Friday, May 10, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-I


J.R.Julius said...

Camarilla Update - Nifty Spot
H4@6074 ↑
H3@6062 ↓ [Modified 6058]

*5mins candle penetration & close must for safe traders.

Backtest Rules - 20pts SL - Partbook 1:1 - Remaining TSL using TL/MA

shriram said...

Namaskar Mynac,

Smelling a fall if 6080 NS resists....

Abhi said...

Sir, If now fall below 6068, can we say a small 5 wave done since morning ?

mynac said...

Namaskar Shriram...
Hmm...but prior to same one up move would be feeling...sellers are trying hard but looks weak...let us see...

J.R.Julius said...

Camarilla Update - Nifty Spot
Price Rejection@H4
Thinking about Modified H3

STOCK4SURE said...

@ shriram

i guess today any intraday fall may be of just 20 points only

today IIP nos also to be announced

Sujatha said...

GM sir nd friends :)

Julius - hi மன்னிக்கவும் நன்றி சொல்ல கூட நேரமில்லை சுத்து சுத்துன்னு சுத்துது எனக்கு என் பெரிய மாமியாருக்கு நிப்டி கம்பெனி கொடுக்குது போல வெண்டிலேஸன்ல ரொம்ப கஸ்டமப்பா இரண்டு பேருக்குமே ,,,,,வரட்டா

இந்த நாள் நொந்த நாளாக இல்லாமல் கரடிக்கு நல்ல நாளாக இருக்க வாழ்த்துக்கள் 6100 cross hogaya tho??? :P :( ammadi, athaadi ... pattuthan

shriram said...

Hi S4S,

can one see an Expanding Trig. thus ?

a 6085 6054 -31
b 6054 6083 29 -93.5%
c 6083 6040 -43 138.7%
d 6040 6075 35 120.7% ** done ?
e 6075 6032 -43 100.0%

rajapvt said...

S4S/SMO: -WW for 6024,,, checked already?

Guru said...

Sujatha Sis ... Rombho nattkal appram?? inniki yenna amavasaiya karadi ku :)

shriram said...

@ raja:

That -ww already played out ysday to 6040 NS

rajapvt said...

talking about today's one.

shriram said...

@ raja:

recheck wot u hv drawn pls. Thats NOT a -ww

rajapvt said...
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Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, Pivot-6059, S1-6028, R1-6080, ATP-6068, VWAP-6068

Not much aggressive addition at 6100PE, but huge addition at 6000PE, looks like any downside if comes will be bought for the day, CE writers are lagging behind…

Thanks & Regards

shriram said...

In -ww, 3 main things

1. Form is a RISING WEDGE (not falling)

2. 1-3-5 & 2-4 lines need to CONVERGE (here they r divergent)

3. Since pattern is a reversal type, it gains strength when backed by OTM CE OI & Oscill. OB action on the particular T/f

J.R.Julius said...

Current 30min bar could be a Pin Bar.
Below 6060 weakness for Intra as per PIN.
*Applicable only if current 30mins bar
closed as pin.

STOCK4SURE said...

6066 is 55ema in 5 min charts

STOCK4SURE said...

a small channel is developing within a larger channel

will it dip towards 6035???

Abhi said...

Sir, below 6040 NS, aggressive sell ?

shriram said...


34EMA,30m / Dev.Dhi gone..

next support for suspected Exp. Trig is St.5DEMA : 6021

chetas said...

BN open low renains, BNF broken,

6100ce open low broken

6000pe open high remains

Ilango said...

@ Abhi,

Aggressive sell should have been at "Pre-Mkt's res: @ 6075-90 zone.(High made 6080)

Abhi said...

Okay Sir.
But not taken that time, so what should be the entry now ? Break of 6019 ?

shriram said...

34EMA,30m , Dev. Dhi ... supporting..

time to book

Abhi said...

As per yesterday's conservative sell ?

STOCK4SURE said...

good channel support in 6025-45 range

more the dip faster and stronger will be bounce

if bounces from 6045 then bounce may end at 6100-10

if dip towards 6025 and bounces then may bounce towards 6150-60 tange

shriram said...

Ilango ji,

Wots the EW guidance sir?

Seeing this fall from 6085 as a corrective or Trend Reversal currently ?

Ilango said...

@ Abhi ,

Above 6075-80, strength would return.

Holding 6020, another attempt to make new highs possible as in green (v)(Or (iii) could even sub-divide).

Either you sell close to 6065 with a small SL or buy @ 6025-35 with a small SL and take the EOD signals to carry the trade.

Ilango said...

@ shriram,

EW suggested the completion of 5 from 5929.(Red)

The green has a possibility of making another high holding approx.6020.

BN's TT gave a "sell on rises" for the second time.

Hence, today's EOD's signal is much awaited for price confirmation.

Abhi said...

Thanks a lot, Sir.
Will try to find out these kind of small risk trades. Just got confused with this sudden fall. Still quite novice.

shriram said...

tks master..

NS 6021 also happens to be St.5DEMA & projected "e" if the fall is a Exp. Trig.

And If retrace to 5929-6085 as u r explaining , then, we get a Golden Ratio Retrace @ similar zone
a 5929 6085 156
b 6085 6025 -60 -38.2%

So 6020-25 NS the make or break level sir ?

Ilango said...

@ shriram,

The fall from 6085 resembled a 3-wave corrective, the most obvious to the eyes. It could also be relabelled as 5.

More price action alone would resolve it.

shriram said...

Ok master,

Staying < Dev.DhI & seeing Sudden intra 6.1k CE Addition .. seems to suggest one more round of falls to the levels discussed

will wait & watch, if we get those zones & disturb u again then , tks sir :-)

chetas said...
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prakashbkc said...

GA Master,

"BN's TT gave a "sell on rises" for the second time."

Sir BN gives only today sell on rise first time when it has given second time? kindly clarify..

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