Friday, June 21, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-I


Nilesh Deshpande said...

Glad to note the interest that the ATR system has generated amongst many of the blogmates over here.

I am looking to improve the site ATR based Trading Signals and would welcome suggestions about that.

I am also planning to incorporate a email alert for entries and exits which will be automated.

Kindly send your suggestions on my email.


Nilesh Deshpande

raman perumal said...

Dear sir,
What will be the re-entry point for whom missed the JNSAR trade yesterday,i.e resistance

Kiran said...

Lot of talk going on loss due to NIFTY JNSAR.
Noone talking about profit from BankNifty JNSAR.
(BN JNSAR was short even before wednseday's close).

shriram said...

GM Master & JN family,
Intra Bulls flags on NS / BN

20-40 pts can be had by OTM PE writers, with 1/2 SL if playing intra..

Have a nice day!


DR.SGM said...

Dear sir,Good the 4th of 5th of 3rd wave is going on,so that can we expect another low? is my observation avalid one?

sarvesh said...

respected Ilango sir..does this sound good/correct
6127-5884 wave 1 of 3, 5884 -5972 wave 2 of 3, wave 3 down starts from 5972, 3(i) 5972-5683,3(ii)5683-5863, wave 3(iii) starts from 5863.
Now wave iii of 3rd has following fractals..5863-5778-???? And wave 4 should not enter 5778 being wave 1 low and there is a gap 5750 thereabouts should be a good opportunity to short again

Sonu said...


I did not initiate short because the JNSAR SL was 100+ points. The train had already departed.
Risk reward was not making sense.

I am in learning phase. Kindly request the seniors to share their opinion on 100+ point SL.

gauresh59 said...

Namasthe ilango sir and friends,

Today's quote received :

Learn formula to succeed from Water :
Adjust yourself in every situation & in any shape & most importantly always find out your own way.!!!
It's true that every effort does not converted into Success.'s equally true that Success Does Not come Without Effort.

rose mary said...


I entered 1 lot on break of 5683 & planning to add another after break of 5540 (monthly channel support).. trial to cost price.. into safe game, as JNSAR is very far away.

Also, i will exit 1 lot if 5690 is crossed (80% of retracement to 5705 to 5617) .. & look to re enter around 21 hr sma again... & wait for next JNSAR trigger to reverse to longs.

Rajan Malhotra said...

Good morning Ilango ji and friends

@Dear Nilesh Deshpande ji
According to ATR based trading system there are certain calculations like bulls and bears get weak or strong between a particular range. Will you be kind enough to send me the email

rose mary said...


Though nifty closed above JNSAR day before yesterday... it closed below J10SAR ... which suggest to carry shorts only.

Mukesh Honest said...

Sonu bhai,

apke sawal ka jawab asaan nahi hai, 100 points neeche jnsar par short aur fir 120 points ka SL...koun jawab dega..

ITradeForProfit Daily said...

@Rajan Malhotra,

Search for label ATR Trading on this blog. There is a detailed explanation.

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, Pivot-5680, S1-5609, S2-5570, ATP-5638, VWAP-5638

Seems like a consolidation/corrective day after the huge down-move, the 5600PE writers at least feels secure to hold that level till expiry…

Thanks & Regards

Hemant Harke said...

pls read pre-mkt again you will see the levels for today

5583-5605 > 5615-5625 > 5665 -5683 > 5706

Piyush Sharda said...

@mukesh honest,

when jnsar gave 400+ points form 5447-6229 rally
were there any questions ? why not? the trader is entitled to profits so who shud take losses? ilango sir??

Nitin Kadam said...

Trade Plan :-

Time To follow & Execute.

Nifty Trading Near Reentry Zone. ( 5675-80 )

Stop-Loss : 10 pts or Max. 20 pts( 5700 NS ).

Time To Follow & execute the plan !!

Abhi said...

Below 5657 ns, a 5 wave may be considered as done. Above 5672 ns there would more up. 5680-5686 ns would be resell area if exhaustion is found there.

shriram said...

