Friday, June 28, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-I


SAM said...

Sorry I have not given POLL SUBJECT

Will Nifty Fill Todays Gap??

Just See this POLL... and if possible PLS Participate.....If we find good participation we can do this activity continuously... if Ilango SIR Permits...

Just share your views... and we will se what CROWD think...

shriram said...

Time to deploy the power of stats..

Nifty trading near Top for the day, with Bell curve mean @ 5770 & 68% confidence zone @ 5750-5790 NS

deepak pinto said...

An observation
From 6133 high to 5566 low if it is considered to be one single wave down,
Then 5683 is exactly 38.2 of this wave.
5684 is todays high till now.

Ilango said...

Weakness below 5729-40, the island reversal gap.

Nifty had a bullish island reversal on 14th June but failed to hold gains and made a

bearish island reversal on 20th June and this too has failed with

today's island reversal above 5729-40.
(To treat it as an island reversal, you must ignore the open & high of "5755" of 20th June)

Anandha said...

@ Julius sir,

Sir Nifty spot made below XH3@5768 and then inching up. 20 point SL applies here for shorts at 5768 ?

Anandha said...

@ Strongly believe that Ilango Master teach here how to be become skillful to earn Bred & Butter to live in the market rather feeding for time being.

No calls but only teaches how to earn by self learning & being disciplined. Happy to be member of this family.

Ding A Dong said...

is Above 5850 mean a change in waves counts if index completed A-B-C down or 1-2-3?


Nitin Kadam said...

Good Morning Master & Blog-Mates,

Hats Off To JNSAR.

Last week triggered SL of 80-90 pts when gap down. Today returned everything to its true followers.
So Follow ! Follow ! Follow !

Today's Support & Resistances :->

Support :- 5715-5685-5640-5615
Resistance :- 5764-5795-5840-5870.

Trend :- UP.


Take a Positional Buy near 5760-5765.
( Open-Low Same @ NF-5761)
Status:- Buy Triggered. @ NF 5765.

Stop-Loss : ( 30 Points – NF- 5735 )

Happy disciplined trading to all!
Have a nice day!!

Ilango said...

Always trade with "new signals" which is the "most updated message" from the market, the supreme being.

At the same time, give due weightage to the time frame in which such a signal is being generated.

"Learn...relearn...relearn again, till you are familiar with these studies.

Do not enter the football field and ask "what do I do with the ball?".

Also note that in the second half, the sides change and your new goal post also changes. Do not continue to play in one direction only. Understand the direction and play.

Till you're fit to play, stay & watch the play while strengthening your understanding of the studies and your own mind & its impacting emotions.

SAM said...

I am week in Fibonacci...

I have drawn.. a Fibonacci.. on Chart.. can expert suggest me it it write way to look at it??

SAM said...

TYPO Error..

Pls Read week as Weak

Ding A Dong said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BALA said...

It is better to trade intra day in this type of gap up opening /down market .according to FIIs controlled market, than JNSR . Is it correct method for the retail investors ? For mechanical traders using JNSR , it is not possible to open the trade accordingly . Yester day 5676 JNSR and to day with gap up shorts are to be closed with loss only .At what point to be closed and to be bull

rose mary said...


rose mary said...

High time we should follow any of method.

JNSAR on day closing basis
Closing on tomorrow JNSAR after 3 PM

Following only one of method, clears confusion for many new traders who follow JNSAR alone generously.

Hope you agree with me!
June 28, 2013 at 9:56 AM

Ding A Dong said...

as island reversal have strong throwback history & we witnessed 2 of it back to back it will be interesting to observe the clash of subject.

keen to observe the same.

additional info is inside bar also worked!!

shriram said...

@ Mukesh Honest / Mmarketman,

treat Ilango as "Yip Man" .. he has imparted the basics of the Kung Fu

Use his obsv, mix with own intellect, make a more water-tight system & find ur own Jeet Kune Do.

