Friday, June 28, 2013

Nifty, in its iiird wave, gives a weekly reversal, a monthly "pause".


CDG said...

couple of corrections which is saw in the TT and listing below for your consideration
1. The monthly close is at 5842 (not 5822)
2. The MACD chart should say closing ABOVE 26EMA 5804


Chart where only figures are speaking if you can listen.
Give words to what you can listen and test your knowledge.

Adrian Jose said...

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to … ... Ilango Sir,
from your guidance, great kindness and patience and
I wish to say a heartfelt thank you.

jvr said...

Thanks for update.

I tried to download the excel file from "!forum/justnifty"

I donot have enough permission to download it.

I had sent a request to accept me and my mail id is

Please add me to your unique learning and wealth creating temple.


Atharva said...

Samll correction : Nifty D & 5d with Lead indicator : Closed above 5 sma 5663.. It is mentioned below

anmpatel said...

can anybody send me day jnsar values from 1st june...
thanks in advance..

Sudhakar said...

Ilango Sir

Please post JNSAR levels for NIFTY50, MIDCAP NIFTY50 and BN'S TT.

Thanks in advance

deepak pinto said...

Now we can safely say a short term bottom ofthe likes of 5477 is made at 5566.
Some observations jump out from ur daily eod charts.
1.trend ind triggered at negative zone turned up. Means we are into an impulse up!!
2.rsi inverse ihs giving bo
3.stoch positive divergence playing out
4.hourly tt green all over . Daily green . Weekly h and month hema holding out.
Surely a bullish scenario on the cards

deepak pinto said...

5. Month jnsar triggered.
6. Short covering big day with unbroken orb day done
Looks good till now

deepak pinto said...

One last thought and a query
More i look moreit seems
All upmoves from the all important no in the nifty chart 5215 have been genuine 5s
And all correction shallower and decieving double zzs.
The range however is shrinking more so from below.

Is market telling us that it is preparing for a non limiting triangle which will be frustrating and testing patience to the limit.?
And give a breathtaking break to take us to dizzying heights or bd and depths at a speed not witnessed bedore, after the range contraction ends?
Perhaps time will tell

Unknown said...

Illango sir,

Good morning. I am beginner of EW. You lablled 5566 to 5666 as Ist Wave, 5666 to 5580 as IInd
5580 to 5853 IIIrd. Now whether IIIrd is over,
if it is still continued what will be its mximum
Thanking you,

Unknown said...


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