2259-4531 Long Term Multi-yr TL comes @ 5615 NS

See todays low,. choose the instr of choice, mine was 3% strike OTM PE

Place the SL , make the trade. Once in favour up the TSL, Trail to prosperity !

4 main factors to successful trading :-
1. Hi-prob Entry (%Trending Entries > SL pops)
2. Fixed SL (fixes the loss per trade to give statistical consitency)
3. Fixed no. of Lots per trade(to win net net over 1000 trades)
4. Learning how to trail / up the TSL & protect capital once the wave moves > BEP (Cost +tax +Brok)

These steps are simple. But they need to be backed by VERY GOOD ENTRY , and hence the need for excellence in TA

Holistic is the way to Trading Niravana!

sandeep said...

did any body play golden ratio

Anandha said...

5704 levels around 12:15 PM looks possible. Where we may go short once again

SJkolkata said...

Jai Shri Ram.
you are talking abt long entry, if I am correct.
I have followed that trendline along with master's preopen comments and booked out of all shorts.

chetas said...

Bravo Shriram :)))

Kumar said...

Thanks Master... Got 50 pts... :) enough for the day...Now we are @ resistance zone... 5671 (61.8 % of 5705 - 5617) - after this 5683 (Pivot Point) ... if we are greedy then we would suffer...

satheesh said...

Gauresh Ji,

Hope your relatives are safe and you have heard from them.

shriram said...

SjKol ji:

hanji, writer waala kurta.


When TA gives a Hi-prob setup, always pays to become the CASINO OWNER nahi?

Araam se, Galle par baitho , receive ENTRY FEE FROM PLAYERS(premium) ..

Time becomes our friend wid just 4 sessions to go . Main thing Allows successful trailing / stress-free life too :-)

Crorepathi said...

Writing pe can be very very dangerous , it's for very very advanced traders...please all others must avoid that too being a contra trade.

Aditya Jain said...

dear sir and other bm,
i request people to stop about jnsar, nobody can undo it you should taken 20 points filter in shorts which nobody did or should have stayed out till the meeting anyways that has gone and we cannot undo it focus as when to short again or long again sir i am thinking of reentering around 5687 is it right?

gauresh59 said...

@ satheesh,

no, still not any news. They are still missing. Will update whenever get any news thereof.

Thanks for your concern.

Sujatha said...

GM SIR and nd friends :)

julius - aarayirathu arunootru thonnutru onbadhu-kku mela dhan life i will get down at mambalam railway station will wait for chengalpet express train

Yash and Dhan said...

Subject : Failure as a team.

I have been reading comments about our system from yesterday. Some strongly supporting JNSAR and some strongly condemning the system. What I write is my opinion and I feel many might dis-agree.
The fact is we suffered losses. The most important fact is that we are not able to judge the big days at all. I agree we are not trading for the big lottery days. We are trading mechanically for consistent profits but but but we are missing the big opportunities. Are we not supposed to do something about this as a group.
The last big swing we got perfectly correct was way back when America was downgraded. I mean seriously a team of such good brains and no one gets Infy result correct even once. Be true to yourself and introspect which Big opportunity like this one gap up or down was correctly pinned down by us as a group.
We are like Rahul Dravid batting in T20 and come on, even he adopted and changed his style this season.
I am damn sure that until a new comer like me gets one big opportunity like this where he has entered maximum lots with full conviction he will not settle in market. It is very easy to say Get rich slowly but very difficult when we miss such opportunities.

gauresh59 said...

@ satheesh,

No....still there is not any news at all.Still they are missing. Will update whenever get news thereof.

Thanks for your concern.

chetas said...


IHS? but the right shoulder is extended,

I am always been a customer of the casino, never a owner, some how my mindsetup is not going with writing, need to change this pattern :)

shriram said...

@ crorepathi:

Every trade ENTRY has %success or risk.

The trade becomes "Dangerous" when we :-
1. Fail to plan ENTRY based on TA; and
2. Fail to place SL / TSL

Mind control / System for Hi-prob ENTRY is everything.

My view is eyes to be kept open esp. for such opportunities , where TIME becomes BEST FRIEND.

y avoid?

its already trailed > cost comfy, may check for any instr. from 53-55 strikes today

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