If u wish to excel like his pupil Bruce Lee did , u will have to add ur magic to the mix, Nothing comes w.o INDEPENDENT THOUGHT !

Why blame or try to find holes? What is there to gain ?

Ilango said...

@ Mukesh Honest,

You follow "JNSAR" as a pure "SAR" method; be prepared for such adverse trades on few occasions.

Experienced players add their inputs to maximise their gains and minimise their losses.

Last time, "Satheesh" remained short adding other inputs and shared her views here.

This time too, few shared their views. And I have made quite clear with my comments how the "conquering of supply zone @ 5679-86" is important as well as all other comments suggested strength only.

Our sharing will benefit those readers who are well versed in technical studies and in some cases EW knowledge. This is done to ensure that readers brush up on technical studies and become independent.

One of the reasons, I removed my "Conservative trade suggestion" from Pre-market trade table which was there for almost 3 years.

What use is it to anyone if I'm gone tomorrow?

Can I satisfy everyone? Is it my job here.

You'll notice the "one-point-agenda" of these discourage.

Should I also start doing what the "pigs" do? Or I should continue to do what I thing is the best thing.

In the ultimate analysis, whatever I have been doing, I do it because I love to do....not because someone asked for it or someone praised it.

To stay away from praise & brickbats, I remain an "ajanabe".
And hence, I'm objective.

SAM said...

I think... even if you are trading using JNSAR method...

Now as Nifty was closing above today's JNSAR (5676)... it means JNSAR is triggered... as Closing was well above JNSAR... was that not a SIGN.. to go long for JNSAR Traders... as market .. even after a GAP UP OPEN ... sustained and CLOSED HIGHER....

Keeping these two things in mind...

1. Even after a GAP UP OPEN NIFTY Sustained.. and given HIGHER CLOSING.

2. and also Closed above todays JNSAR..

So was that not a sign to go long..??

At least I think so..

sandeep said...

gm master julius ji dr ji n all

Ding A Dong said...

Dear JRJ

is this a right time to short as price is rejected at H3 for the 2nd time.

education purpose.

ajay choudhary said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ding A Dong said...

I am following my table...

Ilango said...

@ rose mary,

When we initiated JNSAR, it was just a simple SAR system with 2 lots minmum for a new signal trade, part booking, etc.

On certain occasions, markets are inflective and the individual's experience comes in handy.

As I said last time, some follow "close basis", some keep filter and some "only on a close above 5 min candle or 15 min candle" and so on.

I shared my "bias" through various comments as well as pre-mkt remarks.

Whichever, you choose, market will beat you on one or two occasions. We must accept and act.

Though the gap down on 20th Jan against our JNSAR long snatched away "180 points", subsequent trades based on JNSAR direction gave us more than 200 points if one believes the "New signal and act on them".

If you can be mechanical, remain mechanical at all times and see the gains accruing over a period of time.

Amol Sharma said...

in upside 5828 inviting today OR in coming week.keep proper SL.

Guru - Trading Nirvana said...

@ Shriram -- Whoa!! you touched my fav subject today :) Wing Chun...i am big fan of the martial arts, thou not yet started the "Real" training....looking out for good master :)

shriram said...

@ mmarketman:

So when has Ilango called himself God?

Y r u focusing on the person, and missing out on the knowledge ? Share ur Kung Fu here, like we do. All of us dont use JNSAR, still Master allows us to post here.

Why do u choose to ignore this ?

ajay choudhary said...

i m not here to dare or do critics or something else. i m here to learn & earn.

ajay choudhary said...

i got my reply in sir reply to other blog mates, that why deleted my post.

Ilango said...

@ ajay choudhary ,

Till you gain in knowledge and experience, please follow "day's JNSAR" for your trading decisions.

When you gain technical knowledge, you'll be able to read the inputs of mine which are as much objective as possible and use them to manage even the JNSAR trades.

