Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-I


Renju S said...

Patience and trust in your system is the need for the day..

prakashbkc said...

GM Master,

nifty opened below 21hr sma &stayfor opening hour also below today JNSAR but closed above 34 Hr sma at 10.
What can we signify from this?

J.R.Julius said...

Nifty Spot
L3@5797 ↑
XL4@5777 ↓
For aggressive L3[BUY] strict SL@5777

rajapvt said...

Good job done by Sanjay. High made 14.80, He advised buy at 8. Since you did not transferred money, no trade is done at my end.

Hari Sreekanth Upadrasta said...

@Julius sir what is XL4 is it L4 extended?

rose mary said...

5768 == 50% retrace to 5683-5855 & Day S2
5749 == Golden Ratio for 5683-5855 rise.
5745 == ATR break down
5739 == Week LL3

More down side below these levels.

Ilango said...

@ rajapvt,

Concentrate on "strategies/ methods/ studies" and not "Calls given; calls succeeded".

It will imply that some "promotion work" is on.

Let people read and decide for themselves based on "Studies/ strategies" presented.

We want readers to become independent to "make their own strategies/ trading plans/ choose studies that suit their temperament".

Ilango said...

@ prakashbkc,

Aggressive weakness started below 21 Hr sma; conservative weakness started below 34 Hrsma.

J.R.Julius said...

@Mr.Hari Sreekanth Upadrasta,
X is just a modified level as the flat range(L3-L4)
below the SL(20pts).

9.35am 5mins candle shows some support around L3.
So that Aggressive L3 levels with XL4 posted.

rajapvt said...

Master, my intention is to identify how trader should react when a number triggers with belief on the system without having any bias/emotions. My question placed here is not for advanced traders (who have strong data backed up) and only for the newbie. Again intention is to have belief and faith in the system without keeping any emotions. Nothing beyond that.

Parimal said...

ATR trading range for intra
buy 5739 to 5766

sell 5854 to 5880

prakashbkc said...

thanx Master for reply, this question arises many times in my mind earlier I tryto figure out now with ur statement my doubt clarified

Ilango said...

"Good people remain silent".....

It encourages the "secret agenda guys" to get active.

What is holding you back from "Stating your trading plans"...

What is holding you back from "Following your trading plans"...

What is holding you back from "stating how your trading plans are faring"...

Is that asking "too much".

If you don't state it (as in a journal entry), you'll always find a way to "cover your errors")

Let there be few "failures" along the way.

Success in stock market comes to those who consistently follow their plans.

Jay Mataji said...

Jnsar short trigger in favourable overbought zone,but still waiting for fast down movement

ajay choudhary said...

@ Ilango sir, just 2 simple querry.

1st, after what time 2 pm or 3 pm, we start to watch next day developing JNSAR level instead of same day ?

2nd, Yestrday JNSAR was 5825 & today's was 5811. so below which JNSAR close we should have watch ystrday ? as in intraday i believe in last hour we trade according to next day JNSAR value.

(This query is regarding ur statement of short below JNSAR close. )


Ilango said...

@ ajay choudhary,

1& 2. Stick to "the day's JNSAR" only. And if prices close below it, keep "shorts". Yesterday was one such example. (I did not do it).

sarvesh said...

@ajay least one should close longs at such a juncture( we were long since two days and jnsar hit at the last moment of the day while nifty traded stron till 3pm yesterday)..i did that yesterday..after a no profit no loss opening was clearly for shorts and still holding..i hope sir agrees to me

sanjay singhania said...

@ llango sir , why ur followers have so many doubt why u not publish or give proper guidance to them about jnsar low emas high emas and so many things in ur blog. make them independent, if some day u will on leave then they are helpless wihtout u.

sarvesh said...

ranbaxy if holds its lows made yesterday is in the process of making pos divergence in RSI and STOCH..anyone can please check and verify? SHRIRAM ji missing today..

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, Pivot-5827, S1-5786, R1-5853, ATP-5790, VWAP-5790

The 5900CE writers making sure that the Expiry will be below that level and whereas the 5800CE writers making sure that price close below 5800 for the day…

Was busy for the last 2 days so was unable to post intra OI...

