Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nifty closes above yesterday's high....has few hurdles to cross in the coming days..


jay shah said...

thanks for ur wonderful insights today dear sir

Sourav Kundu said...

Dear Jaybhai,
I will send you an email. Do check your account.

rajiv malik said...

dear friends,

it is most unfair to do away with mini nifty. for sure those who have to deal in nifty will do so now with the main nifty. in that case they have to pay more margin and the risk is higher.

the point is why did mini nifty come into being ? why it has been done away with ? let sebi/nse come and explain the reasons for both why they launched it and why they withdrew it ?

finally are we traders/investors just mute watchers of these kind of decisions. why we have no voice. there should be a way to exercise our voice. whom have sebi and nse consulted before introducing and withdrawing mini nifty ? they must consult some bodies representing indian traders and investors including the brokerages.

is the mini nifty done away with because it will provide more revenue to nse ?

all these points must be seriously addressed at public forums like this one.

mynac said...

Dear Kranti,
Generally,it is observed that when there is not enough cushion (i.e.Approx.30 + points) to protect written PE level(here 5600),in next day or two,sellers again try their level best to push it down below that level.
"....has few hurdles to cross in the coming days.." is present situation... Nevertheless considering today's huge 55 & 5600 PE addition,low NF O.I.,days to go for expiry,5 D reversal signal,it looks Bulls want to save 5600 up to expiry...The real strength in this move would come to know,if it shall try to cross that 5686 before expiry... Let us see...

kannadi said...

dear sir ,
This is senthil.
i viewed your 2009 posts.very interesting.may i get your valuable tech. table sir?
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