Friday, May 3, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-III


J.R.Julius said...

Camarilla Update : Nifty Spot
CMP@5955 (Mid Point of L3 & L4)
L3@5970 ↑
L4@5940 ↓
Paper Trade/Backtest Rules - 20pts SL - Partbook 1:1 - Remaining TSL using TL/MA

Parminder said...

Posted rbi policy details VIZ a viz nifty in the group

shriram said...

--> back

smooth fall after -ww is always nice on the pockets :-)

@ Master,

How are we seeing this fall , currently < Dev. Dhi ?

Prashant said...

last fall from 5965 to 5942 has been fully retraced

Prashant said...

A truncated c may have been over at 5942

Abhi said...


5937 - 6001 & 6001 - 5942 both are of 5 wave nature. Does it signify anything ?

Ilango said...

@ Abhi,

They are more like "abc-x-abc".

shriram said...

Rajni time:

Rajni once played T20 Maximum-hit competition in Stone Age...

He lifted the Lungi casually, hit the ball & said Mind it !

Now, that ball has become the Moon ;-)

Ilango said...

@ shriram,

There is a struggle to keep the prices above "5962-DHEma".

Hour -ve div persists but prices aren't closing below either 34 Hr or 21 Hr sma.

5860-6020 would be a trading zone till a decisive break-out is seen.

We could go on listing out possibilities.

EW: Sell on rises till 6001 or 6020.
TA: Positional Longs/ aggressive intra shorts
JNSAR: Longs.

sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

"EW: Sell on rises till 6020
TA: Positional Longs
JNSAR: Longs".... Done Sir. Thx :):)

shriram said...

tks master :-)

BN is hinting a Reversal on Day, NS not yet !

Ilango said...

"5954"-21 Hr sma for 3.00PM.

prakashbkc said...

shriram sir,

BN is hinting a Reversal on Day, NS not yet !
May 3, 2013 at 2:50 PM

how u infer reversal in BN? does it mean shorting at current level?

shriram said...

@ Prakasbkc

5DEMA basis boss, hence Day TA....

Amol Sharma said...

inside day formation ??

Parimal said...

plummeting BN is sure to take Nifty along

sandeep bhoite said...


After Long time its Would be Close Bellow DHEma ( 5962) , IS Sell On rise from EW study also support this now

shriram said...

For NS -->
Day up, Wk up

For BN -->
Day Down, Wk up..

OTM PE OI > OTM CE .... better not to carry shorts.

Have a gr8 weekend, bye all !

Amol Sharma said...

as per put call ratio at 6000 level not easy to cross this level, Event day gone.

Atharva said...

Master will you consider to rebuy being below 21 sma but still above 34 ema which is @ 5928..thanking you

BALA said...


Yr blog songs I love (to hear the latest songs that you are enjoying -since links yr giving ) has not been updated and also the other .Pl do the needful.Thanks

BALA said...


Live from where one can get OTM PE/CE

What are the rules governing these for longs/shorts/side ways -range etc etc


J.R.Julius said...

Camarilla EOD comment :
Today is a very bad day for aggressive Camarilla
trader. Safe trader with TL & 5mins candle close
below/above the levels could be saved.

Personally Master's 80% mark alert gave insights

As per last week close W.H3@5938. W.H4@6005
Weekly close below W.H4. As per today Close
W.H3@5986 & W.L3@5906(lets see whether it takes

No position in hand.

Have to cross the walls 6020 or 5860.
Till Inside Waves.

Everyone have a Happy week-end.

shriram said...

@ Bala,

Hv made a commitment to self to re-start the blog, but only after i achieve certain trading milestones, which will prove performance.

till then we r "enrolled" in JN school, a full time student, plus its fun to hang-out with Ilango !

If u love Instrumental Music, u shud listen to Kenny G , magical :-)

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