Friday, June 14, 2013

Nifty makes a ST reversal in Day T/F with an "Island reversal" pattern.


jvr said...

Dear Master,
Thanks for your update.
Last week learned pivot table.
This week learned applying pivot table, preparing Pre market data and how to be patience.

Kirubanandam T said...

JAI HO...Thanks ilango sir....

Amol Sharma said...

not convince with this up move. Take Care.

Adrian Jose said...

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to … ... Ilango Sir,
from your guidance, great kindness and patience and
I wish to say a heartfelt thank you.

Sourav Kundu said...

Those of us who are trading using JNSAR, we've still not closed our shorts... today was a loss day for us...(after a series of profits days). As a follower, lets stick to our shorts... only, only for as long as NS is below JNSAR... I don't know whether we will get a JNSAR trigger on Monday or next week... but the moment we get that lets be unemotional and change to longs... I know that the time NS is close to JNSAR or fiddling with JNSAR its difficult to trade... a lot of questions too come out... For those situations, I have benefited by keeping a small trading diary where I write -what I did and the market did. Its just a log... after a couple of days or so, I get insight whether I did the right thing or not. This way, by keeping a small note on my actions... I am able to correct myself the next time, if required.

JNSAR whipsaws are awesome since they provided me with an opportunity to practice what I had learnt and strengthen my believe in my studies and my actions. I still write down what I had done... when I am correct. It acts to tell me what move has been profitable and what has not.

Trading [when done the right way] is a wonderful journey... lets make it profitable.

Piyush Sharda said...

sir I have a question,
on 12 /6 as per hourly charts a 5 wave form was complete in hour and the fall held the 80% retrace of the 5738-5792 rally. but next day we had a gap down and the rally and fall held 80% retrace of the 5683-5722. however u were able to correctly identify and change the labelling to continuation of downmove in update 3 of 12/6 and u were correctly able to identify reversal on 13/6. its remarkable like were u able to distinguish b/w both days


Corrective rise of fall started.Holding 50% gains = 5751 of last rise
market can reach 5878 on last price rise behaviour.Sustaing above
developing month's Open = 6011 & Fibo 61.8% can make new high
> 6229.Sustain below if weakness,can fall to 5586
All calculations explined in chart on undermentioned link.

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