Saturday, May 18, 2013

The gift of grapes that brought the joy of giving during its destined journey.

A farmer knocked heavily at a convent’s door. When the brother doorkeeper opened the door, the farmer stretched out a magnificent bunch of grapes to him. “Dear brother doorkeeper, these are the most beautiful grapes produced in my vineyard. And I come here to give them to you as a gift,” said the farmer. 
 “Thank you. I will take them immediately to the Abbot, who will be happy about your offer,” said the doorkeeper happily.
“No. I brought them for you,” said the farmer.
“For me?” The doorkeeper turned red because he thought he didn’t deserve such beautiful gift of nature. “Yes!” the farmer insisted, “Because whenever I knock at this door, you open it. Whenever I needed your help because of the harvest being destroyed by drought, you gave me a piece of bread and a cup of wine. I want this bunch of grapes to bring you a little of the sun’s love, of the rain’s beauty and of God’s miracle, as He made it grow so beautifully.”
The doorkeeper placed the bunch of grapes in front of him and spent the morning admiring it. As the bunch of grapes was really gorgeous, he decided to give it to the Abbot as a gift, who had always stimulated him with words of wisdom. The Abbot was very happy about the grapes, but remembered that there was a brother who was sick at the convent, and thought, “I will give him the grape bunch. Who knows, it might bring some joy to his life.” And so he did. However, the grapes didn’t stay very long with the sick brother, because he thought, “Brother cook has been taking care of me for so long, nourishing me with the best there is. I am sure he will appreciate it.”
When brother cook brought his meal at the lunch time, he gave him the grapes. “They are yours,” said the sick brother, “as you are always in contact with the produce that nature offers; you will know what to do with this work of God.” Brother cook was fascinated by the beauty of the bunch. So perfect, he thought, that there is no one better to prize them as brother Sacristan; as he was responsible for the guard of the Blessed Sacrament and many at the monastery saw him as a holy man; he would be able to value the marvel of nature.
The brother, on his turn, gave the grapes as a gift to the youngest novice, so that he could understand that God’s work is found in the smallest details of creation. When the novice received it, his heart filled with the glory of the Lord, because he had never seen such a beautiful bunch of grapes. At the same moment, he remembered the first time he came to the monastery and the person who opened the door to him; it was this gesture that allowed him to be in that community of people who knew how to value miracles today. Before the nightfall, he took the grape bunch to brother doorkeeper. “Eat it and enjoy it,” he said. “Because you spend most of your time here alone and these grapes will make you very happy.”
 The doorkeeper understood that the gift had really been destined to be with him, so he savoured each grape of that bunch and slept happily. The circle was closed — the circle of happiness and joy, which always stretches out around the generous people.


J.R.Julius said...

Good Morning Sir & Blog Mates,
Have a Wonderful Week End.

J.R.Julius said...

I Promise Myself

To be so strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind.

To talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person I meet.

To make all my friends feel that there is something worthwhile in them.

To look at the sunny side of everything and make my optimism come true.

To think only of the best, to work only for the best and to expect only the best.

To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as I am about my own.

To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future.

To wear a cheerful expression at all times and give a smile to every living creature I meet.

To give so much time to improving myself that I have no time to criticize others.

To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.

To think well of myself and to proclaim this fact to the world, not in loud words, but in great deeds.

To live in the faith that the whole world is on my side, so long as I am true to the best that is in me.

... by Christian D. Larson

Suresh said...

Thanks ilangoji...Appreciate your selfless efforts...Not a single Saturday goes by without my entire family reading this blog,especially my two children..
@JRJ,equally good one to memorise and have a look

paddy said...

Thanks Master for the wonderful message!!JRJ wonderful affirmations too!! God Bless!!


Good Morning Sir & All Friends.

venkatapathy l said...

Namaste Ilango Sir


D.S.SASAN said...

Good Morning Great Master. "The circle of joy and happiness" - very good learning. Thanks.

Ding A Dong said...

@jaganathan Sir...

your question...

Nifty near the two and a half year high.But,so many stocks like sbi,l&t,reliance,grassim,acc,ambuja,educom,aban, and so many stocks are very far away from their life time high.Then how nifty is very high?On 10/11/2010 sbi result came and the price was 3200 and add.Now it is trading at 2300.1/3 is gone.I don't understand the logic.


Sir....this may answer your question....


Bharat Bhojwani said...

Good afternoon, friends have a nice weekend, read the excellent message by illango sir.

rajiv malik said...

inspiring and touching as always from our beloved ilango ji !
no wonder he keeps serving us luscious grapes all the time through this wondeful blog !

