Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nifty pauses @ "5971", the multi support point, after the steep fall from 6115.


CDG said...

Today is the second consecutive close below the JNSAR. Yesterday the close was 11 points below and today it has inched towards 16 points below the JNSAR.

deepak pinto said...

Jnsar short
Rsi triggered
Stochastic down
Macd turned
Todays 4th triangled
But just did 38.2 of fall at 6026
Shorts to continue

DKG said...

DKG said...

"Markets most probably have reversed after making continuous 17 lower highs and broke last 5 days low in just one day. As per the structure Nifty should break 5867 in next 5 days to confirm the reversal. USD looks strong and above 55.5 a huge breakout should have which would take it to new highs which would be bad for equities but positive for IT sector."

J.R.Julius said...

Camarilla is one of the wonderful and friendly trading system.

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But many confused to trade L3 & H3.

65% of the time we can see L3 & H3 trades are against to Primary Trend

Aggressive trader may jump directly with tight stop.

Safe trader can confirm the price rejection before enter the trade.

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Anandha said...

Sir 6112 is the RED 5 on the chart and is RED c at green 4 ? or still we are waiting for RED c on price action?

rajapvt said...

Not much change compare to yesterdays and today intra. SAR SELL continue and hold until the SAR BUY triggers.
NF CMP: 6006
Running Points: 34
12/34 EMA: 6014/6032
Any 30 minutes candle closing above 6032 going to be possible trigger for SAR LONG (must be accompanied with RSI & STOCHA confirmation)

N Ram said...

Watch out JNSAR tom it should have happened today but it did not. People think that with ONE NUMBER they can control nifty.All the rest are jokers thinking thru their brain and paid a hefty salary. Anyway, let this tribe grow so that we can make money.

Nandi Sharma said...

Mr.N Ram,

What kind of shameless creature you are ? You come here again n again and try to provoke us. We tried to disturb your family or home?

If not then why you are trying to do us. Pls do not do such kind of cheap activities, either you will not be excused at all. we are happy with JNSAR and we do not need your certificate.

Sourav Kundu said...

N Ram,

I have been silent for a long time.... you know why? Because I was trying to understand what exactly you were trying to come up with.

And now I support you. I mean seriously JNSAR is such a foolish system. But what is even more stupid is the fact that I am following this foolish system since more than 2 years now... I mean just think how stupid I should be to be doing this. You will not believe, when markets were crashing all around us and when Nifty was close to 5500 kind of levels... JNSAR gave a buy... isn't it really stupid to give a buy when the markets all around were crashing? I mean... seriously something is wrong with JNSAR. And what is even big trouble for me is that I went long... can you beat that? Gods must be crazy to have created me with so little intelligence... I mean... here you are so intelligent while I choose to follow JNSAR and go long at 5550 kind of levels.... and believe me, I closed the long [actually SL got triggered yesterday]... this is so stupid of me. And I didn't learn anything... just blindly following this one stupid system.

But while all this was going on... Sharekhan kept crediting my account with some money... but that was not because of JNSAR... that must be something else. But net net, I agree with you... wholeheartedly.

You are awesome man! Rockstar!

Dinesh Rishi said...
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Dinesh Rishi said...

N Ram


Venky said...

Sourav Kundu ji, well said. Me too following one number since 2010 and i am paying my monthly emi for my 3 bed room flat to lic housing financing by trading with 2 mini lots (now one lot) without spending single rupee from my salary. Please let me know If Mr N Ram opens mental hospital and you intend to get brain washed i will also accompany you :)

Dinesh Rishi said...
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Dinesh Rishi said...
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Dinesh Rishi said...
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Venky said...

DR sir, at last you found our old friend Sethu. Old friends deserves kambal parade @4am.

Dinesh Rishi said...

kambal parade


JN-Follower said...

@ J R Julius,

Is there any other blog you post the camarilla charts on? I don't have access to the google group.


Iris blue said...
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Iris blue said...

Well said @ Sourav Kundu

J.R.Julius said...

Please send request mail to Mr.Illango to access JN Groups.

SJkolkata said...

DRsir jag gaye, baki sub bhaag gaye.....
Was waiting for the lion to rise for a long time..

shriram said...

@ Venky:

Would also love to book a 3bhk & pay the EMIs like u do... :-)

Teach me ur trading kung-fu pls !

chetas said...

Sourav Kondu!

the " message of the day " award goes to Sourav kondu,

i am laughing in bed, where is nimba ram, i cannot imagine what misery he is in now reading the message,

just feels so good to read your answer, if we fight with this people its like Roses fighting with stones, we just ignore their barking or give them answers like this,

feels so good, good night

Venky said...

Shriram sir, JNSAR gives 500+ points which is sufficient to pay EMI for 20 lakhs loan :-). I bought 3bhk in hyderabad for 28 lakhs in 2010. I simply follow JNSAR.

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