When my EW knowledge suggests to me "only one direction, i.e. UP and TA suggests "persisting +ve divergences & new signals of complete green in Hour and most green in Day Emas", I shared these knowledge here. Since I follow prices through these signals, I can not say whether this is big gap up or average opening but following these signals keep me on the "right side", which is "long side" and I used next day's JNSAR.

Few followed it. Few did not.

Guru - Trading Nirvana said...

@Shriram - Also, just one more thought about Yip Man's Diciple Bruce Lee...he was "keen" to learn Wing Chun coz, he had "Short Sight" so cant see anything at long distance..(Blurred) so chose "Wing Chun" which is close combat fight technique..."when Student is ready Master appears"...Yip man moved from Fo-shan to Hong kong by then...:)

One more thing about Bruce lee, he had one leg shorter, which again he used to his advantage, in which some kicks works very well, so he took up Chinese kick boxing too...

All in all, he took all the best of every martial art and he digested them to his advantage.. so we can call him " ALL in ALL Alzhagu Raja" :) (Tamil fiends can understand this part)

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, Pivot-5678, R2-5744, R3-5781, ATP-5775, VWAP-5775

The PE writers are in no mood to let go the Huge Gap-up in vain and have added relentlessly at 5800-5500PE level, though the 5800CE writer is not far behind, could be range bound day from here on…

Thanks & Regards

Yash and Dhan said...

Maybe a Long now according to JR sirs extended CAM.
As DR sir said concentrate on price action.

shriram said...

@ Guru:

Whatever it is, summary is BRUCE LEE took the best knowledge, did his Own SWOT analysis, added his OWN INDEP THOUGHT & result was MAGIC !

Take the best, add on to it with Objective Independent Thought , God will Bless

Anandha said...

Lupin, HUL, IndusIndBank and M&M are saying that they are ready to rain. Check the technicals and opinions plz. That may impact nifty move also.

Ilango said...

Imagine if my trade table showed "Long @ 5631NS" based on my below comments, more sharper daggers would be out by now.

Ilango said...
@ shriram,

The rise from 5579(or 5580) is labelled as (iii) or c.

Sub wave "i/(a)" done @ 5662 at open, sub wave "ii/ (b) may have been done now @ 5631 and the next upmove may be on.

(Too short a T/F to label confidently)
June 27, 2013 at 12:43 PM


People have no business, but to investigate "others' arses"; my father would always chides the wayward child who meddles in others' affairs,

"un kundiya mattum paaruda, aduthavan kundiya paarkaathey".

But for some, it is their full time business. And they drag everyone else here too to do that "dirty job":.

Guru - Trading Nirvana said...

@Shriram - Exactly thats what I meant :)..anyways got hyper coz of my fav subject :P...lets come back to Sensai Nifty :)

Ding A Dong said...


can you please share the charts

Guru - Trading Nirvana said...

Weekly Profile:...Right now getting resisted at POC..

VAH: 5867
POC: 5793
VAL: 5672

Prabakar said...


What you wish to prove? JNSAR not useful. If yes, then please share your trades based on JNSAR first. Have you ever traded using JNSAR.

Blaming is easy.

Sonu said...

Camarilla SL hit at 5791 and now reversing...

shriram said...

Time to re-calib the EW lables:-

a/i 5567 5666 99
b/ii 5666 5580 -86 -86.9%
c/iii 5580 5794 214 216.2% ? done ?

SAM said...

Poll Results Till Now of our POLL...
Will Nifty Fill Todays Gap??
Selection Votes
Today Only Partially 22% 6
In 2 to 3 days 41% 11
Will Not Fill 33% 9
Will Fill Today Fully 4% 1
27 total

gauresh59 said...

Namasthe ilango sir and friends,

Today’s quote received :

We might not always be able to understand why things happen, we just have to learn to accept it and move on….!

Live in present….Never give up…..!!!

“Silence is a great source of strength ”, Lao Tzu

TAnovice said...

Totally agree with Illango... Man is what his upbringing is.. If he is taught to meddle in other's affairs only, he hardly develops any occupation of his own and is busy doing meddling for the rest of his life..

gauresh59 said...

