Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-II


Renju S said...


What makes you come and visit this blog. You are finding some credible fact / info about the market movement from this blog. I guess no one is pushing you to visit this site.

If that is right...then what makes you to be so unhappy. If you are unhappy with EW, please follow the Moving averages and leave other facts.

Please understand Ilango's objective is to teach and make us understand TA and not to make us wealthy or to share his trade / financial information.

CDG said...

outside this irritating noise I have a query for your response please. the prices are making new highs but Indicators (daily) are moving down. is this not a negative divergence? If yes then when can you see see green "v" invalid.Thanks

suresh said...

sir ji,
congratulations to the whole family.
how to interpretate j10sar of daily,weekly.

shriram said...


Bull Flag enroute

Ilango said...

@ CDG,

The dotted move down of stochastics and 9 rsi have to be viewed in combination with the slow macd which is trending up, in +ve territory, above its trigger. At such junctures, the falls will not be sustainable.

And when Hour TA gets adjusted for its overboughtness, the uptrend would resume.

What we have seen in the past few days is that while BN did a price correction from 12783 to 12188, Nifty did just a time correction for averages to catch up.

34 Hr sma is a very good indicator for trailing during firm trend.

discipline focus said...

@E(idiot) Wave-

Got some kind of father issues mate?

Got Depression?

Lack of confidence?

>>>>>Why this urge for approval

As Far as I know, people who suffer from father issues or are lonely, don't fit in any social circle have a deep seated need for approval.

Why do you need Ilango's approval/acceptance so your views so badly?

This Blog is on world wide web, is owned by Ilango>>>>No one has forced you to come here, share the same belief as that of other Blog participants.

And finally my friend, Keeping calm is best virtue, but not acting for self defense is a crime.>>You have provoked and done the damage by your language not only to this blog, Ilango but I will take it as personal >>you know why?

Coz I owe my bread and butter from this blog, whatever I have earned, gained is through this blog and through teachings of master

Do you know why we even call him master?? Do you even know what 'master' means?

A college professor teaches you engineering skills, He has a choice of not teaching you coz he knows that by gaining knowledge >>you will apply it when you go to work and make a lot of money for yourself.>>>but he teaches you..You know why??>>Coz he gets PAID FOR IT>>HE MAKES FREAKING MONEY!!!!

Ilango has never taken money , provided tips or asked us for any monetary gains ever..and I can assure you that with my 3+ years of following this blog >>and 2 years completely following JNSAR>>>>>And coz he never dropped down to level of other tipsters>>>technical system seller>>>>technical course/seminar givers>>>>>He gets so much Respect>>HE IS THE MASTER

By provking and using foul language against Ilango and the blog>>you not only have insulted him>>but insulted us>>>have badmouthed the place through which we have learnt to earn our bread and butter

and that is damn personal

So listen you freak if you are so good>>>so knowledgeable..go out their and make some real money>>Make freaking more money than us , Ilango, any other trader>>>>Vindicate yourself first>>>>Me, people on this blog everyone will listen to you then >>>> BUT DON'T OPEN YOUR MOUTH TILL YOU HAVE PROVEN YOUR POINT BY MAKING BIG MONEY, MORE THAN ANYONE AND SHOW US WHAT A BIG COWARD, DIMWIT YOU ARE.

P.S.- Ilango, members of blog, apologies if I have used any foul language or have affected decorum of the blog.


CDG said...

Thanks Ilango. that was informative and a learning too

anmpatel said...

in contd discussion with cdg

can we take the daily rsi and stoch as corrective behavior when weekly is strongly up. as prices remain in range limit. till daily close above 5dema. same like we see in hourly stoch after big rise in daily t/f.

Ilango said...

@ anmpatel,

The following factor will keep you out of "uncomfortable positions".

When Week T/F is in uptrend, it is difficult to find a non-stop fall / water fall in Day T/f. It is better to view them as a 3-wave corrective fall.

Similarly, when Week T/F is in downtrend, it is difficult to find a non-stop rise / impulsive upmove in Day T/f. It is better to view them as a 3-wave corrective rise.

This basic approach will keep us in the trending move for a longer period of time till one trade gets stopped out.

Similar approach can be made for Day T/F & Hour T/F combination for aggressive traders.

shriram said...

When ur happy & u know it Clap ur hands !

