Thursday, November 22, 2012

Nifty Intraday Update-I


Ilango said...

Nilesh Despande:

ATR Based Trading Signal
Buy Zone :From 5586.3 to 5572.05
Breakdown below : 5569.2 Breakdown target : 5552.75
Sell Zone : From 5643.3 to 5657.55
Breakout above : 5660.4
Breakout target : 5706.8
on Nifty Pre-Market View.

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Atharva said...

NSB : it is weekly closing and monthly closing continue monthly bullish we need a closing above certain fig..master has mentioned..weekly we are trading in down trend so need a positive close above whema..

Atharva said...

NSB: are you aware the masters trading style?? if not pls read his before he said :Closing above 5563.5 would neutralise Hour downtrend.

Closing above 5581.55 EOD would neutralise Day downtrend.
Only the close price on 30th Nov would alter the month TA. Intra changes, generally, do not matter much.

To keep up the uptrend, 30th Nov should close above 5661.

On the other hand, "Sell" will trigger in month t/f only on a close below 5458.

NSB said...


Thanks a lot....

J.R.Julius said...

Minor Swing Supports
Should Not Break 5590

Ilango said...

Hi..Nilesh Deshpande,

Whenever you post a comment and "if it disappears immediately", Know that "it has gone to spam folder automatically for reasons not known to us".

If it remains even for a minute or so and then disappears means, I have deleted or moved to SPAM. I do this occasionally for those comments of "Paid service providers" and "Offensive comments".

You have carried yourself with dignity and your ATR system has proved excellent especially on those "Uncertain days as well as complacent days". I only wish readers understand its importance of it, though the levels may not come on some days, but whenever it came, it has provided "exceptional returns".

Best wishes.

STOCK4SURE said...

nifty in red
may bounce towards 5626 again(as per WW pattern)

Ilango said...

There are two retracements @ work for Bulls:

5604 to 5638. (5611 is 80%)-Above 5611, bullish.


5581 to 5638.(5592 is 80%)

Below 5592, weak.

Indus said...

@Nilesh, Ilango

Are the ATR rates NS or NF?

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, VAH:5622, POC-5605, VAL-5588, WVAL:5594, Pivot:5607, VWAP:5635

The PE writers have added huge at 5600, which looks as good support for the day. Though Bears are subdued but not totally out of the equation yet…

Thanks & Regards

Arun Kumar Sharma said...

@ ATR rates for nifty spot .

STOCK4SURE said...

ns at support of T/L joining lows of todays (yet formed) and of last 2 days

prakashbkc said...

GM Master,

GM Fire sir,

Sir , I have read ur view on Axis Bank, it broke 1250 Kindly tell me expected target for next 7days & SL.

STOCK4SURE said...

are U.S mkts closed tonite???

prakashbkc said...

Master ,

U have taken JNSAR of tommorrow at this hr Any specific reson I ususally see u have taken JNSAR of tommorrow at 3:00pm?

J.R.Julius said...

↑ 5621-5639-5658-5677-5696-5715



Yes sir today US market is closed.

nifty rider said...

यहाँ भी होगा, वहाँ भी होगा अब तो सारे जहाँ में होगा .....
क्या ????
गाजर का हलुआ ......

(सर्दियों का मौसम सबको मुबारक हो)

charan prasad said...

Master can you add VWAP in the table.......
Can anyone help me finding NF charts with VWAP other than data NSE

mynac said...

Dear Shriram,
When Nifty crossed your favorite 30min.34 EMA @5590 yesterday @ 2 PM,that EMA +75 points would be there is assumption..which comes to 5665..@ MHEMA 5661 & ND's Breakout 5660.40...means 5611 + 50(intraday Nifty traveling) = 5661.....
Am I correct ?

SAM said...

@J.R.Julius hope all number are shown out today ... Wild wish :)

J.R.Julius said...

Same Here....

Kranti said...

Charan Prasad

Did you try NSE Website chart? Yo require something other than NSE Charts?

mynac said...

In last 3 Hrs.NF added 6 Lac O.I.& 5600 PE intra addition is 9 lac...& Nifty reluctant to sleep below 5600
Probably,buyers are Filling up the required fuel for their possible journey towards 5661 in the afternoon.

shriram said...

Namaskar Mynac,

hoy, 70 pts from 34EMA, 30m is done usually in trending markets...

For now we r Oscillating between DHi/WkEMA & DLoEMA ,

Bulls need a close > 5648 to turn up week & reconquer golden ratio

What is the direction from NF OI pls ? :-)

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