Thursday, June 13, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-I


Parimal said...

Hi Satheesh
thanks for your kind gesture. i am keeping an eye on monthly LEMA 5709.

Parimal said...

Monthly LEMA (updated) 5695

Guru - Trading Nirvana said...

@sonu verma----OMG, room pottu yosipangalo???

numchar said...

सूरज अपनी रौशनी बाँट कर खुस है ,
पेड़ अपनी छाव बाँट कर खुस है ,
ज्ञानी अपनी ज्ञान बाँट कर खुस है ,
कुछ लोग परनिंदा करके खुस है ,

लेकिन फिर भी सूरज , पेड़ और ज्ञानी अपना धर्म नहीं छोड़ता .

असतो मा सद्गमय ।
तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय ।।
मृत्योर्मामृतं गमय ।
ॐ शांति: शांति: शांति:

Lead us from Untruth to Truth, from Darkness to Light, from Death to Immortality. Om peace, peace, peace .
This is relevant in trading too.

Viral P Rana said...

shall we take intra long with St of 5695?

shriram said...

Based on ysday's discussions & some queries...

thought i should put out the check-list which will be useful to increase ENTRY ACCURACY

BY INVESTING FAITH IN HARD Nos. ( in my personal opinion)

If interested , may pls read below:-

1. Identify Month / Wk / Day TREND i.e is price > or < 5EMA on that T/f
2. Analyse Options OI intra day , EOD as well as 1-3-5 days Change to understand underlying mood of Market Movers
3. Keep track of H-Lo EMAs & Oscill. on Mnth / Wk / Day TA
4. Identify Day's Pivot
5. Intra Day keep continuous track of VWAP (its as good as a Dev. Pivot for the instr. say NF or 58CE / 59PE etc)
6. Draw Channels on Mnth / Wk / Day TA to identify TL Support / Res Zones
7. Try to identify the " PATTERN" (classic TA / EW or Harmonic)
8. Once all these 7 boxes get ticked & 1 Hi-prob Long / Short Set-up emerges then enter

Pts to remember:-
1. This check list is made to provide us Hi-prob of catching a TREND which we can enter, trail (by TSL) & exit / part book (even after doing all this the % chance of correct entry
2. Keep SL fixed (constant) as 1/2 the Min Part book pt
3.Keep nos. of Lots trades constant (to keep statistical probability of win-loss constant)
4. EW lables are in the mind (floating until PRICE makes them real). So, pls take care when FIRMing up a view based on EW

KEY TAKE AWAY FOR Hi-Prob Entries:-


PROVIDED ENTRY IS MADE BY EMA/ OI / Oscill CONFIRMATION (not just Lable assumptions)

Best of Luck!

Prabhanshu said...

My paper trade based on camarilla:
Short Nifty when price come above 5730 with sl at 5746
profit booking at 20 points?

rochak parekh said...


jai sai ram


chetas said...

Dear Ankita,

JNSAR / TT is on Nifty spot and to use the signals generated on options is risky.

It is very very difficult to put Stop loss in options , based on Signals generated by TT.

Also to use Sir's comment / cues to trade options is not the right way.

If you do want to trade options, what you need to look is Sanjai sirs OI report, which clearly mentioned yesterday 5800 call being written, when 5800 near the money call is being written, where is the question of going long in OTM calls ?

The objective of this message is TT cannot be easily used to trade in options.

If you want to go positional in options , not only the TT should support the direction, but also the OI table should favor the direction and also the Over night cues, so that your Stop is not taken out on gaps.

Following TT/ JNSAR, Supports and resistance can comfortably give you enough return on Investment capital and over a period of time, will ultimatley make more return than options

I have traded a Lot in options for last 7 years, ,I can for sure say, Unless you are in urgent need to make money or compelled to generate high rate of return , options can be comfortably avoided

just feel like sharing this Please no offence, I feel this will help also other traders who are lured to options

Guru - Trading Nirvana said...

@Shriram - Thanks a ton, it look very pro :)

suraj804 said...

Dear Shriram Ji,

Where can we check VWAP figures.


shriram said...

Combining EW eyes & Bell curve maths:-

w1 6230 5936 -294
w2 5936 6133 197 -67.0%
w3 6133 5696 -437 148.6% ** in play or done?

Since 50% of Impulses have Extend IIIrds
tgts for w3 are:-

150% : 5692
161.8% : 5657
200% : 5545

Bell curve maths ke hisab se, Day's Low zone has
Mean = 5705 NS (already done)

1 Std Dev zone is : 5685-5725

Only thing pl note here is the % prob. of this 1Std Zone holding is 68%

In Impulsing Waves with Extd IIIrds there is 32% chance of Low outside or below 5685

Supports seen now: 5629-57-72-92 NS

Lets Make the Best of Both worlds --> ART & SCIENCE of TA,

and make ilango a proud Guru, by displaying Kadak No. based TA :-)

chetas said...

@ Shriram,

Wow, I am saving your message, very well said,

I also sent your message as a Mail to my friend Kranti, who stopped trading


Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, Pivot-5776, S1-5743, S2-5714, ATP-5720, VWAP-5720

CE writers are on overdrive with addition of more than 31.5 lacs till now, the PE writers on a backfoot, only on a firm trade above 5740NF, the Bulls will feel secure else it down only…

Thanks & Regards

Guru - Trading Nirvana said...

@shriram - were you by any chance neighbor to some math prof :P, just kidding... amazing stuff

shriram said...

@ Chetas:
dont mention it !
Any alt EW view to ur eyes? Master has stopped posting comments, so need Alt views always to keep eyes open...

@ Guru: y neighbour? maths is in-built in my system , manufacturing defect samajh lo

@ Suraj:


can oversold levels create flash crash situation ?

Anandha said...

Broke down Nilesh Ji's ATR Breakdown Levels.
Lets wet in the rain of 90 points by Nifty.

Sahil said...

Good Morning Sir,
I sent an email few days ago. can you please check and provide me a response.
Although, at present i am following and managing my trade per your view but if you can provide me a response it will help me in clearing my doubts.

Thank you.

suraj804 said...

Thank you Shriram Ji

shriram said...

small +WW on 2mins

Brkout > 5702 , tgts : 5710-20-30

Not sure if tradable.. lets obsv

CDG said...

Dear Ilango,
Are the waves in lower time frame sub-dividing now. can this be extented iii.?

Hemant Harke said...

Month Cam L5- 5663 may give support

Prabakar said...

Dear Shriram,

Very well put. Thanks.

chinmay said...

Respected Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

STOCK4SURE said...

5702 is immediate resistance

abv it if sust may get resisted near 5724ns

Parimal said...

ITC the heavy-wight Nifty component has been badly bruised

chetas said...


Something interesting i came across, which may be you are already aware,

From the Low of 5477, to the high of 6229, we took 26 trading days for 752 pts , excl the saturday trade. So on average 28.9 pts per day.

The fall from 6229 till 5683 has taken, so far 19 days , if we including the common day on 20th may, which is included in rally days also. The fall is 546 pts , on average 28.73 pts,.

we have retrace so far 73% and time wise also 19/26= 73%. So looks like we are retracing the entire rise almost in symmetry with time and price .

At this space , we can easily go near April lows by 24th.

I want to watch how the NS reacts at 80% levels, which is also the wedge support.

I have no EW views, i only follow masters label and your comments

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