Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nifty Pre-Market View.

Nifty has moved past "5661" comfortably ahead of month close and likely to protect the same.
Considering a likely week reversal, the upmove from 5595 to today's or Friday's high could be taken as the (1) wave of the 3rd and monitor retracements accordingly.
Opening hour likely to end (iii) and an (a)(b)(c) correction for (iv) is likely to be followed by (v) which could move into Friday. On the other hand, if the upmove sustains continuously, it would mean "waves are sub-dividing" and market is sensing bigger upsides.
These corrections are likely to be 26-46 points range.(Have increased the range considering "expiry")
Moving past 80% 5761 would add to the strength. (BN has done it)


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✰✰✰ Nifty Spot Scalp Numbers ✰✰✰
↑ Resistance Levels : 5720-5739-5758-5777-5796-5815
↓ Support Levels : 5682-5663-5645-5626-5607-5588

✰✰✰ Nifty Spot Swing Numbers ✰✰✰
↑ Resistance Level : 5738
↓ Support Level : 5675


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The four most dangerous words in investing are "This time it's different".
John Templeton

Wishing all a Great Learning and Earning session.

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deepak pinto said...

Can u please tell me how u have arrived at R1 and 2 and s1 and 2.
I dropped a TL from 5815 to 5777 the 2 highs of wave 4 , and todays candle if it forms a high will touch the TL at 5753.4 which is very close to R1 marked on TT at 5754.

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saravanan k said...

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Today's Supports & Resistances :->

Support :-

Resistance :- 5775-5815

Current Trend :- UP.


1. Buy Near Support Area 5688-5715

Weak Below 5645

Happy disciplined trading to all.
Have a nice day!

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Nifty levels updated.

SANPOT said...

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Dinesh Rishi said...

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Nilesh Deshpande said...

ATR Based Trading Signals

Buy Zone : From 5697.95 to 5683.2

Breakdown below : 5680.25

Breakdown target : 5648.2

Sell Zone : From 5756.95 to 5771.7

Breakout above : 5774.65

Breakout target : 5825.2

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Waquar said...


Waves would you label this now ??

DZIRE said...

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wallacebaba said...

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We are in ATR Sell Zone : From 5756.95 to 5771.7

Suraj said...

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Hitendra said...

5771 taken out too.

Ilango said...

@ Waquar,

Shift the blue (i) to 5711 &
blue(ii) to 5698(27th 1.00PM Low)

Ilango said...

ORB break out came @ 5757.

ATR break-out is on the way.

Dinesh Rishi said...

SENSEX is once again 19 years Old

Waquar said...

Thnks ilango ji :-)

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