Thursday, June 27, 2013

Nifty moved to the most crucial "5692-97" zone ahead of "deciding EOM/EOW"


Adrian Jose said...

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to … ... Ilango Sir,
from your guidance, great kindness and patience and
I wish to say a heartfelt thank you.

deepak pinto said...

Would like to share a few thoughts.
The last 3 days before today is a reversal pattern in many ways.
Candle stick - 1st day long bear, 2nd day long legged doji read as hatami cross. 3rd day shot bear with gap up not making a new high but point to be noted is not made a new low.a inside bar. Bullish reversal pattrn complete.
Line chart- the above pattern completes a ct triangle!
Trend indicator hits rock bottom yesterday with stoch and rsi strong positive divergence.

Todays upside gap above all previous 3 day high .enough for bulls to take charge.

deepak pinto said...

Trying to look at where we are now.
Trend bending but yet to trigger.
Stoch racing up.
But rsi yet to follow.
prices have hit ur magic no 5692 And retreated.(Please share ur secret of arrival a5 this no in premarket) and close below hdema.
Some retrace is possible .
Butupmove is more possibility especially holding 5640.

Jaspal said...

Master pls explain as what is the logic behind the 5693 for nifty if its surpasses it will be treated as III of A, pls reply.


Tomorrow if EOD " C " will be > 5WLEMA than,maximum profit trade set up of tech table will trigger.
EOD " C > 5DEMA > 5WLEMA ( SLO 5DEMA / 34 HSMA = 5632
5682 > 5651 > 5693 ( No charts only figures )
Taking I-D position on 3 H.swing low 5644 (SLO) is also safe & more rewarding.I trade aggressively when JNSAR triggers buy above WLEMA & SELL agressively if JNSAR triggers short below 5WLEMA..This always minimisese, mostly avoid " WHISPAW ".
Alternately if buy triggers below WLEMA wait,for entery, enter
when price moves or close above wise in sell if
triggers aobe WLEMA,wait price to move below WLEMA.
JNSAR bult in day T/F, clube with Week T/F.We may miss some trades but comparatevely advantages outweight disadvantage.
This is only sharing my way of trading.JNSAR is not subject matter
of discussion but faith & patience.No noise but do trade.
Back test yourself and see the results.

rj said...

@ harish from were to get 5 Wleme thanks

eevra said...

Only way to show our gratitude to Master is by abiding in his teachings faithfully. Our Prayers to your well being..


@ rj
Tech table has diffirent time frame Month,Week,Day & Hour.
Week time frame has 5WLEMA last drawer before JNSAR,
5693 which is red because price is below this figure and
after HEMA 5883 in yellow.
All time frames are in 5 periods.e.g.
like wies Week,Day & Hour.
Read and understand well " Always Start Trading with these"
on right side of the blogs.

Anandha said...

Today all masters here told that they are long at around 5639/40 levels.(personally I observed,First time from the time of following the balog).Always they used to guide like JNSAR hit.Market move up/down. Retracement is expected.But this time they announced the entry being at L3@5639/5640. Hope all our members were in at that time and expecting the Master's pre market target views.

Hope you all enjoyed the profits of Bulls taking the grip on expiry day.Lets hope it will be continued for another day as tomorrow is new series opening. :)

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