Monday, May 6, 2013

Nifty consolidates within a narrow range..


rajapvt said...

After so many days people came back with doubts, clarifications, lack of faith,,,, little noise,,, however faith on charts showed good trading day for intraday basis. Allow the emotions to go through the mind, let mind read only chart and not people emotions. Objective reading showed its results.

Adrian Jose said...

Thank You So Very Much,Illango Sir.

Eidiot Wave said...


hope its a good time to catch up with you,

when divya thakor asked her question two important things happened.

1st some of your pupils said she was "subjective" and every one know what happen to those comments.

2nd your answer

@ divya thakor,
It seems the "b" wave is still on.

"SEEMS" is not an "objective" for me.

these "seeming" in EW has resulted in blunders.

I have huge list with proof.

let me clarify Again to all your pupils that I doubt EW not Ilango.

D.S.SASAN said...

Mr. Eidiot Wave needs to read more on - Why Lord Lakshman Brother of Lord Rama could not get knowledge from Lankesh - the Great Brahmin RAVNA.

Sidhharth Noman said...

Doubt is a great path to salvation, doubt everything even the doubt itself.

vksoni said...

you missed the story last saturday
"Ordinary people believe only in the possible. Extraordinary people visualize not what is possible or probable, but rather what is impossible. And by visualizing the impossible, they begin to see it as possible."

Waquar said...

@Eidiot Wave

Dude EW works for ilango, then let it be, can't seem to understand why do u have a problem, if you have a new improved or an altogether better approach to make profits , then start your own blog, i am sure if you are good, then people will flock to your blog...
" everyone likes to talk this game, very few want to walk it, those people who do walk it better than talk it, those are the one's we write stories about"

Amol Sharma said...
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Eidiot Wave said...

Dear Commentators,

after reading your comments I remember some line which I heard 15 years ago, those line are-

Dump people - talk about people
Average people - talk about events
Good people - talk about ideas

Hope you guys understand what I am doing here and limit your arguments to subject rather that personal comments which will not have any effective out put.

wish you all a happy trading.

note- illango your comments on mmarketman yesterday was far from your standards.

Ilango said...

@ Eidiot Wave,

I come from business family and we have a tradition of "doing things by applying our knowledge".

Bums love to talk...criticise and pick holes in everything.

Smart ones apply what little they know and convert them into results.

There is one thing that I will never tolerate and break any damn rules to protect is the "sanctity" of this blog.

I'm pokkiri first....saint later.

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