Monday, May 13, 2013

Nifty meets "selling pressure" @ previous top with an early indication of break of "Day's Pivot" @ Open...


Adrian Jose said...

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to … ... Illango Sir,
from your guidance, great kindness and patience and
I wish to say a heartfelt thank you.

Unknown said...

6112 seems double top what is near term target

Sujatha said...
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Parminder said...

Hi sujatha ji
crude , silver, gold and natural gas is there also

rochak parekh said...


change of season

u, suddenly seems like entering into new foray of commodity trading

all the best then

please keep guiding for the same

what s ur view on gold


anyways, let me post, the link i follow for commodities, try urslf, if u like,type-fando,spotsymbol-SGOLDAHM,keyword-Gold.cms?expiry=2013-04-05,type-fando,spotsymbol-SGOLDAHM,keyword-Gold.cms?expiry=2013-04-05,type-fando,spotsymbol-SGOLDAHM,keyword-Gold.cms?expiry=2013-04-05


Lakshmi said...

Dear Parminderji

I am not able to view the charts in the link

The page is displayed again but not the charts.I have tried many times before also.What could be the reason? Can you please help me out?

DKG said...

DKG said...

6112 to 5477 ...wave A ...we were earlier expecting wave X ...but it retraced more than 61.8% its B ...its a bull trap ....seems b wave might retreace more than 100 % ...but 5th wave was not extended and had no double it can't go much up...also fall from 11 march 5970 to 5477 consumed 21 21st candle might get reversal day this monday ..and ofcourse other logic ..previously 29 jan was nifty top reversal ..and dollared bottomed about a week later been a week ...dollar has bottomed ...nifty to top out soon ..??? ...gann mass pressure indicating formation in both time and price in a day or two ...below 6135 ...but if b gets between 100 -123% ...then a*1.23 giving 6270 brief m expecting 5930 in 5-8 days ...what do you say ? ...its been 15 consecutive higher lows on sensex ...and even if it has to go up towards 6270 ///.....won't go without giving a dip towards 5960
May 11, 2013 at 11:37 AM

Sujatha said...

Parminder - ji - thanks a ton.. indebted to sir and lot of Jn friends..what a man "mr. rajendran"?? i book marked his blog's very unfortunate that i forgot totally due to my work pressure :(

thanks onceagain for your guidance.

Julius - hi :) ennamo yedho..konjam nalaikku parthu kavuthu vidungappa .. thinking of taking a break after the project..but next project is "in que" think hereafter nifty/options are secondary??? !!! if my consistent earnings are good in that ofcourse with "Sir and all your blessings" :) :D

Sujatha said...

hi rochak - ge :) tks let me go thro as usual with levels only..with little bit help of charts today came early hence giving attendance(harassing) here

Guru said...


what Browser do you use? Try with Mozilla. i think IE has some issues..


STOCK4SURE said...

if tomorrow opens with a gapup abv 6000 then shorters ki vaat lagegi and the upmove can be fast and furious

i guess the correction for this upmove had been done today (max of 140 pt correction was expected as per fractals)

possibly tomorrow(or nextday) nifty may cover all its losses made today if and only if opens gapup and gap is not closed tomorrpw

its just a probability as of now based on fractals

if fast upmove comes it shall take nifty towards 6314 in very quick time

Nandi Sharma said...

STOCK4SURE said...
a small broadening top pattern (or may also term it as an expanding triangle pattern)is developing in 5 day ns charts

6025 and 6135 is intraday range for broadening pattern

if trading in broadening pattern then volatility will increase and nifty may hit bothe T/L

6060-65 range is good intraday channel supp in 5 day charts as well as 55ema in 30min charts
May 13, 2013 at 10:48 AM
STOCK4SURE said...
6025 is broadening pattern lower T/L support
can expect a bounce from 6018-25 range
May 13, 2013 at 1:29 PM
S4S sir,

You are indicating long since 6060-6065, what is your stoploss for buying since 6065?

shriram said...

@ S4S,

Agree with u.

smelling a superlative bounce if 5950 NS holds !!

Jayaraman said...

From the Monthly chart market has fallen from 2008 high to 2009 low in about 13/15 months (Leg 1). The fall has been retraced to the extent of 6339 level which is marginally less than the fall by consuming about 21months (Leg 2). Again market has fallen to 4531 I about 13/14 months (Leg 3). From 4531 to 6112 market has consumed about 13 months (Leg 4).

My assumption was Leg 4 completed at 6112 on 29th Jan 2013( 13 months ) .From these four legs we could see Prices are contracting with time similarity and this may be possibly formation of either (1) DIAMETRIC OR ( 2 ) Contracting Triangle.
But the FASTER retracement of the fall from 6112 to 5477 on 11th May 2013 has raised a doubt whether Leg 4 is still unfolding. Today’s fall again retraced the raise from 6040 in faster time indicating the up move is over. By looking into these two factors and also the internals of Wave A ( 5477 to 6115 ) the fall has to retrace minimum of 62% which works out to be around 5720 zone. When market reaches 5720 we will get clue from the internals of the “ Fall” from 6115 to 5720 and from time factor, whether market will go from 5720 to 6290 or it will go to 5600 level or even to 5477 or lower.

In between if market happen to go above 6115 even by few points it is an EARLY indication that market is likely to GO TO 6290 zone or more but in any case not more than 6339 level to maintain the structural validity of contraction exhibited by the market from 2008 onwards.

Chart posted to Group members and non members may see my Blog.

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