Let me update…

Both my relatives gone at Kedarnath have returned safely yesterday night.

Its God grace….Keep faith in Almighty. He is always Right....and cares for all in this universe.

Crorepathi said...

Om Shanthi Shanthi...
This is what is happening here now, pls be carefull

Watch fully you will understand the comedy...

Sandy said...

Ilango I have sent you a chart over mail for Neowave followers.

sandeep said...

gauresh ji good god bless all

SJkolkata said...

Master and others,
Today for the first time, I am seeing Master Brick Batting. Sir, you only have suggested on numerous occasions not to counter answer.
Masrketman, you asked "who is earning", with the following. I can give my testimony that I am earning.
Please check my comment in the closing hours yesterday, where I had written "I am Long, looking at masters indication of Jnsar figure in the 3rd update, on the charts".
I have understood and learnt, this place is not for spoon feeding or giving calls. This place is to make everyone independent. What does a professor does when he understands the students are in trouble, he just drops a hint.
Master's bias for last 2 days was on positive side, hinting continuously for bounce. If someone can catch the bounce and apply TSL, and ride it - thats the learning. If JNSAR triggers thereafter its Icing. I am long since 5620 when master first gave hint of bounce. Was carrying it with TSL and fortunately yesterday I doubled my quantity when JNSAR triggered, cause that gave confidence.
Please read all the comments of last 2 days of Ilango sir. Any person with even the slightest knowledge of markets will sum it as "cautiously optimism".
Why everyone wants spoon feeding and calls, as Marketman said : No call was given for JNSAR Trigger.
Is anyone asking you for any share of profits or professional fee that he is supposed to give timely calls otherwise the client will falter.
Pathetic to see these reactions in a Holy place.
People should immediately stop all Puja and stop believing in God cause he didnt give timely warning even to the devotees who were on his feet, for what happened in Uttarakhand. People critising here should immediately start a social media drive for this against God, and I can assure you people, you will find more attention there.
Very sorry state of affairs, where people throw stones on a selfless person. But why do I say so, even SAInath had people who used to criticise him but only till the time they got enlightened.

numchar said...

Great mind's have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds .

“First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.” ~Mahatma Gandhi

Prabakar said...

@ mmarketman,

No one here is earning? what is your problem.
Ok. I am not earning.. what you are going to do? will you give the correct entry and exit point.. will you be able to do that without fee...

To speak a language, first you should understand it.. If you are blaming others that their language is not correct, then you should be in a position to teach the Language.

you also not answered my question. Have you ever traded using JNSAR? How many trades? is it possible for you to share your trades based on JNSAR?

Sandy said...

Ilango I have sent you a chart over mail for Neowave followers. Can you confirm if you have received it?

shriram said...

hahah.. SJ Kol ji:

For all the mischevious voices ..

even i was part long only, was scratching my head ysday for exits & hence had asked Ilango .. ppl r selectively copy pasting views

game hein game ;-)

Sonu said...

Camarilla SL hit on short side earlier. Hope it doesn't hit again on long trade
Any guidance would be really appreciated

shriram said...


oscill highly OB... how r u seeing it now pls ?

J.R.Julius said...

Possible to hit SL again.
Price Rejection & Penetration should be confirmed
using candles before enter.

Also Read Risk Management Rule Here.

Sandy said...

Om Shanti Om! We are a peaceful soul.

SAM said...



I am earning....
and I even don't need to give any proofs.... as I have Posted my Clearcut views... in live markets on my blog....with clear entrys and exit of my own trades... that too in live market...(Though I Trade only intraday... but I get some inputs here...)

So as many silent followers do..... they are earning..thats why they come here...

Now the thing is what are you???

What you proved yourself?

On any day here have you ever shared your constructive view (any Technical study with some inputs)....??

Whatever you do ... you do just to point out anybody?

If you are expert... then I think you should not have need to come here.

I request you to please concentrate on your work.... and make money (at least don't loose)

vksoni said...

jai ho ilango sir
jai ho jnsar

Dinesh Rishi said...


