Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nifty Intraday Update-I


Ilango said...

Understanding EW & it's powerful "iii"rd wave, one wouldn't exit "Longs" just when it confirms a "break-out" above 5650. In fact, one should have entered afresh, if part booked earlier.

Bala said...

Dear Ilango Ji,

Your pre-market view "The Cluster of resistances @ 5650 can only be dealt with a GAP UP ".

Could you please share what makes you to arrive this ? Trying to learn such a classic conclusion :)

Parimal said...

One Market pundit has opined some days ago that so long as CNX Midcap Index is above 7600, Nifty cannot be crushed below 5500.

anmpatel said...

can u guide further as banknifty crossed both 11535, 11570 both redlines in your charts, what is the next resistance or TL resistance.

Ilango said...

@ Bala,

It is simply the way "prices keep getting resisted around "5634-41-51", the earlier support zone turned resistances wherein most averages were clustered and the subsequent selling unable to drop below DLEmas along with the perfectly poised week Lead indicator for a reversal and of course EW's (iii)rd possibility".

Now nifty should defend 5661, MHEma till 30th.

Indus said...


Do we have a potential for a retrace today? If so, can we add to longs around 5660-5665

anmpatel said...

5700CE covered 10,26,500
5600CE covered 12,16,700
5700PE written fresh 24,78,700!!!
5600PE written fresh 13,47,500
PCR at 10 am 1.29
SMR 10.99
simply all is bullish.......

DZIRE said...

Namaste Ilango sir & all members.

Ilango said...

@ anmpatel,

"11621" is 80% of 11745 to 11125 fall, clearing which as well as closing above HEmas @ EOD would confirm a firm reversal.

Once, it does that it is likely to move towards "past 11745" while closing above HEmas.

Sujatha said...

Julius - market is always there :) no bad feelings pls. me too missed as 30 mn. was showing little OB i thought morning may give fresh entry. in declines ha ha ulta hogaya .now waiting only for "short entry" not in long :D weekly H5 5722

I wish to appeal to everyone: There are so many TA methods/ EW possibilities/ astrological methods/ fundamental study/ and so many other mathematical calculations, etc. And "NONE OF THEM" will work consistently.Try and adopt them to situations, take a balanced view and try to keep them as simple as possible, so that you go towards "Making Money" and not gather knowledge or get tangled up in some "Intellectual debate". - 12.3.09 Ilango

Ilango said...

@ Indus,

The minutte (ii) wave in blue dropped by 25 points while the (ii) in green dropped by 49 points.

Such drops may be utilised to enter longs.

5 1/2 Hours to go for EOD. There will be intra corrections.

Suraj said...

Good Morning Ilango Sir & Seniors

Prabakar said...

Namaste Ilango Sir and JN Family

J.R.Julius said...

Yes Agree...

Will go through 12.03.09


வட போச்சே.........

Indus said...


Many thanks...if NS 5660 is breakout point and it crosses the fibo golden ratio of 5713, do we take the next logical breakout target at the previous high of 5815 at the minimum?

satheesh said...

Namaste Ilangosir and all,

Sir can you please tomorrow's JNSAR of Tatamotors?

Shradha Saburi said...

shorted only one at the mid point of R4and R3
i.e. 5699 stl 5711 (R4)

Bala said...

Thank You, Ilango Ji :)

Ilango said...

Generally on a break-out day, Nifty does min. 90 to 100 points from last close or day's low; accordingly, the likely target for the day should be 5726 to 5746.

shriram said...

Morning master & JN family,

so finally atma ko bulls ne shanti de hee di.. der se aaya , lekin durust aaya :-)

So, wid CMP> Dev.DHIEMA , lets go to our stats weapon the Bell curve

This upmove shud find RES Statistically in the 5720-50 zone, that wud be the ideal place to book out all gains.

Have a gr8 day , cheers!

vija i said...

hi i'm vijay from pune need to learn about this technical analysis how to join , is there any classes or anything like tha please hel-p

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, VAH:5648, POC-5642, VAL-5636, WVAH:5617, Pivot:5642, R3:5680, VWAP:5693

The PE writers have taken control over 5700PE with huge addition for the day at 34 lacs, add to that the CE writers at 5600-5700 level are covering fast. BULLS ALL THE WAY…

Thanks & Regards

cooldent said...



Classes are conducted here live during market hours and its FREEEEE.
But first you have to go through

Always Start Trading with these
1. Trending or Sideways.?
2. Pivot, support & Resistance
3. ORB
4. Divergences + / -
5. Trade time cycle-Min/Hr/Day
6. JNSAR Trading method
7. Trading Discipline
8. Tech. Table Reading.

links given on the top right hand corner.

All the best

Sujatha said...

Julius - y search?? nothing special am in still system cleaning work..coincidentally i got that one. by the way yeah..summava pochi?? "getti chatniyodaaaaaaaaa poyeeee pochu". my mindset is - if i loss something i will try to cover somewhere else..or can console myself OK will do better next time..or OK..minimised the loss...but if i left the profit huh..."polambalo polambal"dhan.. today is tough day for me

Today is "Thiruvannamalai Deepam Festival" Annamalayarukku Arogara.. live on JAYA TV from 4 pm onwards...interested persons can watch. May Lord Shiva bless all.

Ilango said...


Please go ahead and share it.

Problem is never "where to enter" but "dealing with a fickle mind".

Unless trader understands how the market functions with its myriad corrective patterns and accepts a prevailing trend and believes in it, no system/ method could calm his/ her nerves.

I can show innumerable ways even the simple technicals have provided multitudes of clues of a reversal wherein lies the most rewarding low risk entries and if a trader does not want to take such low risk, he/ she needs more education...more believing. It, then, becomes an individuals evolution through trials and errors. Without attempting, during which some errors are likely, one could never "feel" the markets. Feeling the market gives one confidence...confidence to enter...confidence to hold.

Best wishes.


J.R.Julius said...

Same Mindset :)

Hitendra said...

Dear Sir,
Can you guide me for investment opporunity on Wipro?

Waquar said...

Absolutely true words
Problem is never "where to enter" but "dealing with a fickle mind"....

amber said...

Sir ILango ji the likely target for the day should be 5726 to 5746 , i could not understand how these levels are derived thnx

Indus said...


The likely target reasoning is given in the sentence itself...please read it again

"Generally on a break-out day, Nifty does min. 90 to 100 points from last close or day's low; accordingly, the likely target for the day should be 5726 to 5746"

Ilango said...

@ amber ,

It is our experience that a decisive breakout day generates 90 to 100 points and on some occasions even 150-200 points also.(these are few and in a strongly trending moves; current rise is a corrective rise for the 6339 to 4531 fall)

Generally on a break-out day, Nifty does min. 90 to 100 points from last close(5636) or day's low(5658);
accordingly, the likely target for the day should be(5636+90=) 5726 to (5658+90=)5748.

I hope , it is clear now.

Parimal said...

My Dear Julius
SBI at the long time resistance line (200DMA)-- a very crucial level indeed.

jay shah said...

dear guareshji thanks for a wonderful quote today and thank you sujatha maam for words from sir in 2009 i saved them many thanks again

Ilango said...

Intraday low points are: 5688, 5696,5698.

5688 fits in with 23 points from the highs.

amrendra said...

does anyone using getbhavcopy for EOD DATA AND ANY OTHER GOOD OPTION for eod data in same format of getbhavcopy?

amrendra said...

I am facing problem in getbhacopy so plz let me know

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