain of your sins because of which you have the painful disease, worries & troubles."
"Master! Is there a way to get relieved of these?"
"Eat up that mountain."
"Oh lord! Eating that mountain is out of my control."
"Then eat up the pile of garbage lying behind your palace."
"Oh great soul! I will not be able to eat that. Please tell me a simple way."
For a few seconds Guru Vashishtha made his mind peaceful and thought of a solution and said: "Sleep in a bed placed near main door of the palace of your widow sister-in-law everyday at 6:00 PM."
The king of Raghukul dynasty... In the palace of widow sister-in-law... ? What will people say? But there was no other solution. The king did as his master told him. Whoever passed by commented on the bad character of the king and humiliated him. People even used abusive language. At ten o' clock in the night the king silently went back to his palace. The next morning he saw that a part of his body was cured. The next day the disease was further cured. In this way his body was getting cured day by day. His mind was also more peaceful now.
On the fourth day Vashishthaji kept his hand over his eyes and asked him to see again. This time he saw that the golden mountain of good karma was as big & sparkling as earlier but the black mountain of sins became very small.
Vashishthaji said: "All those who spoke ill about you & criticized you have taken the portion of your sins. Now they'll have to suffer the consequences of your bad karma. You have become pure."

After two days that black mountain was reduced to a small pebble. The king was totally cured except for a small mark on his face.
"Oh Master!The big mountain has vanished and a small pebble is remaining now. There is a small mark on face now and a little grief in the heart."
"The remaining part is mine. Why should I commit the sin of criticizing & blaming an innocent & pure man and then bear the consequences? You bear the remaining yourself."
Whenever great men have come to earth whether it was Ramkrishna, Ramteerth, Raman Mahrishi, Buddha, Mahavir, Kabir, Guru Nanakdev, Socrates or Christ, their critics were always there. Many of their karmas of past lives (sanchita karma) are destroyed after attaining true knowledge. They are unattached to whatever karma they are doing in this life (kriyaman) so their followers & critics take these karma. They bear with the remaining karma (prarabdha) happily.
They understand that happiness & sadness come and go. How can the material things which come & go disturb my real self? Thus those who have realized true knowledge never lose their balance of mind.
Two men were going somewhere. On the way they became tired. Both of them were troubled by the heat of the sun. thirst & pebbles lying on the road. One man being ignorant is complaining: "Oh My! I'm too tired. I don't know how far we need to walk." Thus these words of his are increasing his pain. The other one knows that there is just one kilometer left. He says: "When we've walked so much then we can easily walk another kilometer. How does it matter?" One is worried and the other is merry.
Similarly those who have realized true knowledge are on the same road of life as we are. We are ignorant and they have discovered the truth.
Do not get lost in your problems or successes. If you apply concentration in your day to day circumstances then even your harsh karmas will melt away by the warmth of knowledge.
If you get the blessings of the self realized saints then your road to salvation will become easy.
- Shared by Dr.Siddharth Aurora.


GP said...

Thanks for the Post sir - I believe in karma, and I believe if you put out positive vibes to everybody, that's all you're going to get back.- Gm

Suraj said...

Very Enlightening, Ilango Sir.

Thanks for the Gem.


amber said...

Sir ILango ji charan vandan and good morning everyone

Parminder said...

Master ilango,
Good morning and Regards
for the weekend post which teaches us in one or another aspect of Life.
How we should look at them and how to treat those.
Master Thanks for ur support and Enlightment which u provide in ur blog by way of Teaching whosoever grabs it

rama balaji said...

GM Ilangoji,
great post,super, vazhapazhathil oosi, really great

venkatapathy l said...

Namaste Ilango Sir.

Sir, I cannot imagine that one who has destroyed his 'Sanchitha Karma' and insulated against'Prarabda karma' can remain a pokkiri. Perhaps that is also a divine act.

Love and regards,



Good Morning Sir & All Friends.
Nice one Sir.
Be Positive & Never Give Up...

shriram said...

Ilango ji,

More than ur comments on trading days & EW guidance, it is ur weekend posts that seem to benefit me , improve as a TA / Trader !

Dunno y, but i get the feeling ur posts have got to do something with getting in touch with our humane side, conducting brutally honest introspection & understanding own mind/ego-traps.

Thanks for showing the way to be a better man!

gauresh59 said...

Namasthe ilango sir,

I have no words to thank you for this beautiful message.

"Do not get lost in your problems or successes. If you apply concentration in your day to day circumstances then even your harsh karmas will melt away by the warmth of knowledge."

The second story... “Two men were going somewhere….” Completely related with myown life. After incurring heavy loss in stock market in my earlier days, I had been broken down totally. But due to psychological boost up given by some of my teachers and spiritual gurus, I started recovering loss …slowly ….slowly. When I recovered only 25% of loss….after spending too much time, i again got frustrated and willing to give up trading. I told my intention of leaving trading activity to my spiritual Guru Swami Dayanand Saraswati and Swami Tadrupanand Saraswati. They both advised, “Gauresh, when your legs ache, your body burns and there is sweat all over….you know you are doing something right. Go over, go under, go around or go through. But never give up. You are nearer to your destination.” And I continued my journey ….recovered not only loss totally, but also earned good return from trading activity. The gain is not only monetarily and economically, but also in many other fields of real life – spiritually and socially too.