Plz stop all this, you seem learned person

dont waste your energy and time utilize it in doing some constructive work.

Prove your self by posting your analysis if you have something better than JNSAR

Prabhanshu said...

Sir, having no positions as of now. Since jnsar is on long side, What could be the entry point.

Sahil said...

Good Morning Sir

Please enable the filter before a comment is visible here.

This will help many people like me who are looking for your observation during market tyms.

Sandeep Koppula said...

"shriram said...
Y r u focusing on the person, and missing out on the knowledge ?"

Hatsoff! Perfect way to learn... :)

Ashutosh Agarwal said...

Sir request to provide big picture(next 3-4 months) possibilities after today's closing.

Sonu said...

@ Ilango sir,
I know you are a noble soul so you won't take any drastic action against any member creating nuisance. But these unnecessary messages are nuisance to people in leaning phase (like myself). I would request you to block such members from posting on this blog.
since this blog also belong to people who are actively learning and relearning, I am calling all the members on this blog to give their opinion if people like mmarketman be banned from posting on this blog.

SAM said...


I again insist.. you pls pls.... do consider.. to change commenting.. system...

So as to be PEACE here..

Sonu said...

Thanks for the link. I have already read the RULEBOOK. Was trying to incorporate Camarilla in trading for last 2 days only after understanding ur rules on Camarilla.

So far one SL is hit. 2 more before call it a day.

shriram said...

@ Mukesh,

Sawal ye hona chiye ,

ke paisa kaise banaya jaaye ? Agar idhar aakar kisi ko fayda nahi ho raha, to voh vyakti idhar naa aaye.

Kisi ne tax nahi lagana , jo idhar presentee lagaye !

Seedhi "HONEST" baat hein, nahi ?

Ilango said...

@ Ashutosh Agarwal,

The current view is that, a 5 wave done @ 5566 and a bounce retracing the entire fall from 6229 to 5566 is on.

I have shown the "5863 to 5566" in "Retrace table" as an alternative and it'll be replaced once "5804, 80% is surpassed today.

J.R.Julius said...

Welcome & Best Wishes.

Prabakar said...

Dear Ilango Sir,

I second Sonu and Sam.
As you previously mentioned, i was trying to ignore, but there is a limit/threshold for everything.

Even though i do not participate regularly, i never missed a day to visit JN.

DR Sir, Pl. do something to stop this.

Sandy said...

There is nothing new in attempting to short the market in between 5800-5820 because 5820 is about 38.2% of the entire fall. Again Osc's are OB.So 50 -100 point deal is there.

ROBERT S said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anandha said...

@ Ding a Dong
Sorry yaar, After 10:30AM, I can not post any chart even if I did analysis. I see market is at high point. As Sanjay sir mentioned, market may be range bound for now. Luckuly, I can post few comments once in a while.

@ marketman,

Everyone knows, "No System is 100% accurate". Even Ilango sir confirmed many a times that when there are GAPS( either down/up)there could be possibility of loss. He always suggests, if one is Novice, he can stick to JNSAR and take reverse trade when hits. However sometimes you get into losses, loss could be 20 - 30 points hardly, But when trend supports, you can overcome those losses.

Secondly, he gives his experience here by his experience. That does not mean, he is the one operating your trade account and cheated those who read posts. I assure, here are ppl who take reverse trade when even Ilango say to go long. :) Its up to individual experience.

Blog is good to read and understand techncicals, Get and enrich your knowledge if possible.

@ Ilango,
One need critics to pass through tough times which will enrich the skils & competency . With help of critics, one can shine. Looks tooo positive ? I'm objective, doesn't think of others. Just hear and put it aside.
Please reduce noise and look for trades.

rama balaji said...

Amen,when a person like me with out any fundamental/technical knowledge can easily make 2000perday mostly,intra, just by following this blog,why people sounding hitech make noise here.and page down DISCLAIMER IS THERE.

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