Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Nifty breaks out of the narrow trading range.


chetas said...

Friends please watch this,

Is a 3 hour movie on FED :)


Ding A Dong said...

master what are the fibb ratios to be considered now?


venkatapathy l said...
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Jayaraman said...

L. Venkatapathy


I was bit hesitant to use such language. In fact when somebody uses my culture, food and Birth place as a tool to insult me, I am constrained to think that their insult is no less than the abusive language I used. If that person has any issue in understanding the subject he can very well request people to enlighten him. Instead he choose to insult everybody. Life has taught me that your simplicity is construed as a weakness in this world where " Man measure Man" in everyday life.

Couple of months before I would have walked off such provocative statement. The more and more we are simple and well mannered, we will be ill treated, abused and annihilated this is what life taught me and sadly I missed to understand what history taught me in school days . If somebody paints my culture and food habit with inferiority how can I ignore such an abuse which is worse than the language I used.

Any way LV Sir , since you are one of the great personality I admire and as a mark of respect to you I am with drawing the last word of my posting " OR Son of Gok".

With Warm Regards

PS: I don't know how to remove that post. If some body want me to remove the post please guide me and thanks in anticipation.

Ding A Dong said...

i have worked out an extended ratios

166.70% - 5998.1930
176.40% - 6054.3560
185.40% - 6106.4660
190.20% - 6134.2580
194.40% - 6158.5760
223.60% - 6327.6440

Sourav Kundu said...

Being bullish gives me such a great feel good factor. I was bullish in Jan 2008 and even now I am bullish...

The markets were at 5500 and below a few weeks back and there were so many downward estimates... but what does a bull do when the markets are down? Bull picks up good stock at good prices...

Once a bull, always a bull! ...and all three JNSARs are on the long side is such a great confidence booster.

Adrian Jose said...

Thank You So Very Much,Illango Sir,
 Thank You for Being So Nice.

Anandha said...

I see 223.60% - 6327.6440
ratio possible.

J.R.Julius said...

Camarilla EOD Update : Nifty Spot
Today opportunity H4[BUY]@5997 a disciplined
trader could booked 20+25=45pts Minimum.
Personally taken ORB@6012
Closed above H5 is a good sign for Bulls.

Anandha said...

@ Sourav Kundu

"Once a bull, always a bull! ..."

Many masters and professionals do not accept this. Because we move with market movement. One should be part of the storm/stream when one like to be safe and happy. So be a bull when you have to be. Be a bear when you can should not be a bull. Adopt yourself to market conditions.Be happy with your trading.

jagannathan said...

Let us wait for supreme courts order on coalgate scam.I feel they may give a negative signal to PM and the government.Tomorrow they are going to take the case.In face today they have changed their lawyers.This is only a suggestion

Natti said...

Ding dong why so many close Fib nos?.
Its better to stick with normal ones such as 161.8, 200, 261.8%

Parimal said...

Hi Jayaraman
i have always admired your participation in JN. but excuse me to say- reading your comment left a lump in my throat, not because what you wrote is right or wrong, but because simply it was a 'reaction' and not a 'response'. having adorned with rationality and intelligence, we can justify everything that we do or do not do.

Jayaraman said...

Hi Parimal,

The wearer knows where the shoe pitches. In the name of niceties if somebody is going to insult you by giving "color" to your food habits and we are going to accept it then we are not fit to live in this world.

I expected a good "response" from people on such colored statement. You have chosen to "respond" by your own method. I have chosen to react fit to that " Fellow" who has hurt my pride of my cultural identification.

For everybody the tolerance limit varies. As long as discussion / arguments / knowledge transfer takes place I was a silent spectator. But today the language that " Fellow" used ........

It seems you have not understood my hurt feeling. Yes, the wearer know where the shoes pinches.

Yes I do agree we can always justify our "Action and Inaction " by our rationality or Intelligence.

J.R.Julius said...

Swing 30mins Chart
High 6019 ~ Low 5868

0.618@5925.68[done +3pts]



Bull Party ? OR Bear Party ?
At diffirent point of time,I change the party which can tilt the
balance of money in its favoure.
I am a Mechanical Traders,never ever interested in one.
I am only interested who can benefit me,I will simply ride
along with, irrespective of Bull OR Bear.

Kumar Technicals said...

Dear ILango Sir,

What a great news, congrats a lot to your son and you deserve bigger salute for your parenting. I remember those days when you left blog for some time to take care of your son due to his exams etc. though you love your blogging more than anything in this world, that shows you are a caring & responsible father. Convey my good wishes & regards to all your family members for such wonderful achievement.



Ding A Dong said...

@ Natti & @ Anmol sharma

thought it will help day traders & scalpers

Forgive me if I went wrong with my idea.

Ding A Dong said...

I may be a very little person to comment about what all happened through out the day on this blog but I feel little satisfied if I record my feelings here.
I observed & learned one good quality of guru ie, at some point time Master went silent on disturbance and got completely committed to studies.
I also Observed along with disturbance people who got disturbed filled more place with comments by extending it.

Master always said that get rich slowly & silently so lets be content in the presence of master and his guidance.

Thanks Friends.

S N said...

Mr Julius, Good info on Nifty Fibo. Can you pl indicate for Bank nifty as well. Thanks in advance.


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