Ding A Dong said...

hi friends...

some one said that "if you are felling sad, then make people around happy so that your happiness will be back"

but Baba Ding Dong Says...

why you wait till you become sad and then make others happy... just keep making people happy and stay away from getting infected by sadness...

like the above message from illango... share happiness and it will keep you happy always...

Ding a Dong... sing a song

Ding A Dong said...
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Ding A Dong said...

@JRJ aka J.R.Julius

on FRYday NS camarilla bullish breakout point was around 6185 and LTP was just below 6185 after dancing above and scaring me at near end....
but closing is 6187+ (exchange is always BULLying me hahahhaha)

will it give any chance for you predict the opening?

ok oooooook JRJ... let me agree that I have lot of Puts (of next month though, hahahh chaalu move na)

ok ok good night all and just chant baba ding dongs short circulate mantra before you sleep...

good night... next faalthu bhashan on monday...


I do more of what makes me happy !

So far swing top 6199 has higher low 5970
Mkt. completed 6th week without breaking low of any previou week.
( 5 week HH & HL ).Previous week low = 5970
History of Index :EOW : 4108 of 17/08/2007 TO 5932 of 2/11/2007
11 week without breaking low of any previous week. (L=4002,H=6011)
2620 of 3/06/2009 TO 4583 of 6/12/2009 ( L =2539,H =4693 )
14 week without breaking low of any previous week.
Gann : If Mkt makes 4 week swing top, without breaking low of any
previous week, reacts 7 days, if swing top crosses can move 7 to 8
weeks even 13 to 14 weeks without breaking low of any previous
week.Sell when breaks weekly bottom.
Do not create any bias act on what you see on screen,

jassy said...

Llingo sir,

I have small dought on time frames when applying ellito waves numbering >>>> ellito waves numbering will be small range in hourly , daily, weekly and monthly and numbering will increase in range as and how we will shift to bigger time frame > hope u got my question. Pls reply to this small confusion.

Thanks & Regards

sid quanto said...

Markets Quantified
NIFTY 17-May-2013
Current Market Situation :

NIFTY current close : 6187
NIFTY resistance level : 6312
NIFTY support level : 6158
NIFTY sentiment : positive
NIFTY dominant cycle period : 12 days

Levels Tomorrow :

NIFTY intraday resistance 1 : 6213
NIFTY intraday resistance 2 : 6243
NIFTY intraday resistance 3 : 6286

NIFTY intraday support 1 : 6161
NIFTY intraday support 2 : 6132
NIFTY intraday support 3 : 6088
Markets Quantified

Sujatha said...

GA sir nd friends :)

Julius - hi looks like "ding dong's bank a/c is overflowing" lot of "ha haha ahaha ha " :D ask him to transfer overflowing funds to my a/c on monday may be he donno "who am i" :( so tell him i am the "backest backbencher in this class"

Have a great week end to all.


PS : மார்க்கெட் பண்ணறச்சே ஒண்ணும் தெரியல ஆனாக்க வேலை செய்யறச்சே எப்படா சம்பளம் வரும்னு இப்பவே யோசனை கடவுளே கடவுளே அது வேற சஸ்பெண்ஸ் எவ்வளவுன்னு எனக்கே தெரியாது என் புத்திசாலிதனத்து மேலெ இவ்வளவுன்னு சொல்லுவாங்களாம் அங்கதான் ஆப்பு புத்திக்கு நான் எங்கிட்டு போக ம் ம் பாக்கலாம்

rajiv malik said...

businessline on nifty

Nifty (6,187.3)

The Nifty too recorded a sharp reversal on Wednesday that helped it close the week 80 points higher. Short-term supports for the index are placed at 6,113 and 6,060.

Short-term traders can hold their long positions as long as the first support holds.

If the index continues moving higher next week, next target will be the potent long-term resistance around 6,350 where the index formed two significant peaks, in January 2008 and November 2010.

If we consider the target of the move from 4,770 low, the index has the first target at 6,301.

Since this occurs close to the long-term resistance zone mentioned above, it is possible that there is some pause at this level. Medium-term target on a sharp move beyond 6,350 is 6,815.

Ding A Dong said...


yenna madam hafhta vasooli panringlaa :-)
illango sir kaapathinge!!!

If I am not wrong let me assume you as "first lady" of JN than BBC (Backbencher of Class)

let me confess that "hahahas are not a relative alpha of bank balance"!!! little decoupling here... more :-) more ROI...

Amol Sharma said...

Must watch The Indian Genius.

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