Sir, you have rightly put,” If you get the blessings of the self realized saints then your road to salvation will become easy.”

Many many thanks for reminding us for our life journey.

Dinesh Rishi said...

Good Morning Master and copy to All

Dinesh Rishi said...


serve the snacks :D

gauresh59 said...

DKG said...

6112 to 5477 ...wave A ...we were earlier expecting wave X ...but it retraced more than 61.8% its B ...its a bull trap ....seems b wave might retreace more than 100 % ...but 5th wave was not extended and had no double it can't go much up...also fall from 11 march 5970 to 5477 consumed 21 21st candle might get reversal day this monday ..and ofcourse other logic ..previously 29 jan was nifty top reversal ..and dollared bottomed about a week later been a week ...dollar has bottomed ...nifty to top out soon ..??? ...gann mass pressure indicating formation in both time and price in a day or two ...below 6135 ...but if b gets between 100 -123% ...then a*1.23 giving 6270 brief m expecting 5930 in 5-8 days ...what do you say ? ...its been 15 consecutive higher lows on sensex ...and even if it has to go up towards 6270 ///.....won't go without giving a dip towards 5960

gauresh59 said...

DineshiRishi Sir,

Ahi thoda aaur chalegaaaa.....

gauresh59 said...

DineshiRishi Sir,

Only ten minutes remained for this session....

Summer ye aasan

Amol Sharma said...

past experience whenever this special trading session comes next day market goes in negative for now option premium eating is ON.

gauresh59 said...

yes sir,

its my mistake...i think it is upto 12.15..

will serve you another one at the end at about 12.35...don't worry....

Aapaka diya hua bahut hai...

Dr.Sidharth Aurora said...

Thank you Ilango for sharing the are the means(zariya) to spread the good word.May God bless you

Dinesh Rishi said...
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gauresh59 said...

dineshrishi sir,

BNF made new high....

gauresh59 said...

DineshRishi sir,

Last mai ye chalegaaaa.....

Billgates said...

6112 last.peak gone....short zombies beware


@ DKJ analysis.for trading in direction of main trend till it gives valid reversal signal.Breaking of " Higher Low " by price confiramtion is better, one of valid reversal signal.Market has not given even a single
hour " C " < 34 H.ema.If somebody is long still 6270 (-5107 today "C") = 163 points !
Please do suggest links & Gann levles based on previous day "C" & next day VIX which is immediate 1st level where one has to enter.
21 days observation is excellent we have bttomed of 5477 on 10/04/2013 which complets on Monday.Combination of EW & GANN levles can make most excellent trading opportunities.
Mail you a price & time anaylsis done by a trader,please do share
when have a time, through google grope to benefit all.

J.R.Julius said...
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Sorry ! Please read DKG Iinstead of DKJ

J.R.Julius said...

Good Afternoon Sir & Everyone,
Nice Article.

Law of Attraction:
What you focus, what you will get!

If one is a blamer, he simply attracts blaming.
If one is a appreciate, he simply attracts appreciations.
If one started to worry, he simply attracts more worry.
If one started to enjoy life, he simply attracts happiness.


You are nothing but your thoughts.

Be good to you & others too.

varun kumar said...

Good afternoon llango sir, DR sir and all my mates

Sujatha said...

Julius - If one enjoy trading..he/she simply attracts trading and trading line only.. my project for students also "trading line" only

rajiv malik said...

"If you get the blessings of the self realized saints then your road to salvation will become easy."

you too ilango ji are not less than a saint who is guiding so many people selflessly through this great platform. pl keep it up !

J.R.Julius said...

hmm... கலக்குங்கோ...
எண்ணிய எண்ணியாங் கெய்துப எண்ணியார்
திண்ணியர் ஆகப் பெறின்.

sid quanto said...

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NIFTY 11-May-2013
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NIFTY current close : 6107
NIFTY resistance level : 6158
NIFTY support level : 5912
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NIFTY dominant cycle period : 13 days

Levels Tomorrow :

NIFTY intraday resistance 1 : 6133
NIFTY intraday resistance 2 : 6162
NIFTY intraday resistance 3 : 6205

NIFTY intraday support 1 : 6082
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Bharat Bhojwani said...


As per gann angles, nifty targets are 6156.45/6218.20, support is at 6057.08/5965.86. EW indicates that we are possibly in wave 5 if nifty continues to sustain above 6112, then more upside indicated, all momentum indicators are positive. except RSI which is showing a negative divergence. Gann pressure dates of 15 & 21 crossed, now the next pressure dates are 27/35, viz 20/05/13 & 30/05/13.

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