Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-II


Jay Mataji said...

Month close means fo expiry or 30-6-13

cooldent said...

last trading day of the month. Friday

Amol Sharma said...

fight is going on at strike price 5600 who will win bull or beers ???

Sujatha said...

and the winner issss the "broker" :) finally. if at all who trades in this kind of market

deepak pinto said...

triangle near completion.

deepak pinto said...
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shriram said...


there r other ways to win apart from Dosa n Idli.

Sambar-Chutney also has value , esp on such days ;-)

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 1:00PM, Pivot-5615, S1-5562, R1-5661, ATP-5612, VWAP-5612

And the range bound move still continues, but with bearish outlook…

Thanks & Regards

Amol Sharma said...

@Sujathaji agree with you.

ITradeForProfit Daily said...

Looks like yet another NR7 developing.

Amol Sharma said...

@ITradeForProfit Daily
Yesterday was NR7 day ????

ITradeForProfit Daily said...

No. Yesterday was not a NR7. But today is looking like developing into one.

STOCK4SURE said...

a small contracting triangle developing in ns 5min 2day charts

cmp 5623(its near upper T/L of triangle)

5625 is current pt of upper T/L

now may retest 5602 levels first

and then may again move up towards 5620-25 range

STOCK4SURE said...

if ns sustains abv 5627 then possible b/o of triangle pattern in 2 day charts but may be limited to upper T/L of a larger contracting triangle pattern in 5 day charts near 5655

shriram said...

I-HnS on BN intra

B.o > 11,220 , tgts 11,245-60 / 300

lets c

J.R.Julius said...

மாற்றம் ஒன்றே மாற்றம் இல்லாதது.
திங்க்.... திங்க்.... திங்க்....

STOCK4SURE said...


and friends here tracking WW pattern

possibility of a -WW developing in intraday charts

cmp 5620

pt 5 may form near 5630-35 range and then may dip towards 5600

and time may be near 3.00pm

plz confirm

Ding A Dong said...

@ Sanjay Jaiswal


56PE OI added around 1.5M ++

can we go long now????

please suggest

shriram said...

@ S4S:

am trading BN today..

on NS -WW Pattern certainly forming, but rise from 5600 NS seems TREND or Impulsive C

Only way to confirm is to see OTM CE action near suspected RES zones 5635 / 59

Ding A Dong said...

think its a good bet to go BN long @ 11225 with TSL @ 11195

observation only.

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