Thanks & Regards

Piyush Sharda said...

@sanjay singhania,
u r giving all calls in "purdah" and expecting clarity from others

sanjay singhania said...

@ piyush na i gave only one call and u r following jnsar for so many days without any clarity.

Parimal said...

sanjay singhania
no, not at all, i shall trade following mainly JNSAR, and supportive numbers like 21-34 hrsma, Dhema, Dlema, divergence, etc. thanks to Sir Ilango!

gauresh59 said...

Namasthe ilango sir and friends,

Today’s quote received :

You do not need to know precisely what is happening,
Or exactly where it is all going.

What you need is to recognize the possibilities and challenges
Offered by the present moment, and embrace them with courage, faith and hope.

prakashbkc said...


When we get confirmation that green a-b-c correction done as mentioned in above chart?

Sahil said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Parimal said...

Hawkers are too many and everyday new avatars. they come in various guise. first they sell their half-baked wares free to attract and once one is trapped, charge heavily!
so beware of hawkers!

Piyush Sharda said...

@sanjay singhania,
dont worry about me i am clear abt jnsar. this is a very popular blog and many new ppl come here everyday. for few weeks they have doubts and then they become clear. so dont worry abt them too. it takes few days to understand which is normal. this will be true for any technical study

Sahil said...

Good Morning Sir
50% retrace (5683-5863)at 5773 and 61.8% retrace (5477 to 6229) at 5764.

my question is:
If i try to make a upper trendline in 5 mins. the recent 5 min. candles ( last 11 candles are now through the trendline) should i straight away consider that 1st fall from 5863 is now over?
Or should i follow a retrace from the last high on 5min. (5805)to the low 5778 and wait for it to cross 61.8% or 80%.

Since last few weeks i am trying to count waves on 5 min. and using Pivots, supports and resistances along with retrace from the last 5 min. high as a confirmation to exit 1 lot.

I guess i am mixing everything up. Please help..

sarvesh said...

sanjay singhania ji...i hope the name is original and not ispired from GHAJINI..bas karo yaar.mind your work,,please lets this place remain silent.this DISTURBS

STOCK4SURE said...

a small bearish WW developing

5798 cmp ns may have formed pt5

trgts are 5770-5760 range near 1.40pm

will be negated if sust abv 5807ns

sarvesh said...

and sanjay ji, believe me. being a new entrant, give urself some time, i bet you would not have come across a techer/person like illango sir!..he knows how not to spoonfeed and how to make people independent..i have seen many transforming from newbies to independent NALYSTS..i am not one of them.,so have patience....THANK YOU

tanayb51 said...

Sir, in Fib retrace table, why not 5683 - 5863 instead of 5683 - 5855 ?
Pl clarify. thanks & regards.

@ friends, ignore- ignore-ignore disturbing intruders !

Ilango said...

@ Sahil,

"5770" being the critical level, Nifty has done a 5 sub waves from 5863 to 5778.

Is that fall completes "b" and "c" is opening upwards; OR

Is that fall is the start of (v)th wave downwards and a "bounce is on from 5778".

Answer to it lies in the retracement:- 5821-5831(50%-61.8%)

Ilango said...

@ tanayb51,

I have taken the rise from 5683 to 5855 as "a";

5855-5809(a); 5809-5863(b);5863-5778(c) of "b"

This one of the possibility and is valid till 5778 is held & prices are able to move past 5831& 5846 today.

Anandha said...

JNSAR triggerred on Longside. but still I doubt nifty may be capped at 5816 today. I do not like to make risk. Wrapping up all short/long calls and will be out side of market today. Will see tomorrow fresh. Anyone have any strategies to utilize the nifty move tomorrow.

@ Julius Sir,
Hari become a Big fan of CAMARILLA. Especially he likes weekly levels. Could you please educate us how to calculate the extended levels after market open ?

Nilesh Patil said...

Good Morning Master & Friends

STOCK4SURE said...

midcap index showing strength

trading abv yesterdays highs

will it pull nifty along with it towards 5864ns

or will nifty push midcap towards lower lows below yesterdays lows

ajay choudhary said...

@ Anandha when & how JNSAR triggered on longside?

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