Friday, May 3, 2013

Nifty gets sold off on News..aided by ST TA.


Sourav Kundu said...

Have you heard Yanni? I find him the best! :)

venkatapathy l said...

@ Ilango

JNSAR 5877. It must be 06.05.13: 5877


venkatapathy l said...
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deepak pinto said...

yesterdays closing was below hhema. an indication.
today open down and corrected and closed below
hhema hlema h5ema hrly

and closed below mhema and dhema

as the closing is below these high emas
correction to continue. more in time than in price to is my understanding of the TT.

J.R.Julius said...

@Sourav Kundu ji,
My Favorite too.

"Felista" & "One Man's Dream" are my most
favorite Tracks.

Its more than Music...

Kiran said...

I am also Yanni fan before mp3 invention. Had bought few original CD's
My favorite is 'Santorini'.

Apart from Yanni, my other favorites are 'Enya' and 'Enigma'.

Enya has heavenly voice. Just listen to 'A Day without rain'

Sourav Kundu said...

JR Julius sir, yes the musicians with Yanni are exceptional. I like the jugal bandhi that they do in their live performances. Pure talent!

Sujatha said...

GE sir nd friends

Julius - hi mm..rombathan musical arivu?? :P :( any guess wat i know abt music?? hehe nothing but "the spelling of that"

just in for "hi and bye" :) happy week end to all

sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

There was a time when I was planning to grow a Yanni length hair....but had to abandon it in deference to my better halfs wishes...:):)...Yanni is mindblowing.

Sujatha said...

STB - how dare u are??? she may be scary about ur look ..hehe

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