Ilango said...

Last rise if from 5993.90 to 6032.45.(Pre-Mkt-6030; R3:6037)

Keep this retrace now:


deepak pinto said...

As expected nifty has done the correction in time and used up little in price.

Stockathon said...

Clap Clap Clap !!! :D

jay shah said...

congratulations to ram and krishna an Ilango sir and their families too, wishing the young men all the success in life in future

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, Pivot-5961, R1-5992, R2-6012, ATP-6014, VWAP-6014

The PE Writers are on Steroid as they have added more than 50 lacs from 6100-5700 level, and now 5900 level is more or less sealed for the series…

Thanks & Regards

Parminder said...

Thanks Master
for Guidance of waves and how to look at them in weekly uptrend and downtrends

Ilango said...

Yesterday, market gave an opportunity to go long at 5925-35(5929) support zone and ended the day with new buy signals.

Today, it has reached the resistance zone of 6030, for the day & R3:6037.

When one executes his/ her trades based on "studies", he/ she is following and prospering quietly.

You'll find such innumerable trade set ups during your trading carrier; make use of them confidently in the direction of JNSAR.

anmpatel said...

thanks for more than expected detailes. ur way to explain is always simple and thorough.
for me, east or west jnsar is best for trade.
growing slowly by taking re entry at 21 -34 sma fearlessly. thanks from deep of my heart.

sandeep bhoite said...


Break of 6019 confirm 5th is still oN? or
wave B is extending Flat.?

STOCK4SURE said...

6016 is 55ema in 2 min charts
6002 is 55ema in 5 min charts
as of now

Parminder said...

Master could u guide
there is continuous -ve div on hourly Tf in RSI which is making lower Highs

prakashbkc said...

GA Master,

Congratulation to u & Ram n Krisnna for ur goal

DR.SGM said...

Dear sir,for me it looks like EndingDiagonal is on progress.is my view considerabie?

Ilango said...

@ sandeep bhoite,

Till 5980, 5th is still on.

Only EW gives one the idea of "Pause" @ 6011 & @ 6032.

STOCK4SURE said...

united spirits

khulle saand jaisa bhag raha hai

Parimal said...

Hi Parminder
even day stochastic has turned negative, cannot say it is divergence, needs lot of confirmation from price action and more from indicators

Ilango said...


I do not see any ED in any T/F presently.

Crorepathi said...

Congrats both Ram and Sir for the success
discipline focus, I second your thought.

Its Not Time Yet! said...

@Sir if one has part booked at 6030 then wat should be the reentry scenario.

sandeep bhoite said...

kindly guide , how we come to 5980 to say 5th is still on ?

Ilango said...

@ sandeep bhoite,

The (i) wave top from 5929 is 5977.

Hence, 5980.

Ilango said...

@ Its Not Time Yet!,

Closer to 6000 with 5985 as SL.

OR above 6032.

STOCK4SURE said...

in 30min ns charts nifty is trading making a small channel within a broadening pattern (or a channel)

considering yesterdays low was at lower T/L of a broadening pattern(pt4) and after that nifty have started to move up within broadening pattern in a channel pattern

if ns didnt break below 6002(the support line of small channel pattern as of now and by eod support may move up towards 6018) today then may expect nifty to move towards upper T/L of broadening pattern and small channel pattern which is intersecting near 6100 tomorrow eod/thursday opening

SIR,can we expect ns to trgt 6095-6110 ns till thursday opening as per any EW pattern developing??

Abhi said...

Sir, any update on the conservative trade ?

Anand Kumar said...

weakness below 6012

Jayaraman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sandeep bhoite said...

Thank You Very Much Master...!

shriram said...

another small +WW on 2 min charts..

Holding 6012 spot, NS can try for next wave up to 6050 !

Ilango said...

New Post Done.

venkatapathy l said...

@ Jayaraman

Sir, please don't bring the parentage into the picture.
Kindly delete the post.



STOCK4SURE said...

near 12noon emas got converged in 2min charts near 6000ns and nifty boomed for 6032

now again same pattern developing
emas converging in 2 min charts near 6020

we may expect another round of 30-35 pts move till eod if 6008 is held now

Parimal said...

done the small correction, bullish flag to take over for another push above R3

Lalit said...

congr8 to Ram and family

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