Thursday, May 9, 2013

Nifty stalls @ 6085 after completing a 5 from 5929.(Possibly from 5477 too)


rajapvt said...

23.6% Fibo reached today.

Amol Sharma said...

as per falling wedge what was price target ? Is it completed ?

Pattern Trading said...

Good Evening master and All

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DR.SGM said...

Dear sir,if we cosider 5927-30 range as the starting point of 5th of larger 5th,can we expect an ED to unfold equalling or surpassing 6112? if nifty has already completed a 5 from 5477,then can we label it as "a' of B of larger 4th wave.please comment on this view.thankyou.

J.R.Julius said...

Good Evening All,
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Ding A Dong said...

Hi Friends,

If 5 is complete from 5477 then can we keep 5850 (.618) as target "A"?


Ding A Dong said...

as 6020 is emphasized i notice its (0.618) from 5929.
can breach of 6020 should be considered as momentum towards 5850?

or is it like 6090 -> 5929 -> 6020 -> 5850?

mind is sold out..... hahahhahahah

recharge of guidance is well required :-)

STOCK4SURE said...

double top trgts come near 6024

6084-6054-=30 pts


6026 is 55 ema in 30 min charts

prev lows also near 6025

if opens with negative bias may get some support near 6025
and on any bounce if trade abv 6085 ten double bottom may come into play for trgts near 6145



any comments

deepak pinto said...

as expected nifty gapped up rose and was shorted.
minor correction is on the anvil
1st chart shows trend is very much bullish
2nd chart shows rsi already falling after negative divergence
3rd shows lead getting ready for divergence
closed below hrly emas but above dhema keeping up day trend.
correction likely for now

rajapvt said...
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rajapvt said...

Ding a dong ji, I see you as experienced trader, if you are following SAR, then FOLLOW. Why predictions? :-) S4S is contra trader and WW setup follower/predictor. He can predict ;-)

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