Friday, November 23, 2012

Nifty Intraday Update-III


Kiran said...

suresh ji

ND's ATR :

NK said...

Hello Friends,

can some one please provide 200 dma of dow jones


adhindia said...

Hi Friends,

Which is best broking house in India?

In terms of service/brokerage.
November 23, 2012 1:44 PM

shriram said...

Good Afty Master & JN Family,

Ilango ji -->

Expanded Flat playing out as:

a 5638 5608 -30
b 5608 5643 35 -116.7%
c 5643 5594 -49 163.3%

If Dev.DLoEMA supports, can get a bounce may be ??

varun kumar said...

Dear llango sir,
Good afternoon

varun kumar said...

@Dear all
i have learned one method to track bank nifty and nifty future bychance or luckiy giy and the result of trade is very excellent.
as per rule/regulation of our blog 'Just Nifty" , i can't post those signal here. so i created one blog'' for posting theses signal and the method ( for educational purpose) for this, i will post in weeken. So all requested to give their critics for the same.

rajiv malik said...

nifty bees

dear friends,

for small traders and investors nifty bees is a great product. one can take intra day and positional long via nifty bees based on the nifty levels provided by the master and experts here everyday. those who are risk takers and can can monitor closely the movement, can also short it on intraday basis.
present price of nifty bees is around 564. buy on dips and sell on rise can be a good strategy for this product.
other experts most welcome to share their views and experiences.

varun kumar said...

@ dear all
i update the blog on each 30 min.


Prabha Gopalkrishna said...

@Rajiv Malik Sir...give an example so that we can use with JNSAR levels....
Thank you in advance.

CDG said...
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CDG said...

It seems only 5DEMA remain green and 5WEMA remain red.... so only hope for bulls is atleast a buy trigger from JNSAR

rajiv malik said...

anyone who had shorted nifty bees today morning when the jnsar broke would have made money. for instance i sold @ 566 and covered @ 564. now only those who get very good brokerage rates can take advantage of intra day movements in nifty bees. but u can always try to trade as per the pre market levels given by ilango ji !

Indus said...


As yet 30 mins to go for close of trade:):)

Ilango said...

3.00PM TT & Chart Updated.

CDG said...


Just as you speak JNSAR triggered.. Fingers crossed till another 25 mints.....

anmpatel said...

if close above JNSAR would it remove weakness?

CDG said...

Close will be atleast this week's developing pivot. and much above next week's pivot

anmpatel said...

closing average please anybody?
i am away from screen.

chetas said...

clsong average running at 5626-27

Ilango said...

@ anmpatel,

It was suggested yesterday itself that a 5-waves completed @ 5643 and a correction follows.

Correction ending near 50% was considered bullish and Nifty stopped around 5596-50%.

And a close above today's JNSAR would add strength to that view.

Now this "low of 5594" becomes SL for all Longs.

Kiran said...

around 5626 (+/- 2 points)

jay shah said...

sir for closing jnsar trades should we consider todays jnsa or mondays developing one?

jay shah said...

goodbye dear sir , seniors and freinds happy weekend to one and all

anmpatel said...

thanks for instant reply.

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