Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nifty Pre-Market View.

Channel break and a swift vertical upmove, characteristics of 4th & 5th.
Add to it an expanding triangle as long as the red rising line is resisted @ 6161-6181 zone.
Previous tops @ 6070-85-6110 should hold any corrections for this upmove to continue.


Kumar said...

Namaskaaram GuruJi and Brother & Sisters,

Good Morning.

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Renju S said...

Ilango Ji,

The R3 and R4 are invalid...i guess its yest's value.


IndieTech said...

Master - following your blog is truly enriching!!! Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

What could be the potential targets for the unfolding vth?

Sanjeev S said...


Hourly TA date and time should be 15/5 instead of 14/5.
Please ignore , if i am wrong.


San said...

Good Morning Ilango Sir and Friends

RELIANCE Capital chart update: CLICK HERE

Raghavendra said...

Ilango sir,

1. When Nifty weekly closed at 6075 on Jan 25th RSI (14D) was ~70.
2. If , Assuming Nifty closes above 6075 level this week then RSI (14D) will be ~ 63.

Wanted to know if we can we consider this as RSI Weekly negative divergence ?



R/Ilango Sir,Namaste n Namaskaar 2 all reader's.

Nilesh Patil said...

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Bhushan said...

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Good Morning Sir & All Friends.

venkatapathy l said...

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Dinesh Rishi said...

Good Morning Master and copy to All

Lets Start our day with prayer with Miss Bachaan

venkateshspices said...

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amber said...

Sir ILango ji charan vandan and everyone good morning

Prakash said...

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Parimal said...

Namaste Dear Sir and all friends
Have a nice day of trading

Yash and Dhan said...

Good Morning Dear sir and my friends.
DR sir I very much needed that to soothe my nerves.
Thank you.

"ss" Sunil Saranjame said...

gm, ilango sir

@ Rajiv Malik - the simple answer to your question is Bollinger Bands.

The upper / lower bands are nothing but +/- 2 SD

Trading Bollinger Bands can be very tricky though. Please read the book at least 3 times = Bollinger on Bollinger Bands by the inventor John Bollinger.

Good day,

Suraj said...

Good Morning Ilango Sir and All Friends

Ilango said...

@ Minor Resistances-6181.

Ilango said...

High done @ 6178.

Ilango said...

@ "ss" Sunil Saranjame, the technical professor...disciplined teacher.

Ilango said...

Another day with Open & Low being same @ 6128.

Parminder said...

Master ilango and friends,
Good morning to all

Parimal said...

My Dear Master
accept my sincere most gratitude for the nice gift of Nifty Map

shriram said...

GM Master & JN Family,

Nifty trading > 6161 NS, next RES to simple eyes is 6250-80

have a gr8 day!

Stockathon said...

Good Morning Master & Friends...

Dinesh Rishi said...

SS Sir

Pranam Savikar ho

Dinesh Rishi said...

BN also having OL same 13022.25

Vicks ki goli so expensive

vishnu said...

Respected sir,

On NSE site ( ) the High is 6130.90 & the low is 6128.25 . So Sir please do explain where to see the exact openings since the same differs from your given observations of H & L same. Sorry for the query.
Yaa in bank nifty the H & L is same with 13022.25.

J.R.Julius said...

Good Morning Sir & Blog-Mates,

Magic Numbers for trading don’t exist, but a trader who can follow the trend using relevant numbers can do Magic.

Camarilla Keylevels - Nifty Spot
H4@6223 ↑
H3@6185 ↓
L3@6109 ↑
L4@6071 ↓

Camarilla Weekly Levels
WH4@6192 ↑
WH3@6143 ↓

By watching Camarilla levels, You will start to Notice the Market in a new perspective. It is not a Holy Grail, But a Map.

H3@6185 ↓
L3@6109 ↑

Backtest Rules - 20pts SL - Partbook 1:1 - Remaining TSL using TL/MA

cooldent said...


Today ATR lelvels and cam levels match to the dot

JN-Follower said...

Suprabhatam Master Ilango and friends... and to SS of timamo fame.

Ankita Jain said...
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Jitendra Mishra said...

respected sir what will b the next resistence for the day this upmove which has crossed 6181 which level now is to b watched carefully

Ilango said...

@ Vishnu,

Dinesh Rishi said...

BN about to break its all time high

can anybody tell whats BN all time High?

cooldent said...



Ilango said...

@ Jitendra Mishra,

Resistances mentioned is for "Intraday".

6181-based on earlier high made during descent from 6339.
6185-Camarilla HL3.
6196-R1 of pivot table.

6181-96 may be considered minor resistance.

Weakness would be below 6164.65, the first pull back low.

Jitendra Mishra said...

thank you sir llango for guiding me thanks

vishnu said...

Thanks a lot Sir for clearing my doubts and providing a link to check up in future.

vksoni said...

This hour open high same

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