Saturday, November 10, 2012

Papa said Goodbye to me.

Dear Kumar,
Not a single day went by during my years abroad many many years ago without listening to this song & remembering my father who was my whole world during my formative first 16 years. And he left just when I needed him the most.
Now he is just a memory and he has grown into me fully and now my children would look upto me like I did to my father.
And this cycle would go on.
It is both celebration and melancholic.Goodbye, Papa.

How can you share your grief? You can't. It is yours only. You have to feel its full intensity. You have to bear the full pain.
All I can do & will do is to gently hug you...hold your hands and let you know, I'm there when you need me while allowing you the private moments of being in grief for the one whom you loved deeply...allowing you to shed those tears which is an offering for a life lived fully.
All I can do & will do is to pray that you have the strength to bear this pain and pray that you remember all the good times you had in his company.
While grieving for your loss, I say again...Goodbye, Papa.


sarvesh said...


Shradha Saburi said...

Good Morning Sir,And all the gems of JN
Friends I post some of the precious Epigrams of Sadguru Shri Wamanrao Pai
1) Mind well,the builder of Destiny is mind.
2) Always remember the universal law of nature that good or evil you do others, comes back to you like a boomrang, to curse or bless your life
3) Body without life is useless, religion without wisdom is worthless and life without wisdom is hopeless.
many many regds

Dinesh Rishi said...

Bhagavad-gītā 2.23

nainaḿ chindanti śastrāṇi
nainaḿ dahati pāvakaḥ
na cainaḿ kledayanty āpo
na śoṣayati mārutaḥ

The soul can never be cut to pieces by any weapon, nor burned by fire,
nor moistened by water,
nor withered by the wind.

SJkolkata said...

No words,
How can you be so apt for everything, Master.

shriram said...

Famous saying goes thus

"Always be a little more kind, a little more caring than we think is necessary .. "

What a nice example from u, Master :-)


gauresh59 said...

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside while still alive. Never surrender.

Death leaves a heartache that no one can heal, but love leaves a Memory that no one can steal.

A father lives after death in his son.

Success is failure recycled.
Similarly, life is death reborn.

In very shadow there is light.
In every tear, there is smile
In death I know there is still life
That lingers for a while….

Hence I always pray :
From the unreal lead me to real.
From darkness lead me to light.
From death lead me to immortality.

eevra said...

MAster: Have no words to thank you..

Jalagamvenkat said...

Dear Kumar,

God will definitely show you the way to smiling again. Just remember all the good times you shared with your father and all the love he gave you throughout the years. He is not gone. He will live in your heart forever.

Sandy said...

Ilango you stole my heart, I love you.

rb9 said...


vksoni said... words...........

arun bagga said...

Khula Hua ye gyan hai. JO smajh le iss sach ko wo vidwan hai , Nahin to Maya yahi hai ki admi jaan kar bhi rehta anjaan hai , yahi vidhi ka vidhan hai ( It is a open truth if somebody can understand then he is enlightened otherwise it is a illusion that everybody knows but they live without digestion of this simple truth,that is the great illusion created by God)---Arun bagga

numchar said...

Its god gift through his design that we see both sides in this life ..and then pass the baton to the next ..and its goes on .
Wish we can hold the transformation for some more time ....wish moment stops ..and we all enjoy the being .

Suraj said...

Touching. Memories transforming into loving, sad sights

Janak said...

lovely post ilango. Kumar, I want to mention one very recent example here: Sachin was playing the world-cup and he heard the news of his father's demise. He rushed back to India. After the funeral, what did he do? went back to play cricket - scored a century. So for you - it is best to get back to what you do the best. I know it is easier said. But if we don't look back too far in the history - and look very recent past, Sachin has shown a great example that the best way to pay homage the departed one is through the work/art/skill you excel at. Kumar, you have been making robust contribution to many people in the market who follow your advice seriously - plunge into it full-heartedly because that is what you excel at.

Parimal said...

The Vedas say:
Atma vai putra-namaasi--
indeed an offspring is but (the replica) of the self.
angaad angaad sambhavasi hrdayaad adhijaayase--
O my child! you truely have been born out of each every pore of myself, you have in fact came out of my heart.

Bramesh said...

Dear Kumar Sir,

God will definitely show you the way to smiling again. Just remember all the good times you shared with your father and all the love he gave you throughout the years. He is not gone. He will live in your heart forever.

IamthtIam said...

Dear Kumar,
May God Bless your father's soul and may peace be bestowed upon. May God give you enough strength and courage to swim through this grief sooner.

mahekovoor said...

I remember a story,wherein the father told his son,

"do not attend my funeral,when I am dead my son,
because,I wont be able to wipe your tears,when you are in grief"

well,I do not know Kumar or his father,but dear illango,as Sandy said above, you stole my heart too.


Kumar Technicals said...

Dear ILango Sir & everyone!

It was so thoughtful of you to think of me during my time of sadness. Your kind words of condolence are of great comfort to me as I grieve my Father's death. I was full of tears when viewing GOODBYE PAPA but despite tears i was willing to view it again & again.

Few days back when i was changing adult diaper of my dad, he was not comfortable. I realised & reminded him, that how many times he changed my wet clothes in my childhood so its my duty & privilege both. He smiled & blessed me and supported fully in changing diaper after that. I am full of tears again but happy to share every moment with my online family.

Warm regards,


rajiv malik said...

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Jayaraman said...

Kumar Technicals ji,

I reached home few hours back after cremating my eldest brother on 9th Nov 2012. To come out of my pain due to loss of my brother I started diverting my mind and while doing so I came to know of your father's demise.

When I read your above post I just could not resist my memory traveling to 2011 when my father left me when he was 91 years old. But Kumar ji, we know this is inevitable and irreparable loss in our life and I pray to Almighty to give you strength to move on to the next stage of life.

To All,

Immediately after my brother's death his eyes were donated to the hospital as per his wish and he was 69 years old. Please spread the message of Organ donation whenever possible.

SJkolkata said...

Good Morning all,
I am unable to see the pre market post and neither any welcome message from bloggers.

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