Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-I


Ilango said...

Until 6011 is cleared, the last rise to be considered is from 5958.75.

Hence, keep the retrace of 5959 to 6011.

5985:50.0%, also the opening low.

Eidiot Wave said...

Saying goodbye doesn't mean anything. It's the time we spent together that matters, not how we left it.


(as i told you all about my respect o illango's words)

I kept my "standards" in terms of My language and with "subject Orientation" because i know the fact that a real person will be out in his ANGER.




Intra Day trading Daily & Hourly S/R are most imp.
There is importance on time frame.

Ilango said...

@ Eidiot Wave,

This world is full of people who meddle in other's affairs.

And they justify it by saying, " they are here to protect the innocent".

I don't think you or your kind will ever understand what it is to "Share".

I pity your kind who know not this pleasure.

anmpatel said...

what is pokkiri. if u don't mind.

shriram said...

Ysday , tho i was talking bout CnH.. the real pattern on NS 30mins seems to be more resemble an Inv. HnS / or a Falling Wedge Brkout

tgts tho remain similar 6020-6050 NS :-)

sandeep said...

Good morning master and blog-mates.

congratulations for your sons.

STOCK4SURE said...


congratulations to you, your son and your family for stupendous achievement and success

lets celebrate this occassion by making a big green day..ns near 6050
kya bolte hai bulls

Parimal said...

Dear Sir
Patanjali in his Yogsutra (1.33) gives a nice suggestion: how to deal with different types of people!
noble people: go close to them,
distressed people: have mercy onto them,
pious souls: be humble to them,
wicked people: just ignore them.

cooldent said...



Ilango said...

@ anmpatel,

Pokkiri (English: Rogue)


I am exteremly sorry I could not controll myself without wrtting.
Every day progressive human being follows tradintions since
Stone Age to Rokcet Age.Traditions will remains ......Ages to come.
" Clean Up " 1st to remove dirt before start ot daily routine.
We clean our mind by meditations & exercise.
We clean our body by taking bath
We clean our homes & offices etc.
All places get cleaned to focus the daily routine.
To clean this temple of knowledge to enforce discipline
writting post to should be restricited by proper means
as done every where which is permanent solutions.

STOCK4SURE said...

a small bearish WW may develop in ns 2min intraday charts

ns may form 5 abv 6011
trgts 5985 near 11.45-12.00noon

cmp 6003

cheeku said...

Respected illango

I think we should ignore these noises as they come out from pure ignorance if not arrogance.

I remember my father used to quote this often

A fire fly address the star, yee shall cease to exists one day, the stars made no answer

I am a frequent visitor (though not write) and I have learnt how to look at the markets and that too far differently. Who ever talks ill of you, I get upset and try to ignore, but this time it uncontrollable, hence my message

God bless you sir.

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, Pivot-5961, R1-5992, R2-6012, ATP-6004, VWAP-6004

The PE writers have taken the lead with huge addition at 6000-5800 level, based on OI, downside for the day seems limited with Weekly VAL as the reversal level…

Thanks & Regards

Ilango said...

The first pull back of the day @ 5991 happens to be 38% retrace and the same is critical for "Intraday".

nifty rider said...

wat a nice quote...really it imprint in my heart...thanks to ur knowledgeable father

shr said...

Sir, very happy reading this Good News. Congratulations and Best Wishes to your Son, Krishna and all family members for this great achievement.

Eidiot Wave said...

Only “pokkiri’s” will get “provoked” to “Poke”, you could have been silent after my goodbye note like a “saint” but you dint……..
S you are not YET a so called “saint” illango – it’s a news for you man

You deserve this comment because of your attitude –
Point no 1 – tell me illango have you let me “share’ anything?
More than 30 comments has been deleted the moment I posted it… grow up pal

Point no 2 – someone trying to “hide” or “escape” from getting challenged to save their face by Using labels like “Sanity” “Family Tradition” and “Business Family”….
It’s a old trick buddy… just grow up

Point no 3 – by the way illango even a man how sells IDLY WADA SAAMBAR on footpath by every night is also well “authorized” to call him self a “business man”….
Need one info yaar, how much is 1 plate of idly wada sambar at your place?

You are a real hero in your blog… like aar k**tha apni galli me sherrrrrrrrrr hota hai….

If you get provoked again then there is a million dollar question –

1. is illanago a masked “Pokkiri”?
And the option are
A. yes
B. Agree
C. Strongly Agree
D. Damm it it 100%

Manish said...

Goodmorning master and all friends,

Congratulations to the proud father and his able son Ram kumar.
Can sense the pride in your Heart master.
It's for sure that this is just the Beginnning for Ram..

Andrastyle said...

Hey Idiot........you are really an Idiot. Who asked you to come and bark over here. Jut get out of here.

vignesh said...

E(idiot) wave pls stop speaking wrong about Ilango sir true followers like me wont tolerate it..

Nilesh said...

@ eidiot wave

tu sherrrr hai bus par tu yaha se chala ja

no one needs u.

Nandi Sharma said...


Its a quote in our village that NANG BADE PARMESHWAR SE . These guys are educated NANG so do not waste your time to reply them. If they have any shame or moral then they must have not try to enter other's house without his/her permission. Avoid wasting your time to reply to these shameless creatures.

shriram said...

Arre baba Eidiot:

ye ilango ka blog hein.. he will do as he pleases.
Is he bound to u or anyone ? N.O

If ur not happy with his response, just move on in life. Find ur true calling / goal & go for it man.

Lets not waste time in personal castigation. No HUMAN is perfect. If u understand this , u will stop picking holes in others

(simply becoz every HUMAN has holes , so ur not doing any one a service by digging it further!)

Take the best & improve every day, every moment. Stop trying to prove Ilango wrong. We are here to learn & earn , not to fight on trivial matters

All the Best !

Manish said...

@ master

Agree with parimal.

Have "mercy"on distressed....

Anand Kumar said...


Parimal said...

Nifty hrly has double top pattern in place.

Sun Pharma: a steady and consistent upsurge. may be a bonus candidate. fat Book Value and reserve and surplus. reasonable P/E ratio (52.8). EPS is 18.62. last bonus was in 1:1 ratio in 2004.

SJkolkata said...

Bus ye Eidiot ka address mil jaye,
what say DRsir. He is crossing all limits.

Piyush Sharda said...

i have a question. why are u treating rise from 5929 as 3 wave one?

The_Unprejudiced_Observer said...

Well said. Agree ...Strongly agree...100%

With a determination to achieve the highest aim
For the benefit of all sentiment beings ,
Which surpasses even the wish-fulfilling gem,
May I hold them dear at all times
....HH The Dalai Lama

shriram said...

+WW on intra 2min candles

Holding 5995-90 NS, can see the next wave UP in coming Hr, to 6020-50-70

Anand Kumar said...

As Mr Parimal said:

wicked people: just ignore them.


Prabha Gopalkrishna said...

Congratulations master to the duo who made all of us proud....

Ilango said...

New Post Done.

Suresh said...

Ilangoji,it's a new wine in an old bottle ...The same Guy to whom you had asked to go after he created confusions here,is coming in a different name..Ignore the ignorant,ilangoji..

Renju S said...


What makes you come and visit this blog. You are finding some credible fact / info about the market movement from this blog. I guess no one is pushing you to visit this site.

If that is right...then what makes you to be so unhappy. If you are unhappy with EW, please follow the Moving averages and leave other facts.

Please understand Ilango's objective is to teach and make us understand TA and not to make us wealthy or to share his trade / financial information.


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